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Southampton School District Starting Merger Information Meetings

"The district is using a line-by-line comparison of both districts’ budgets to create a new, joint spending plan without any redundancies."

Now that's funny! Look under "administrators making over $150,000"!" Oct 22, 14 7:07 PM

Woman Found Dead In East Hampton Had Difficult Life, Family Says

So police interviewed her but they didn't understand what she was saying? Thorough. That's covering all the bases. Case closed." Oct 23, 14 10:51 AM

Bishop And Zeldin Face Off About Local and Federal Issues In East Hampton Debate

Tim is right: Zeldin "doesn't understand" how the federal government works --how you can be elected to Congress for six terms without authoring a single bill that was passed into law! Must be some kind of record, no?" Oct 24, 14 4:07 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Member Angered Over Beach Parking Fees

"as local as local gets?" I thought Shinnecock were a sovereign nation that cleared two acres of precious woodland without permits because it was their "right." " Oct 25, 14 11:09 PM

Can I open a store on the Res and sell tax free cigs? if so you can swim on my beach for free." Oct 27, 14 8:48 AM

Bishop, Zeldin Criticize Obama On Handling Of Ebola, Trade Barbs On Other Issues

No wonder Obama looked like he was holding his breath when he "Hugged" (sorta) the Ebola nurse. Probably had himself decontaminated as soon as she left the room. Every Dem is praying no more "Obola" shows up--until after the election. " Oct 29, 14 7:39 PM

Despite Projections, Bishop Remains Vulnerable In Race Against Zeldin

Where was Tim when they were sending his schoolmates to Nam? Cowering." Oct 30, 14 11:58 AM

" most expect Mr. Bishop to return to Washington, D.C., for a seventh term."

Why does the Press let its reporters spew nonsense? There have been exactly two polls. The Siena poll last month showed Bishop 10 points ahead, but it had the same margin when he faced Altshculer the first time and that race ended up in a virtual draw. Even Bishop disputed the poll. A Republican poll recently found the race even. That's been it." Oct 30, 14 12:01 PM

Bishop, Zeldin Criticize Obama On Handling Of Ebola, Trade Barbs On Other Issues

Hundreds of volunteers have died? No. Towel off, Lib boy. Don't spew any droplets at King Kullen we, the normal people, shop there and that split is contagious. Is Oceania near Atlantis?" Oct 30, 14 11:25 PM

Tuckahoe Denies Student Admission To School Based On Vaccination Record

Our country, our rules. it's not about her kid, it's about OUR kids." Oct 31, 14 2:09 PM

Despite Projections, Bishop Remains Vulnerable In Race Against Zeldin

"Despite projections?"
Where did that come from?
Excuse, me, but Zeldin is ahead in the latest poll. Who is making the projections, The Press's editor and publisher?" Nov 3, 14 2:39 PM

Do you have to blow up Piping Plvers?" Nov 3, 14 10:42 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

Memo to Stony Brook Southampton: it's now Ok to fire the few hanger-ons, relatives and friends of the FORMER congressman. Parents, lose the overpriced daycare scam the connected wife was sucking off our teats. Old cronies of TIM'S-- get a real job, if you are qualified for any. The massive 30 year gravy train ends. In the coming months exactly how many unqualified friends of Tim have gotten checks is going to come out. And oh yeah, that investigation into the tribe. " Nov 4, 14 11:50 PM

High Hat, we don't want to deprive the less fortunate of health care. We just don't want to pay for the lazy asses and illegal immigrants who deprive OUR children of their chance to live the American Dream. We are the middle class --both parents working and getting eaten alive by rising health insurance and school taxes. Trying to make it work. Does that make it bad, that we need to provide for our kids?" Nov 4, 14 11:56 PM

" I have a family that loves me, a ton of friends . ." Yeah, TIm, but you won't be getting them paychecks anymore. Exactly how many friends of yours worked at the college. Tim? And sons, daughter and cousins of your friends. And of course, your own family. How many was it, exactly? Maybe 20 or 30 or 40? Or was it more?" Nov 5, 14 9:51 PM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

"It is important that residents who are effected by the noise contact the Town of EH so they are made aware of the impact.."
Yes it's important for the same handful of people to contact the Town OVER and OVER like they have been . . .hundreds of times each.
" Nov 11, 14 6:42 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

Nothing like a Pres like Obama to turn a Blue wall red." Nov 14, 14 8:49 AM

Potential Congressional Candidates Line Up Following Bishop's Defeat

Who's running in 2020?" Nov 14, 14 12:04 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

The people who love Obamacare are the ones getting subsidies from the government at the expense of the working man. I'd like it too if someone else paid for it." Nov 16, 14 9:32 AM

East Hampton Town Board Drops Proposed Rental Registry

Hey Bill Akin--it's not all about you" Nov 18, 14 6:34 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

It is important to remember Southampton school officials and board members represent Southampton property owners. School districts all over the state face troubling times.None can expect other district's taxpayers to pay more than their fair share. Now is the time for leadership in Tuckahoe to emerge and think creatively. Shared services, lower administrative costs, expanded tuition options, more stringent control on illegal students. The state is NOT stepping in, that is a Thiele/LaValle election year myth. Every school district is like an independent country-the state can't make us pay for those outside our borders. It's not about poor versus rich or south versus north: it's about accountability.And yes, Farina stabbed the people that pay his salary in the back. Say goodnight, Scott, your resume is dotted with betrayal." Nov 18, 14 10:50 PM

Farina said:
" now it is time for us to really start concentrating on student achievement and increasing our performance in Southampton.”
Oh, silly me. I thought we paid these slugs 200 grand a year to focus on student achievement! You mean, that hasn't been the focus? How do I tell that to my son trying to get into a competitive college: That his transcript is lacking because the school superintendent I pay for has been focused on helping out another school district? Hello?
" Nov 18, 14 11:11 PM

"Now, our board will come together and meet with our community to figure out our next step, and start planning for our children for next year to make sure they get the quality education they deserve.”

So said Superintendent Dyer, who is leaving the district and announced as much BEFORE the vote. Talk about a rat jumping off the sinking ship!" Nov 19, 14 12:00 AM

Back in the day student "sit-ins" meant something. In this case it means "brown-nosers." Southampton kids protesting because they want their parents to pay MORE taxes! Take their iPhones away and see how they'll vote." Nov 20, 14 9:15 PM

Witch: we pay 1/3 your taxes and their is a two 2% salary cap. Do you comprehend any of this?" Nov 20, 14 9:17 PM

600 kids? stop Lamm, you're hysterical. A couple dozen sheep. If they protested the other way Farina would have had them suspended. They'll still be living at home in four years sucking up the OBamaCare. Once they are really on their own? NO to all new taxes." Nov 20, 14 11:11 PM

Sounds Like Dumb and Dumber Tree" Nov 23, 14 2:56 PM

In State Court, Halsey Seeks Butler's Ouster From Bridgehampton Fire District

That be the one . . .the one in the pocket of the millionaire landowner he bent over for. . .it will all come out in court" Nov 25, 14 8:53 PM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Of Schools To Remain At District, With A Raise

Good news? "Increase his salary." That says it all. Dude, the merger is dead. The district needs to CUT. Find a part time superintendent." Dec 2, 14 11:31 AM

Crews At The Hills Illegally Cleared Land, Southampton Town Officials Say

yeah and let our ridiculous school taxes put up all in bankruptcy. This is the best thing that ever happened to East Quogue. Wake up, folks. This was a small mistake, the plans will be approved." Dec 2, 14 6:12 PM

Hamptons Party Scene Found Dead, Locals Want Answers

Jeez sorry those of us who worked all of our lives to have our own home didn't enjoy your 30 asshole college friends next door. " Dec 2, 14 9:19 PM

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