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State seizes La Hacienda restaurant for delinquent taxes

According to the federal governmant 80% of all small businesses fail. I've had my own business for almost 20 years and I have dealt w. NY State Sales tax people, it was not pleasant experience. The good people at La Hacienda have probably fallen victim to tough economic times and inadequate accounting procedures. As a frequent patron, I wish them luck and get a good attorney! Hope to see u soon!" Jul 15, 09 1:17 PM

Quick to let everybody know they've been seized, slow to say they have re-opened, maybe not dramatic enough for you" Jul 26, 09 3:39 PM

East Hampton board still split on Springs Park dog plan

I can assure you that Mr. McGintee is a far bigger liability to the town than the dog park!!!!!" Sep 15, 09 9:59 PM

Congressman Tim Bishop address Wainscott citizens' concerns

Funny Mr. Bishop has never spoken to the Springs Citizen Advisory Committe. I think its kind of interesting to see the kind of influence that money can buy. I hardly think that beach erosion and East Hampton airport noise really matter to those who cannot make a living and live out here." Mar 16, 10 9:39 PM