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New Rental Registry Law In East Hampton Leads To First Charges Against Overcrowded Rental

13 people, one cesspool. Not next door to me, thank you." May 5, 16 7:22 PM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Fights For More Than Parking Ticket

Donald will build a wall to keep Sharpton out" May 10, 16 6:40 PM

7th Annual Reconstructed Bra Fashion Show And Auction Held

no good deed goes unpunished. Jeez . . . " May 22, 16 9:28 PM

Southampton Town Board Votes To Enact PDD Moratorium

Thanks to Roughrider for succinctly verbalizing what we were all thinking so elegantly." May 26, 16 10:16 PM

Sandpebble To Be Awarded More Than $750,000 In East Hampton School District Lawsuit

So let's add this up: $2.8 million in legal fees plus the 750 grand. So the school district saved virtually NO money playing hard ball. We should make the former Stuperintendent pay for this." May 27, 16 8:42 PM

Southampton Builder Wins Case Against Village Architectural Review Board

Beauty Contest means the ARB is charged with the aesthetics of a project as they relate to existing village guidelines. The ARB is not the Zoning or Planning Board and has no authority over these matters.Now if Mayor Epley's father-in-law had proposed doing this exact same project . . ." May 31, 16 10:27 PM

East End Hillary Supporters Reflect On Their Choice For President

Note to author: Want a career in journalism? Stop gushing. You embarrass our profession." Jun 5, 16 10:29 PM

NYPD Officer Under Investigation Found Dead In Hampton Bays Tuesday

Just to play devil's advocate, how many of the homeless are American citizens. if not, the answer to "where do they go?" is HOME" Jun 12, 16 7:07 PM

Turnout Will Be The Wildcard In June 28 Congressional Primary

NO, Tim Bishop, we don't have buyer's remorse because we got rid of a self serving crook -- you!" Jun 16, 16 5:54 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Unveils More Details About Proposal To Reroute Tuckahoe Road

Golden Boy says: "He may own a home here but he is not a local or a resident."

Big Duh. Not for nothing, but He is a resident. He is a taxpayer.

Golden Boy says :Hundreds of vehicles" in and out of Bloomberg's every day.
No there's not.

Conclusion: Golden Boy is an unstable embarrassment and needs to be monitored by the authorities. Just sayin'" Jun 21, 16 10:26 PM

Airport Noise Committee Proposes Civilian Airplane Monitoring System for Southampton Residents

“When jets take off, they need cold air, not hot air,” said Mr. Richenstein to explain why pilots leave the runway at relatively low altitudes.

OH, I thought it was because they are on the ground when they take off." Jul 6, 16 7:01 PM

Southampton Town Board To Discuss Proposed Tuckahoe Road Rerouting Idea At August Work Session

"It would be nice if some of these houses were allotted for affordable/workforce housing since there is such a DIRE need."

WTF? CJ--reading comprehension problem, eh? What houses?" Jul 12, 16 6:56 PM

DH -- the road will still be there FOR THEM" Jul 12, 16 10:31 PM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

And how do you know they were from the KKK? The journalist ought to have said "purportedly by the KKK." Probably a bunch of Lefty Crazies looking for another march to go on." Jul 24, 16 6:52 PM

East End's Congressional Race Could Be One Of Most Costly In Nation Thanks To Special Interests

Dear Joe Shaw: Please let's not continue to use Tim Bishop as an expert source. He was a six term incumbent who managed to lose to an anti-gay marriage pro-abortion tea partyer. His "Insight" is meaningless. It's like asking the NY Knicks what it takes to win in today's NBA." Jul 26, 16 10:58 PM

Sag Harbor School Board Votes To Extend Superintendent's Contract

Taxpayers pay the PR firms. Isn't there anyone in house who can provide the service for less than 80 grand?" Aug 30, 16 10:06 PM

Cap Slows Increase Of School Administrators' Salaries Statewide, And Locally

The link to the survey "compiled by the press" comes directly from the NYS Dept. of Ed website. You mean "downloaded by The Press and used without attribution," don't you?" Sep 17, 16 6:49 PM

Zeldin Travels With Obama To Israel For Peres Funeral

Answer to riddle: Al Sharpton? What did I win?" Sep 30, 16 10:12 PM

Answer to riddle: Al Sharpton? What did I win?" Sep 30, 16 10:14 PM

Maidstone Golf Club Plans Bridge Over Hook Pond In East Hampton Village

Turtle soup at the club on Friday nights!" Oct 25, 16 10:36 PM

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