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Sag Harbor Adopts $8.78 Million Budget, Lays Off Police Officer Of The Year

Highat you make no sense approving of someone driving while legally intoxicated.." Apr 23, 13 8:28 PM

Sag Harbor May Rehire Laid-Off Police Officer

I work nights, and last year I was hit by a drunk driver and it changed my life forever. I read a few articles ago how this particular officer recently arrested a man for driving drunk with his child in the vehicle. Well good job officer I hope the Mayor lets you continue to serve us. As for high hat nobody wants to hear your wannabe Ivy League rant about pro drunk driving. You make no sense, so you or your wife got a DWI in the past, move on please." Jun 13, 13 12:36 AM

To Hat..first of all I went to Suffolk community college and not Yale so I don't comprehend half of what you said. Secondly the drunk that struck my car blew a .10 in the alcohol reader and I do believe that if he was arrested before the accident then I would half been spared a lot of pain. Thirdly if a officer can Arrest another drunk before an accident then why not? If an officer is assigned by the DA to go out an enforce the DWI laws then why do you want them to lose there jobs?" Jun 13, 13 12:28 PM

Sagaponack Village Board To Vote On Pursuing Separate Police Force On Monday

I have never heard of an elected police Chief in NY. The Sheriff is elected. Mr. Blank made a great point." Aug 11, 13 9:20 PM

UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

The Off Duty Officer was invited to a friends place of work and may have engage in what some people might think is inappropriate behavior. If you know the law then you know that this possible trespass is not a criminal act it is only a violation at best. This is between the homeowner and the maid. If this was a regular citizen in this situation a report would of been made with the police and it would of been handled as a civil matter. Do people have sex with their partners in other places besides their locked bedrooms, yes they do, right or wrong it goes on." Jan 20, 14 9:33 PM

Wow btdt...a little off the topic but you are entitled to your opinion." Jan 20, 14 9:57 PM

HB.. Quite the opposite...If this story involved a private citizen it NEVER would of got a full page article. What are you talking about "crooked cops"? He wasn't even on duty and there was no crime committed." Jan 23, 14 9:46 AM

Q333..The homeowner is not pressing charges so there is no offense. It would not be a crime anyway, trespass is a violation. People trespass everyday and you might find this hard to believe but they don't go to prison as a matter of fact most don't even get charged. Did you ever go into someone's house when someone other than the homeowner invited you in? Lighten up this is not some mob/drug dealing conspiracy, it was consensual ..." Jan 23, 14 1:29 PM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

BlackLab don't you think a person's reaction time is reduced while under the influence of alcohol? I think people drive better while not drunk. Where is Highhat now, he always loves to knock the Police for arresting drunk drivers." May 3, 14 4:40 PM

BlackLab I agree with your last comment, I believe most of my neighbors in the town are courteous responsible people. It's just sad to see these reoccurring acts." May 4, 14 12:44 PM

East Hampton Village Police Officer Galeano Resigns After Alleged Trespassing Incident

The article never mentions the homeowner filing any breaking and entering charges so why is the Village getting involved in 2 consenting adult's business." Jun 10, 14 10:27 AM

If you don't have a individual making a official complaint filing a charge you have nothing. I don't think anybody on this blog spoke to the homeowner? File a charge and let the defendant have a right to defend himself in court. My neighbors wife complained to me that his wife came home the other night drunk (she drove) and then picked a fight with him. She didn't get a DWI does that mean that the insurance company should raise her rates and suspend her license anyway. " Jun 10, 14 1:41 PM

Pending Raise For Westhampton Beach Mayor Puts Salaries, Benefits In Spotlight

That's some job..you can work part time for a few years and get health benefits for life. Not bad." Aug 27, 14 9:46 PM

Future Of Westhampton Beach Police Department Uncertain As Consolidation Talks Swirl

Winkelby.. You must not live in a Village. Big Guy is right It's not about tickets it's about service, those with elderly family members value village services. We are paying for a service so why not get the best service our money can buy. Nobody's tax bill is going down if there is a consolidation. Look at what Sagaponack pays for 1 police car." Sep 3, 14 10:08 AM

Bishop And Zeldin Say They Are Both Pro-Business, But Have Different Approaches

I have a feeling I will be waiting a while for a reduction in fees on my electric bill." Sep 7, 14 9:46 PM

Breakwater Yacht Club In Sag Harbor Finds Itself In Lease Disagreement With Mayor

He is a bully with anyone who doesn't agree with him, fire, police, building department, sailing clubs, restaurant owners etc, etc, etc. " Jan 22, 15 10:11 AM

UPDATE: Sandra Schroeder Elected Mayor Of Sag Harbor; Lisa Rana Voted In As Village Justice

Congratulation's Sandra, now we can rebuild as a Village, she can clean up all the damage Brian did. And by the way when did Stein become Dr. Stein ? Either Robbie is misrepresenting himself or the press didn't do their homework." Jun 17, 15 8:54 AM

Southampton Village Board Looks To Implement Restrictions At Helipad

We are only pushing these obnoxious helicopters on our neighboring community. East Hampton is on the right path, a little overdue but at least our local leaders are now listening to the people. " Jun 17, 15 9:14 AM

UPDATE: Sandra Schroeder Elected Mayor Of Sag Harbor; Lisa Rana Voted In As Village Justice

Your right EM I do not hold a PhD but this article is not about me. I did not know Robbie held a doctoral degree, I know some Psychotherapist don't have PhD's so if you read his diploma on the wall in his office congratulations. " Jun 18, 15 9:01 PM

State Comptroller's Audit Criticizes Sag Harbor Village

Looks like Ex-Mayor Gillbride bailed out just in time. Sounds like him and current Village Clerk Beth Kamper were involved in some unethical practices with taxpayer money. " Aug 20, 15 9:19 AM

Sag Harbor Detective Suspended For 30 Days For Undisclosed Disciplinary Matter

We have a new Chief, I am sure he did a complete investigation. " Apr 28, 16 1:12 PM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

Nothing good happens after midnight, NY should stop serving alcohol after 1 AM." May 21, 16 11:34 PM