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New post office opens in Southampton Village

What half-dipped, over educated IDIOT came up with the site plan for this project? I can't believe how simply stupid this Post Office parking lot is not only layed out, but how limited the parking is. It me or does anyone else wonder why in a town without delivery in some areas, there is such limited access to parking. It was bad enough at the old building, but one would assume that this issue would have been addressed when planning a completely NEW building.

This is your Government working for you!!! LOL

And they want to run our Health Care?? We are in DEEP TROUBLE!
" Jul 15, 09 11:57 AM

Affordable units still available in Southampton

This situation just shows how out of touch our political leaders are with the real world and people's real life.
How in the heck can anyone afford a 300k mortgage if you're only making 97,800 as a single or 110k as a couple. This is income that is taxed and after the govmint takes a big bit out of it, you can't afford to pay that kind of mortgage.
Why don't they allow a more reasonable income limit. Or no limit at all, the unit simply has to stay as "Affordable" housing. Limited to increased value only by the rate of inflation...

Just my Opinion.

" Jul 17, 09 11:25 AM

Kabot gets enough signatures to force a primary

Linda is Definitely a Fighter...But then she has to be or no govmint job for her and she may lose her govmint retirement bennies.
" Jul 17, 09 11:26 AM

Police chief files notice of claim against Westhampton Beach

This is Rediculous. Police Chief of Westhampton Beach...why is that a 200k a year position?
" Jul 17, 09 11:29 AM

Zwirn, Schneiderman in verbal tussle

I hope all the residents of Easthampton see this Re-Tread Lying Politician Zwirn for what he is. He's the guy who as a Town Supervisor in Nassau County, ran it into the ground and then was bounced out by the voters because of his idiotic agenda and fiscally unsound policies. He's now the guy, along with his pal Stevie Levy, who is running Suffolk County into the ground.

He is a smart man, but it's not his intelligence I dispute. Mr. Zwirn has a radical agenda that will deliver LESS service and give the taxpayer nothing in return. He's a spinmiester of the first order, so hold onto your wallet with one hand and put your back up against the wall when listening to him, because he will take your money and screw the taxpayer when all is said and done." Jul 23, 09 6:33 AM

Police deficit the result of town officials' mismanagement, report says

I've been a lifelong Republican. They are quickly losing my confidence, but I don't agree at all with the Democrats principle policy of giving away the store to liberal cause, especially those very capable individuals who don't work for a living and expect the world on a platter. What the Heck am I going to do at election time now...??
Who can an honest, independent thinking American Vote for in any election. Where'd ya go Joe DiMaggio?
We need a choice for government office who will actually to the work of the people and not of the PARTY, Special Interest Contributors, and every other group who throws money at them.
Stand Up and do what's RIGHT.!!!
I didn't vote for ATH in the last for many reasons, but of the bunch in the town running now it's pretty clear to me she's being HONEST about what's going on in Town Hall, she seems like a REALIST when it comes to the finances....Just don't GIVE the store away Anna!!

BTW...I don't care if she wants to have her dog with her at work. He's a cutie and would probably make better decisions than most of those who work for the Town Government." Jul 23, 09 6:49 AM

East Hampton GOP outpaces Dems, Zwirn turns to state leader for financing

Did anyone else pick up on this in the article?

"He also received a total of $8,000 in amounts of $1,000 each from eight different businesses with the same address in Glen Cove and one in Woodbury. Most of those businesses are summer camps run by the TLC Foundation, which is closely tied to Mr. Jacob’s family."

Wake Up People of Easthampton!!! This should be illegal. Can you read what's between the lines here? Mr. Zwirn is an up Island Hack who has to rely on the Party Chair for support. Do any of you think Jacobs will have some influence on what happens in Easthampton if his buddy Zwirn gets elected? Do you want the "Party" running your lives and ruining the last 'Nice" place to live and raise a family on this Island? Do you want the "Party's" Agenda to fuel the decisions of your supervisor?

Don't by fooled by the false promises of Mr. Zwirn. Look at his record as a Town Supervisor in Nassau County. He doesn't bring that up much because he doesn't want anyone to remember what he did to that Town before he was booted by the people." Jul 29, 09 8:03 AM

Residents oppose construction of 11 new affordable houses in Flanders

What's the problem with this issue. This is a NO BRAINER!! Build the houses and sell them to qualified families on an "Cost" basis meaning, what the cost of building is will be the sale price of the house...

The Town has received the land for free. If they can't come up with a low cost house, reasonably styled, which a family, not a Landlord, can own and live in, they are as useless as they seem to be with everything else financial in this town." Jul 31, 09 12:53 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

I've a Question for all of you who think this is so WELL DESERVED and OVERDUE....

Why do the Shinnecocks need Federal Government Subsidies to plow their snow, and improve their land???
Do they not have the ability to GET A JOB, or RUN A BUSINESS, like every other person in this country?

The "Tribe" is free from federal and local government taxation and have pretty much a free hand in running their own "Nation" The land is theirs and they can do with it what they wish without government interference, Assessment, Building Perimits, Building Restrictions etc.

Why do they just sound like every other entitlement group just waitin' for their Government Check?? Take control of your own destiny and make something of yourselves." Dec 23, 09 6:34 AM

Southampton Town analyst says proposed wind turbine would harm environment

I would too!!!
I'd be buying all the excess electricity from him I could and tell LIPA to go pound Salt!!" Dec 23, 09 6:39 AM

Zappone to be appointed deputy supervisor of Southampton Town

HHS...I see you are vocally anti-police. Why so much attention to the Police who spend their lives, shed their tears and blood to protect the society we live in, but you however, have nary a word of ill towards the skyrocketing cost of EDUCATION...???

At the price we pay for our school taxes, our children should all be accepted to ivy league colleges and become rhode shcolars...

Why is there such a disparate cost of education in our lovely community compared to say Northern Cambria, PA...??

Why does it cost in the neighborhood of $50k a year to educate one student in the Bridgehampton School District where, at best, the get a Mediocre education?

THIS, my friend is where our Taxes need to be addressed!!!" Dec 23, 09 6:59 AM

Shinnecocks are looking at benefits that come with federal recognition

PStevens, Rabbit et. al...
My statement had no HATE in it towards any Group of people...
If you understood it to be so, that is something you've chosen to see.
My point is the Shinnecocks as opposed to Non-Tribal citizens, don't have the US Government, The Town Government, or any Government other than their own restricting their use of the land...And I'm not talking about Casino's.

I praise the Shinnecocks for their ability to recognize a need and fill it....
"Raindrop's drive thru" On Montauk Hwy. west of the village is a perfect example. That place was built and running in a very short time. Why? Because the tribe did not have to go through all the B.S. with Southampton Town Permits, Arch. Review Board, etc. It is exceptionally well run and a true entrepeneurial enterprise. The owners saw a need and filled it without Town/State interference. I'm sure it's very profitable and KUDOS to them for being a success!! Why not Expand on that model??

I've lived here for a long time and have an understanding of different communities within our town that most people don't get the opportunity to see. By the same token, "Walk a mile in my shoes" and maybe your view wouldn't be so narrow so as to see hatred when there is not any.

" Dec 24, 09 7:43 AM

Bishop girding for fall fight

Sorry Mr. Bishop, but it's a little to little and a little too late!!
You've now decided to push back on the Health Care Bill that your pupetmaster Nancy Pelosi has tried to ram through against the wishes of most of the people in the country. You voted straight up for this abortion of a bill when it was put up in congress and lauded it as the saviour of our people and economy...
Too Late to try and backpedal now. I sincerely hope to replace not only you, but all incumbents who have and are trying to destroy our great nation.
" Feb 2, 10 6:34 AM

The Congress of the United States is "The Peoples House". I believe it's time to get this guest who doesn't represent the people and out of our house." Feb 11, 10 4:47 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board rejects all seven resolutions pertaining to two police officers

If there was a theft of a Firearm, it would constitute a Grand Larceny 4th Degree. A Felony in NYS..." Feb 11, 10 4:53 PM

Discipline and Adherence to constituted authority, Obeyance of Rules and Procedures Set forth by a Police Department.....Pride, Honor and Integrity are all what should make up a Police Officer. Unfortunately, this administration is not taking these Officers to task for Lying!! A most egregious offense for any Police Officer. Shame on this Political body for not doing what they should be doing to keep the Integrity of the Department they have the responsibility to oversee. Mayor Teller knows this and is being over ruled at every turn. He is, was and always will be a man of integrity!! Follow Him People, He knows the way." Feb 11, 10 5:00 PM

Shelter Island soldier killed in Afghanistan

My deepest sympathy to the family of Lt. Theinhart.
God Bless this defender of freedom and take him into your kingdom to stand with all the heroes who have paid the "Last full measure of Devotion" for the freedom of others.
Bless our Soldiers for they are the guardians of true Freedom.
" Jun 7, 10 6:00 AM

Tupper Advances To Nationals In Elks Hoop Shoot

Congratulations Riley and Good Luck in the finals!!! I'm sure your family is proud of you.
We in the Southampton Elks certainly are. " Mar 29, 11 7:02 AM

Southampton Homecoming Parade Held Saturday

Didn't Southampton play, lose to Mercy HS Today...?" Sep 20, 14 9:25 PM

Ronald J. Spellman Of Hampton Bays Dies March 6

So sorry to hear this. Great neighbor and good guy!! Lived life as it came and always with a smile on his face. " Mar 9, 18 1:46 PM

John Tortorella Buys Former Friendly's Building, Plans To Put In New Restaurant

Congratulations and Best of Luck!!! I for one will definitely be patronizing this new LOCAL Business!!! How about all do the same? " Aug 4, 18 2:27 PM