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Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Now that we are in such tight financial time,I hope the New Super Anna T WILL HAVE A CLOSE LOOK AT ALL the departments tha have sprung up durinh the Reign OF King Pat HEANY and Queen LINDA,,Mr White you are fortunate to have a job,,,What do you do??????????" Jul 5, 09 11:58 AM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

When can we expect a visit from the DAs office to Town Hall,,,or is fiscal mess just an hines error,,,," Jul 20, 09 6:59 AM

Deal gives Kabot GOP nod for reelection

Do you have NO shame Mrs Kabot,you would sell you reputation just for this,,Will Pat Heaney and Ms Kagel be at your side for a MUG SHOT it would make a pritty poster,I will but one or two on my lawn," Jul 22, 09 4:51 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

Will Linda do the honerable thing and resign and spend time with her family and legal council,maby Patrick Heaney could could fill in the remainder of her term,after all he got us into this financial mess and with his abelity to balance a budget we will have a surplus in no time,just a suggestion to the grand old party" Sep 20, 09 9:08 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

Your headline in this issue of your paper tells it all Lawyer states superviser is NOT GUILTY,,,,,,well I gues if you change lawyers often enough one will make the statement you want,,,,,,,,well done Linda,,,you have my vote but NOT for supervisor,,,,,,it really is some one elses fault you were arreste for driving DRUNK,," Sep 25, 09 5:31 PM

The man at the scene of the arrest of our leader for driving DRUNK gave her very bad advice,Dont blow Linda,,if you have nothing to hid just a small glass of wine 3 to 4 hours before the arrest the advice should be Blow Linda Blow..that would teach the cops no to pick on our Supervisor as she looked around the streets of Westhampton to see if there was an improvement in the economy after a wet Summer" Sep 26, 09 7:43 AM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

we have quiet a pair leading Southampton,wouldent it be ironic if Linda and Bill both ended up in Jail,I guess Pat Heeney would be the first to visit them or maby join them,git rid of this bunch of loosers this election and send Anna to clean up this GOP mess.." Oct 3, 09 8:21 AM


When Linda is in rehab perhaps Bill could take anger management classes,,after all when the election is over they will both have plenty time on their hands while looking for a new line of work," Oct 5, 09 12:12 AM

Southampton Village Police cuff man, find no weapon

THE CALLER WAS ''slightly inebriated'' LINDA TAKE NOTE" Oct 16, 09 7:32 PM

Youth Services, Criminal Justice Program bear the brunt of Southampton Town Human Services budget cuts

There is one programm that should not be cut and that is the one that helps keep young people out of going to jail the youth bureau,,is a great use of money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ask a parent trying to help their kids from jail,,,,,,,,,,,I have no dog in this fight but as usual Mental patients jail people and homeless/HOME BOUND are easy targets no one to to make their cases ,,,,,please keep their benafits ,maby we do not need a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just remember the voiceless,,,,,,,,,,,you will get my vote,thanks Chris Flanagan" Oct 19, 09 6:46 PM

Voters cast their ballots today

At approx 12 noon today I was out doing some shopping at Stop and Shop after casting my vote at Hampton Bays library,as I approched the entrance to the store I OBSERVED a female with a handful of papers approching customers as they entered the store as I approched she shouted out make sure you vote when I asked who she represented ;after all this directive was directed at me:she waved a flyer with a picture of LINDA KABOT and said she saved the animal shelter,,she then said she was a local veternarian,,,when I asked why she felt the need to shout at me and demand that I vote she replied how long have you lived in this town,when I stated I did not think this was any of her business she souted to her companion"this is a nasty old man"I entered the store and when I returned to the parking lot both of them had left the store front,,,,this is my memorie of election 09,,for this trolles information im 60years old lived in Hampton Bays 40 years,voted in elections as I felt I should,this was a very disturbing incounter,,,,,,,and if i ever have an animal that I feel sould be nutered or spayed I will be on the look out for this lady and make sure she never wields a scalpel near my pet,,,,,,,maby she was on day pass from some facelity and im too hard on her,,," Nov 3, 09 3:08 PM

Richard 'Digger' McMahon, owner of Barrister's, dies

Reast In Peace dear friend,,,,,all great BANQUETS have to come to an end" Nov 6, 09 4:43 PM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

I am so sad that the election is over for now,,,you see I looked forward to the mail man coming to my home each day with a bundel of neat shiney post cards all sporting pictures of our fellow citezens telling me they feel my pain and if I vote for them they will make eveything rignt here in paradise otherwise known as Southampton(BOTH SIDES OF THE CANAL)it was nice getting the mail and my Cockatiel named FLOYDE also benafitted from the election you see the shiney post cards made a perfect liner for his cage and each morning he got a chance to express how he felt about these smiling polaticians as they smiled up at him from the floor of his cage,,,,,,,,,,now deliver on your promises,,,Floyd and myself will be watching,,,,,,,,," Nov 6, 09 5:02 PM

Town code enforcement again raids Westhampton home owned by Kabot's aunt

I dont think Linda should be faulted for the actions of Ms Wilkins,,,,,,give her a break,,,,,,,,,,,,,,," Nov 14, 09 6:20 PM

I was having a couple of beers yesterday at my local watering hole in Sagaponic and one of my buddies had the bright idea that Ms Wilkins (Lindas Auntie)should be appointed Director of Affordable Housing in the new adminstration,,do any of you political savvy readers think I should go any further with this idea? your comments would be appreciated" Nov 15, 09 4:05 PM

Southampton Town planners say new church needs state approval

May I suggest this group rent a local church I NOTICE several her in town are locked up most of the time,,,,,,,,,,,after all they are all praying to the same God,,or is it a tax issue,,,,,leave Stop and Shop to the secular people,,,,," Nov 18, 09 7:52 PM

Kabot's day in court is delayed a second time

Sorry Linda but you have to take your place behind the FELONS," Nov 25, 09 10:03 AM

Two meetings of the Southampton Town Board had no quorum

I heard on the grape vine that ATH SALLY AND CHRIS were having a meeting on Friday last at the Big Duck ,,,,,,,,," Dec 6, 09 5:43 PM

Company seeks exemption from Hampton Bays moratorium

No rush,extend the moratorium to the end of March,then if Peconic fence are a desirable business for this are then they will get their necessart planning approvels,,,Thanks Mary Jean and Eve for looking out for us," Dec 11, 09 2:59 PM

Zappone to be appointed deputy supervisor of Southampton Town

Congratulations Frank on your appointment,hope you will work to restore civility to Town government and that you will mix with the regular people,Chris" Dec 19, 09 1:06 PM

Southampton Town extends Hampton Bays moratorium

Nancy and Linda we will remember your intention to limit the morotorium in HB should you EVER run for public office again,well done Anna Chris and Sally," Dec 23, 09 9:17 AM

A full house for East Hampton GOP swearing-in

Was the harbour master in the room? you said in your artical that the ''The mood among the mostly Republican crowd was jovial"this is suspecious behaviour,,,,,,,,," Jan 6, 10 9:22 AM

Former Southampton Supervisor Linda Kabot writes to state comptroller about maladministration

Is there a email address which we could us to contact NYS Comptroller,I think the book should be audited for the last 6 years,,,,we cant just move on,,,,,after all Mr Heeney is still being paid a large salery by the Tax payers of Suffolk Co,,,if there is nothing to cover up,,,lets do the audit,," Jan 14, 10 1:27 PM

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