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Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Gives Lumps Of 'Coal' To Town Board Members

hmmm the voters keep electing Alex. Could it be these voices we hear who oppose him are the greedy union suckups who only care about themselves and not the rest of us? Talk amongst yourselves." Dec 16, 16 7:19 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Fire May Have Been Caused By Unextinguished Cigarette

April thinks with her heart, not her head. Handing over 30 grand to the guy who might have started it while ignoring all the business owners who lost their inventory seems a little ridiculous. The guy rented the room he didn't own the place." Dec 19, 16 9:22 AM

EDITORIAL: Sadness, But Also Gratitude And Pride

"Suffolk County officials, including County Executive Steve Bellone and County Legislator Bridget Fleming, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell, and State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, were responsive and effective."

Pandering at its worst. What exactly did they do? Bellone stood there giving interviews amidst people running to and fro actually helping." Dec 19, 16 8:11 PM

UPDATE: Sag Harbor Fire May Have Been Caused By Unextinguished Cigarette

frankly, these these go-fund, kick starter things are a breeding ground for sharpies. I'm hoping to get a brain tumor and cash out. Please send me money." Dec 19, 16 8:27 PM

Ludwick Attorneys Seek Dismissal Of Multiple Charges Connected To Fatal Crash In 2015

"Mr. Hansen, a father of two young boys, " I knew and liked Paul but the reporter is clearly pandering for sympathy with that bit -- injecting himself into the story. The charge has nothing to do with the lifestyle of the deceased. He could have been an ax murderer, the charges would be the same. The writer is clearly looking for the reader to condemn the accused. He is no more or less guilty, if the deceased left a family behind. In the eyes of the law it is completely irrelevant." Dec 21, 16 10:32 PM

For 30 Years, Suspect In Southampton Double Murder Case Has Eluded Capture, Justice

Joe digs deep for a rare byline--all the way back to The Independent a month ago. STill unsolved!" Dec 23, 16 12:16 AM

East Hampton's Briar Patch Estate One Of Most Expensive In Country

don't forget the water rats --good on the barbie" Dec 23, 16 9:56 PM

East Hampton School District Denied New Trial In Sandpebble Lawsuit

Next up: the $6 million bus depot that will cost $12 million" Jan 3, 17 6:38 PM

Local Residents React To Stunning Trump Victory

"Clintons Break With Vince Foster, Kill Him"" Jan 6, 17 8:27 AM

Dispute Over Southampton Town Union Contracts To Continue Into New Year

Jay wants to "reduce health insurance contributions for some employees"

Is he nuts? These health plans cost taxpayers 20 grand a pop. They should be paying MORE into it, like everywhere else." Jan 7, 17 6:31 PM

Southampton Village Residents Oppose Gin Lane Compound With 17,000-Square-Foot House

I THIink The Shinnecock own the land " Jan 12, 17 8:31 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell Will Not Seek Reelection In Fall, Van Scoyoc Says He Is Considering Run

"Mr. Cantwell said to a small group of reporters he made the announcement to"

The White House Press Corps wasn't there? How many reporters could possibly care?" Jan 13, 17 10:41 PM

East Hampton School Board Formally Opposes Betsy DeVos For U.S. Secretary of Education

In pother words, the school board bent over to the teacher's union (yet again) and said, don't worry, we'll continue to pay you overpaid slugs triple what the other states pay so you can continue to turn in mediocre performances." Feb 1, 17 9:07 PM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

Representatives of local activist groups that recently rallied outside of an event that U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin attended in East Patchogue

According to Ms. Morris, the group had planned to attend a meeting at Rogers Memorial Library on April 13 as “community members with questions for our Congressional representative.

so they are local activists from patchogue AND community members from Soutahmpton? Did they vote for Obama in two states?" Feb 3, 17 8:46 PM

East Quogue Teachers Union Pressing School Board For New Contract

Get behind the house/golf development to raise some new tax money or close the school: those are the only two options." Feb 7, 17 6:55 PM

Get behind the house/golf development to raise some new tax money or close the school: those are the only two options." Feb 7, 17 6:55 PM

Perhaps the board president should stick her oar in the water and point out NYS teachers, in no small part due to the most powerful union in the country, have engineered a coup that assures an inordinate amount of pay and benefits that by all measurable standards yields mediocre or worse results.To wit: these teaches literally earn triple what their peers iin most other places do, work fewer hours, have better health plans, and better retirement plans. And they have the nerve to wear T-shirts to official school functions.And this folks, is why the Charter School movement is taking hold. Get rid of these spoiled underachievers and bring in young, sharp minds who care about teaching our children and not their fat pensions.

" Feb 7, 17 11:15 PM

PDD Law Could Be Fully Repealed, Southampton Town Officials Say

My little tidbit: 99 percent of the bloggers here have no idea what a PDD is, how it came into being, what the genesis was for it, and how it can be used effectively and/or abused. Talk among yourselves. Go ahead, High Hat, wax poetically about something you know nothing about (that would be a first!)" Feb 14, 17 10:43 PM

Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

Toes in the water: get a grip. We're talking about East Hampton TOWN> The Village is not a player here. Why do people who have no idea what they are talking about persist in posting on this site?" Feb 18, 17 9:55 AM

BTW the 90-Day travel ban is limited to six places were radical Islamic terrorists have a foothold and are flying into this country from. Please stop pretending or ignoring this fact it just feeds into the hysteria being whipped up by the losing party and the press. The ban is a good thing. let's make sure the new Trade Center stays up for awhile, or have you all forgotten 9-11 already?" Feb 18, 17 9:58 AM

Immigrants Share Fears Of National Policies, ICE Raids

Minerva Perez, executive director of OLA, said she thought it was important to bring in experts—including officials from "Empire Justice of East Islip, Latino Justice of New York City, Make The Road New York of New York City, and Christopher Worth, an East Quogue attorney who specializes in immigration issues"

These are your experts?" Feb 22, 17 10:15 PM

Zeldin Meets Privately With Opposition Groups; One Participant Dissatisfied With Treatment By Staff

I remember when Tim Bishop barred the Gospel Church members from entering a public meeting. They were almost all over 65. His spokesperson said they had security concerns. I guess the little old ladies were gonna hit him with their bibles." Feb 23, 17 10:06 PM

Parents, Children Fearful Of National Immigration Policy Changes, Local Doctor Says

those Lesotho gang members must be deported." Mar 2, 17 6:55 PM

Speaking of educating oneself,i s she a doctor or not? That would make the whole article kind of silly, wouldn't it?" Mar 2, 17 6:58 PM

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