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Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

Getting so tired of reading all of this. Wilson is gone and good riddance! He came from a podunk little village and was in way over his head. The Town PD ran just fine before him and will run better now that he is gone because of the good cops that have always been there.
Wilson was making mountains out of mole hills and when he was told he was wrong he went crying to anyone that would listen. What kind of leader is that?! Overton and Tenaglia knew how to handle things and keep it quiet. Pearce worked with them for years and he knows how to keep things smooth and quiet too. You all should be thankful!
Those "felony charges" were a perfect example. It has always been a common practice to change your time from sick to vacation but Wilson didn't know and he was stretching it as part of his smear campaign against a great cop, just check his record.
Then Wilson blows the whole incident with Sickles up. He was prescribed the medication so what is the problem? Does that make the bad guys not bad anymore? He didn't do anything other than take the drugs he was prescribed end of subject.
He is gone and we aren't so lets get back to work and keeping this town safe. This has been a big distraction WIlson made so nobody would pay attention to how bad of a chief he was." May 12, 13 3:16 PM