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Speonk Author Opens Unique Business

Diane is a true angel and we all should be inspired by her commitment to her family and her community. Thank you for sharing your path and wisdom. Keep up the great work!" Dec 15, 12 7:44 AM

Schneiderman Skeptical On Approval Of Tuckahoe Center Proposal

The population already exists and the traffic already exists. The supermarket is necessary and catering to the needs of the existing population. The developers are NOT increasing the population (thus the traffic)....they are providing a one stop, full service market to add convenience and time management to the EXISTING population. Many old timers ,who are the loudest opposition, are set in their ways and uncomfortable with change. It is time for this market and we should be thanking the developers for their persistence instead of sabotaging their efforts. Hopefully, Schneiderman will not fold under the pressure of this small population." Jan 27, 17 4:27 PM

neither an agent or developer.....
if this horrifies you, you have lived a charmed life " Jan 28, 17 9:58 AM

mr nill does not have a wife
" Jan 28, 17 9:59 AM