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Start Date For New Southampton Town Police Chief Once Again Pushed Back

Chief Skrynecki is scheduled to attend an upcoming Flanders, Riverside and Northampton Community Association meeting on Wednesday, March 29, at 7 p.m. at the David W. Crohan Community Center in Flanders."

good for him . That's a quick $1200. He said he'll stay for a meet and greet for another $500. he has one other question: Flanders? Where is that?" Mar 17, 17 9:06 PM

Zeldin Supports Principles Of GOP Health Care Plan

Obama looked the public in the eye was recently as last fall and said ACA policies could be purchased for $75 a month. Anyone out there got one?

"And most people today can find a plan for less than $75 a month at the HealthCare.gov marketplace when you include the tax credits that government is giving you."

Obama at Miami Dade College October 20

translation: if you are a deadbeat and too lazy to work don't worry the government will give you a health plan and let the poor slobs in the middle class pay up the nose for their plans AND pay for yours!" Mar 21, 17 2:31 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Police Identify Drivers Involved In Tuesday Morning 3-Car Accident In Water Mill

...with a learner's permit. In other words UNLICENSED. Why does the press have so much trouble spitting that word out? Let's have a big community meeting and feel sorry for him, the victim of a racist society. Get him another car right away so he can hit someone else while he tries to assimilate." Mar 22, 17 10:17 PM

Zeldin Blames Health Care Reform Failure On Republicans Who Put Politics Over Policy

As opposed to free health care for those who are too lazy to work. Can we all agree on one point:? Anyone who wants welfare, food stamps, or free health insurance must take a simple blood test: are you on opiates, coke, crack or the like? If so, we can't afford to allow taxpayers to feed your addiction. Do we all agree on that? Hello? Mr. Z, I can't hear you . . .
As for June Bug. Yes, your idols Tim Bishop and Brad Bender talked the talk. You poor fool . . . you never did get the old adage. There's one of you born every minute who can't see through the smooth talkers. "Pick a card, any card" Don't you get it? You got played, girl." Mar 28, 17 10:41 PM

Amid Fears Of A Labor Shortage, Congressman Lee Zeldin Promises Action to Local Growers

JOhn J: It's "fuhrer" not :furor" stupid. Instead of posting on this site spewing bile 560 times maybe go to night school and get that equivalency diploma." Apr 27, 17 10:17 PM

Della Femina Sells The Independent Newspaper To Billionaire Ron Perelman

Harbor, you really "Know" a billionaire? Which one?" Apr 28, 17 10:17 PM

Lawsuit Over 'The Springs' Signs In Court Tuesday

EXCEPT -- Drew is right. Why does the town insist on persuing this. Is it that hard to admit? Drew was right about LTV as well." May 2, 17 6:43 PM

Zeldin Votes In Favor Of ACA Repeal; Schumer, Gillibrand Say They Will Work To Defeat Replacement Plan In Senate

Senator JiglyBRan complained --
“The Trump health care bill was passed on a party-line vote"

well actually, some Republicans voted against it but so did EVERY SINGLE Democrat. In other words--they voted the party line." May 5, 17 10:47 PM

East Hampton Town Votes To Evict Country School From Airport After Lease Expires

But they have no problem giving the store away to LTV which is also on town-owned land. Weird." May 7, 17 5:47 PM

Zeldin Says No Special Prosecutor Needed After FBI Director Fired

The FBI is not an organization that even President Trump can intimidate.

Obama did. That's why Tim Bishop's prosecutor was promoted and loyal soldier Tim allowed to skate by." May 17, 17 10:00 PM

Actress Dina Merrill Dies At Her East Hampton Home At Age 93

"In Guild Hall’s John Drew Theater, the Dina Merrill Pavilion is named after her."
Ya think?" May 23, 17 7:20 PM

Community Reacts To Southampton Village Board Candidate Using Slur In Call To Police

Nobody uses that word anymore? Have you listened to any Hip Hop music lately or seen Chris Rock do his show?" May 26, 17 6:59 PM

The Mystery Of The Watermill Center

I wouldn't sleep there, but maybe it's just me." Jun 23, 17 8:50 PM

Nice furniture." Jun 23, 17 8:57 PM

Zeldin Defends Comments About Donald Trump Jr., Voices Concerns About Threats By Celebrities

"Putin has people killed, celebrities do not."
In the words of Michael Corleone, "Now who's being naive Kate?"" Jul 20, 17 6:43 PM

Hampton Bays Friendly's To Close Soon; Building Listed For Sale

It's Trump's fault -- and Zeldin's" Jul 22, 17 5:36 PM

New Southampton Town Police Chief Deploys Anti-Terror Units To Summer Events

Isn't his vacation coming up soon?
" Aug 1, 17 8:43 PM

Isn't his vacation coming up soon?
" Aug 1, 17 8:43 PM

Colson Whitehead Discusses 'Underground Railroad' And More In Bridgehampton During Fridays At Five

"Hometown audience"?????? It's not his home town. Just because he wrote a book called "Sag harbor" doesn't make him a local." Aug 3, 17 7:18 PM

Concerns Raised Of Inside Baseball Being Played Within Southampton Village Boards

thank god this is the first example of inside wheeling dealing, illegal development, and rubber stamping on behalf of the assorted boards and building department." Sep 21, 17 10:30 PM

East Hampton Supervisor Presents $77.7 Million Budget Proposal For 2018

A new harbormaster? Whaaaaaaaaaat?" Sep 22, 17 10:29 PM

HIFF: Julie Andrews Talks Career, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

and made several disparaging anti-women remarks, specifically lesbian-stereotype insults, and there was the black photographer he made a racist remark about. Oh I forget the anti gay infamous "barrister" insults about the gay starbucks clerk who dared to ask Alec to be civil.It's OK if you are a Dem Lib." Oct 8, 17 10:08 PM

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