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Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Interesting claim! The town jobs that Mr. White uses as salary comparisons is like comparing raw apples to cooked spinach. Town Highway Supt. and Town Planning Dir. are complex multi-level management positions with responsibilities that far exceed those of Mr. White in the capacity that he has served and executed in terms of managing people (0) and project completion (1). As well there is little provision in the current Town code for affordable housing because land here is too expensive and the code does not and can not favor affordable housing initiatives because of costs involved. The timely opportunities and the will to update the code (if there were any beyond what the town has done) to favor affordable housing has passed and nothing in this very difficult market is likely to change that fact any time soon. Therefore there is (was) no need for Mr. White's employment to begin with except that they needed someone temporarily to manage the Bridgehampton project...or did they? Mr. White is dead wood and it has nothing to do with race, education and qualifications, etc. No one gets paid for those things in these difficult times unless the market needs them. I submit that reverse descrimination is at work here in that Mr. White holds his job and salary because he is black. Mr. White has opened a can of worms!" Jul 9, 09 11:53 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

If the tribe builds any buildings on their lands with federal dollars in particular those buildings that provide public services (senior center or youth center etc.)they will be open to the public because public funds were used. One major valid concern should be: who is going to redesign the Sunrise Highway debacle and all other entrance roads including Montauk Highway and then remove impediments (homes, businesses, existing infrastructure, etc.) to the new plan and pay the extraneous costs of all of that to gain access to the currently inaccessible? But for taxpayers burdened with extraneous costs incurred by the changes, the Town could eventually close any or all of their outdated facilities and bus people into the reservation for services. If properly planned and designed, the roads which then become public roads can also accomodate anyone who comes to the East End of Long Island making the Reservation a stopping off point for tourists so that should be factored into the redesign to avoid bottlenecks of seasonal and day trippers. Where will it end. Only time will tell but it promises to be a great ride. A bucolic way of life is about to end and that is sad but no one can live in the past; we must accept change and take the money and run with it! " Dec 27, 09 3:12 PM

Home in Mastic funded by Southampton Town Section 8 money shut down

Basically 'portability' is about the right to better yourself without leaving yourself homeless. And Rights! And the market and job opportunities and housing etc. Very complex but well thought out program that works to help people maintain their independence so they can move on to a better life!
And to all the others naysayers....not you goldenrod who asked a good question?...........
It isn't enough to think you know someone is dealing, or has dealt, or does drugs, or worse sells them, one must be "convicted" in our judicial system and also under the program laws to be rendered homeless and dismissed from the program. But that takes time and detractors don't have time;they want justice and they want it now! It doesn't matter to them if innocent persons including children are involved. It's called innocent until proven guilty and furthermore do we have all the facts. What in fact is obvious to neighbors when they think they know or see something. What does their own life look like to someone else or is their view different because they own property. Were the police involved. What disposition was rendered. I've seen enough prejudice behavior in my long lifetime to be suspect.
Identify them! Put a scarlet letter on their person or a sign on their lawn. Identify yourself - you get your mortgage subsidized by Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac...your bank got billions from the taxpayer.....your banker got big bonus'....your car dealership got big bucks......you drive your nice car on roads that are subsidized. Think before you judge! I read no facts in that article. All I saw was a politician making a reactive judgement. Common sense would handle the situation differently and not try to make points with troubled people's lives. Clean up your own back yard is good advice!" Feb 13, 10 5:13 PM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

Congrats to Linda and her long journey to prove what everyone who is anyone knew from the start and that is that she was, as she said from the beginning, set up! The video, which is a one time thing on 27 East???, proves one sure thing and that is that they were "riding" her and if anyone has ever experienced what happens when the police ride you, well, it speaks for itself. She should sue them all and clear her name and Anna is a done deal for lying. You play with the goons you pay. Simple! What is needed is a course in professionalism and from now on hiring for the Police whether Town or the Village should not be locals with the mentality that they have a say in who goes and who stays but rather respect the law and treat everyone equally. What a dream! I know but it is going to cost the taxpayers big bucks if the tradition of selective enforcement is allowed to continue. That is the voter's choice. Take it or leave you, the Police out there on the East End are corrupt and they owe Linda Kabot big time!" Feb 5, 11 3:41 PM

Host of Contractors To Pitch In Services For Bailey Road "Next Generation" Housing

Why reinvent the wheel? Habitat of Humanity has had great success all over Long Island and they do consider local priorities - ex, volunteer fireman. The volunteers will be the same persons as noted, however, they will not be rewarded just because! They need to qualify under income guidelines. Working with Habitat will avoid a hailstorm of criticism of this genuine effort because Habitat has a tried and true plan that works. The program does require volunteering but there are many ways to work on the project. Check it out!" Mar 9, 11 9:54 AM

Southampton Town Floats Idea For 311 Call Center

Bad Idea! No one person (other than the switchboard operator or the Supervisor's secretary who are experts at referrals) can sort out calls and refer them to another right employee who has the expertise to answer the question. That is not the problem!
The age old problem is that the responsible employee is not always in the position of dropping everything to answer the phone because they are busy producing their work requirements. (Now if you have an attitude as to how they do their job it is just because what you don't know would fill an encyclopedia).
And if a question needs research it takes time. Sadly we are a fast food society so when we have a question we want an immediate answer and understandably there are conditions and dynamics to all government operations that require clarifications. A simple question can be answered simply. A more complex one requires time. This 311 idea would create a badly needed job for some deserving person in need of employment but doing so will not serve the taxpayer better than the system in place because someone new would then need training by the switchboard operator etc.
Often taxpayers want answers not suited to their question because they have unidentified agendas. Simple questions can always be answered by the switchboard operator or the welcoming clerk at the desk in any office. More complex questions require time as a government operation doing its job is not a fast food restaurant! Answers with Fries! This is an assistant to the assistant to the assistant and the public creates job like this redundant one with their demands. You don't want more government but you demand more service? Merry go Round anyone!
" Mar 30, 11 9:29 AM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

This lawsuit will be a big win for Linda Kabot! The "we got her" local boy's club mentality may have had the power to change the course of an election but mindlessly they never thought out to its conclusion who and how many would pay the price in the end if they got caught and they did!. Tampering with an election - Wow! As it all unwinds it will be the biggest mess ever! " May 4, 11 3:59 PM

Edwin M."Buzz" Schwenk Legacy Etched In County Road 39

Here's what Buzz really gave us according to facts - monumental traffic jams on County Road 39! I took a Zoning class with Buzz's College Professor daughter in the late 70's and she explained that the State was planning to extend Sunrise Highway (which was recognized to be a great need in terms of future traffic to East End beaches in season and the major problems associated with that growth) by building an overpass extension of the highway that would ultimately "bring traffic noise to Buzz's Dairy farm".
Buzz contacted Gov. Carey and had the project cancelled on his personal behalf she said in the way of explaining Zoning and how it really works!. Thank you Buzz! I have no idea whether Buzz still has his valuable Dairy Farm. Perhaps he sold it in its pristine bucolic state? I still can not figure out why the daughter revealed those details to a Zoning class other than to teach us to beware of motives behind Zoning changes.

" May 7, 11 12:38 PM

First of all.......just because you die does not mean your truth and the truth of you changes. Think of all those whom you know or know about who died recently...the good the bad and the ugly.....they are still who they were in life!
Secondly......I was sharing with you just how Buzz kept the face of the East End of Long Island in tact, and maybe for his personal gain but so what! Power is the issue here and those who have it, and Buzz had it, can and do use it.
So bottom line: Buzz Power gave us the monumental traffic jams and depending on how it affects one that is his truth and legacy. People who come out on the weekend and try to get to Montauk might not think Buzz did a good thing. And his daughter had a great laugh at telling the story. A Professor of Zoning who understands Power in the hands of a few might have something to teach us without the personal touch but she chose to reveal that the intercepter was her Father and that is a good story. Get off your high horses and enjoy!" May 8, 11 7:04 AM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law

I have never been so proud of any elected official as I am now of Linda Kabot. I knew her as an honest, hard working Secretary to Vince and then on and upward she went to earn her place at the top with hard work, intelligence and perseverance. She would not compromise her principals for anyone and that is why they had to take her down.

The rest is history! Though it is not your style to take 'um down, you now know you have to bring to the public the information that they need to make informed decisions. Those of you who cry and moan to the tune of "there are no good people who want to serve the system such as it is" you now have the opportunity to work for Linda and her election to the job she did so well!" Oct 15, 11 1:09 PM

East Quogue Residents Want More Parking Spots

Zoning began in l957 in the Town of Southampton. Along with Zoning comes Planning and the requirements (such as parking) that complement the process. Many of the buildings on the South side, for example, have changed hands over the years without Zoning's required planning. The new owners and business operators would have been required to provide parking for their new USE of those old buildings; however most of them did not!
Begin by checking the Certificate of Occupancy for all uses on Main Street and you will find many have no rights for the USEs.
For example, to fix any problem requires talking about Mendenhall Fuel which has no place on the bucolic Main street except that they took over and spread like a cancer into single family parking lots and homes used as extensions of the business which serves tens of thousands of customers (who do not live in EQ or even nearby but rather "up the Island"). Why would people assume that Oil tankers have a right to access thru a dirt road to deliver oil to the trucks? But you now must realize you would be stepping on the toes of people who expanded businesses, put in new ones without a site plan and generally used land that does not belong exclusively to them for their expanded uses. Remember the cardinal rule: they don't own the exclusive use of the parking attached to the business UNLESS they had a site plan to cover new or expanded uses.
Begin by having someone knowledgeable (a Zoning Lawyer) research all uses of every building and their accompanying CO's and you will be in for a surprise. If the Town sees the solution as grandfathering everyone that might work but old habits die hard and one should expect a fight. But the law is on the public's side.
Remember people in small hamlets are attached to old family names and once elected public officials. Fix it by biting the bullet, making some enemies and paying for law suits or forget talking about it! At the very least educate yourself to be watchdogs so the cancers don't grow.
Last but not least, an owner of property can not lease you a business space if they have not provided parking legally for that use. In other words if you can't serve your customers what does the lease mean? Read the lease!" Nov 8, 11 7:55 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

Sister, with all due respect to her causes, needs an education in the economics of the situation and what locals can and can not afford in terms of medical, educational and financial support in general to care for illegal immigrants.
Everyone appreciates what the Sisters do for the poor but they, as their own institution requires of those who don't belong to their Church, should stay out of the debate. They can do what they can afford to do in every sense of the word.
No more, no less than anyone else involved in this difficult dilemma.
The motels which were once profitable "in season" simply outlived the need and their use. The Planners of the Town might consider revising the code to enable the owners of the motels to profit from their investment legally by rezoning to acceptable uses. Of course that would mean upgrading structures and providing parking, etc. but it's better then watch-dogging what presently exists. Neighbors of the motels would be on board because anything is better than what they witness now. Right now the motel is an "attractive nuisance" as they say in policy discussions and it will explode into a tragedy if not dealt with finally.
" Jun 11, 12 10:03 AM

Southampton Town Examines Ways To Address Substandard Private Roads

The minute the Town touches a problem (an old road that was never paved and has drainage problems is a good example) they OWN it warts and all. Forever after it will become the Town's bad decision to solve everyone's problem who has a problem with their road and drainage and damage to surrounding areas, etc., etc. including taking land from individuals to bring the road widths up to standards and making the private road PUBLIC.
Individual private road communities depending factors not even discussed has as many decisions to make about their future as one can imagine but having the town take over and letting the taxpayer pay for it can not be one of them. I do applaud your generosity but the money is not yours to spend solving everyone's road problems to their liking costing the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars. Last I heard the Town doesn't have enough money in any special fund that would be needed to enhance the personal value of any individual's property. A common sense vote put to the voters would knock down any proposal of it's kind.
The answer is for the community who said some can not "afford" the improvements is to band together with legal help and file a lien for the beneficial amount on the property that is being improved and revert those funds to the neighborhood fund for future repairs. A bigger bite for those who want it bad enough - Yes.. but the value is there to compensate. In the end it is a value enhancement decision and would pay off in the end to those who can get their neighbors to agree to give up some of their property for better drainage and roads, etc. and give up the private road notion which many prefer for it's intrinsic value, warts and all.
Rights have value only to those who benefit not to those who pay. " Jun 24, 12 8:18 AM

DEC Sets Date For Public Meeting About Toxic Plume In Speonk

Plumes exist all over Long Island. Period. So saying "...(Cam Dresser and McKee).....failed to identify the potential source of the plume" is evasive talk. Who polluted the natural plume is the question. Ask Suffolk County Water Authority who was their number one violator back in the eighties ( Lumber Yard - arsenic and creosote - used to treat lumber ) and you have a match! The DEC appears to have signed off on the right of the Lumber Yard to continue their business.. There is no mystery here - over time poisons in the plume continued to travel south polluting everything in its path. The only thing that changed was that the plume traveled into higher income neighborhoods who had the power and money to take action. The Water Authority needs to be at the meeting. " Feb 8, 13 8:50 AM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

East Hampton and Southampton are seasonal places with few year round job opportunities available to match the degree status and skills of of the educated youth we send into the world who must work where they find it. It's not personal; it's business.." Apr 28, 14 12:13 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Gets Real Estate License

For all the noted reasons above, working in Real Estate in The Supervisor's current position is clearly a conflict of interest and would negate how others who worked for the Town had to adhere to that policy in past years which could also result in law suits. The Swearing in Oath covers this conflict.
" Oct 17, 14 7:54 AM