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Tucker And DiBenedetto Will Seek Reelection In Westhampton Beach Village

Tucker needs a little less make up. Too heavy on the mascara and eye liner to be taken seriously unless he is running on Fire Island." Apr 22, 13 9:48 AM

Lottery Winner Moves Into Affordable Home In Flanders

works for the town what a remarkable coincidence. just lucky I guess. " May 7, 14 2:24 PM

Kardashians Renting, Filming And Setting Up Shop In Southampton

Notice how they weren't allowed in East Hampton. The store Gash was rejected and forced to locate in Southampton. Telling... " Jun 4, 14 3:16 PM

UPDATE: PSEG Completed Tree Trimming On County Road 39

This is an ignorant town. place sucks on so many levels. " Oct 7, 14 9:49 AM

The best part is that the westbound work is scheduled for 4pm... " Oct 7, 14 10:13 AM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

Thank Goodness the crook is gone! " Nov 5, 14 8:08 AM

Proponents Continue Push For Plastic Bag Ban In Southampton Town

in Southold we are required to purchase yellow plastic bags 5 for 7.50 and wrap our trash with them. collection companies are not permitted to pick up unless yellow plastic bags are present. Lets force our residents to throw money and plastic in the land fill...Thus another tale of 2 forks...What silly little beings we are. " Dec 4, 14 3:17 PM