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Hamptons Party Scene Found Dead, Locals Want Answers

Jeez sorry those of us who worked all of our lives to have our own home didn't enjoy your 30 asshole college friends next door. " Dec 2, 14 9:19 PM

Springs School Board Eyes $20 Million Expansion

So 15 ninth graders suddenly appeared in the district. Let's try to wrap our heads around what is wrong with this picture before we borrow any money." Dec 9, 14 11:16 PM

And let's hire more consultants to rubber stamp the expansionist agenda. How about using the money we spent on the consultants for INVESTIGATORS to track down the illegals?" Dec 9, 14 11:31 PM

you mean PAYING an outside firm --with OUR money. So easy for school board members to throw taxpayer money down the drain. And as far as online bloggers go I find the intelligence level in this case far superior to the ignorant PTA-driven Springs School board members who have their own agendas. Don't you agree,H2O?" Dec 9, 14 11:54 PM

Baloney. That is a myth perpetuated by school administrators. People who live in illegal dwellings -- that is share houses, illegal apartments, etc are not eligible for public schooling in that district. In fact, it is illegal to allow a child who doesn't legally live in the district into the system. The district has a fiduciary relationship with its property owners (re: taxpayers) to assure they are not being taxed anymore than they are legally obligated to pay. This applies to ALL nationalities.
You are right that a student living in a legal dwelling in the district must be allowed in the school regardless of his or her immigration status. In Hampton Bays, residents followed students who boarded buses and left the hamlet every day after school. The district can, and did, remove them.
We need a proactive school board that will hire administrators who will aggressively ascertain where each and every student lives, and if they are in a dwelling with a legal lease or title or if they even live here at all. if not, suspend them and report the property owner to the town. It's not brain surgery, it's a mindset.
Instead, the solution of this administration is to ask for more, and more, and MORE money. Guess what? Locals can't give any more. Make it end or we'll all move out and Springs will look like downtown Havana in 10 years. Is that what you want? Look around . . ." Dec 10, 14 10:51 AM

Update: Re-Vote Will Be Held For Bridgehampton Fire Commissioner's Election

Wait until we have to pay up for Butler. By then Pinsky will be long gone. Then who will we have to blame . . .oh, I know!" Dec 10, 14 7:34 PM

Springs School Board Eyes $20 Million Expansion

So Phil,your boring cut and paste, summed up means " a student living in a legal dwelling in the district must be allowed in the school regardless of his or her immigration status. " Jeez, it only took me one sentence to say that. Like I said, an illegal basement apartment must be emptied, and its inhabitants turned over to DSS, which will sent them back to their REAL district. One has nothing to do with the other." Dec 10, 14 7:41 PM

PHil-we live in a hamlet of one family residences. Is this that hard for you to grasp? One family homes. Mom, Dad and the kids. That's the way East Hampton has been built, that's how the planning and zoning has been carefully formulated--to prevent build out, to preserve the small town way of life. I don't see why this is debatable. It is what it is. Those of us who have histories here--my family goes back four generations, understand. It's about home, family, and family values. It's about the homestead being a center for family life and love.It's not about buying a house, illegally converting the basement and garage, and selling some poor fools on the American Dream. " Dec 10, 14 8:59 PM

utah girl: please understand the state nor the town can force the neighboring districts to share costs with Springs. Every district involved has to vote for it/ Would you vote to triple their taxes? Also, "they" didn't "try" and make people with multi rental properties sign up. Multi-rentals are ILLEGAL NOW. The town wanted property owners who legally rent their homes for the summer to sign up and be subjected to Big Brother." Dec 14, 14 9:21 AM

Bishop Leaves Behind Legacy As East End Advocate

Oh puh-lease. How many other Congressmen from the East End were investigated by the FBI in our lifetime? None. His legacy: the Mailman asking for 10 Large to blow up some piping plovers and playing lap dog to Obama while they sold out this country. Good riddance. Leave it to the Press to give the fawning good bye kiss. Where was this paper when the scandal was happening? Ignoring it and endorsing him anyway." Dec 23, 14 5:03 PM

Thank you Tim for providing me with the best job on earth--I made over a half million bucks opening your mail!

Signed, your grateful daughter." Dec 24, 14 10:27 AM

None of us or in agreement with anything you say, HHS" Dec 27, 14 3:36 PM

well, there was that pesky record of running Southampton College into the ground by hiring his family and friends but who's counting . . ." Dec 27, 14 5:35 PM

Bishop was named one of the most corrupt members of congress by an independent watchdog group BEFORE Plovergate for diverting campaign funds into is daughter's pockets .. .just sayin'" Dec 29, 14 8:45 AM

Zeldin Denounces Obama's Threat To Veto Iran Sanctions

Iran is working feverishly to develop nuclear warheads--this has been documented over and over by our IQ people. How could anyone in his or her right mind disagree with Zeldin? As for Keystone, wait until ISIS makes its move and exerts control over OPEC. Then we won't have their oil. Any other idiots with stupid comments out there?" Jan 18, 15 4:13 PM

bigfresh: you forget the LIbs don't want or need jobs. They are on the government dole. The rest of us pay their freight." Jan 18, 15 4:29 PM

Governor Proposes Income-Based Property Tax Credit

So, taxpayers in East Hampton and Bridgehampton? You just lost. Make sure to thank your school boards." Jan 19, 15 9:13 PM

East Hampton Town Board To Request Proposals For Old Town Hall Building

We always talk about how de Menil "donated" the structures. How much have we spent moving, converting them, and restoring them --not to mention we fell short of her vision because all the money the town had disappeared when McGintee was supervisor. We never needed "McGintee's Follies" -- we need a modern office complex to run the town government. We were left with this . .this . .Freedom Land make believe La la world and a $30 million nut. Thanks, Bill." Jan 20, 15 10:56 PM

New Truck Law Draft Is Stricter, May Give Phase-in Time For Heavy Truck Owners

Nothing like "Local" news written by "local" reporters. Last I looked East Hampton's zip code was 11937, not 11936, which happens to be Portland. Go ahead and change it and remove this letter and it will be like this never happened. But the BIg Duh will always be there." Jan 21, 15 9:29 AM

Parents, Community Members Question Future Of Sports At East Hampton Athletic Forum

The Superintendent is a good man but he doesn't make waves and embraces the status quo. Dynamic leadership is needed. Make Vas retire, bring in coaches that know what they are doing, not the "old school" connected losers who recycle themselves over and over. Bring in parents who care. LET THE BEST PLAYERS PLAY. Then we will have a community that reawakes to the value of high school sports." Jan 21, 15 8:50 PM

Zeldin Questions President's Bipartisan Plea In Response To State Of The Union Speech

highhat: you haven't done very well with your predictions (remember Tim)--who do you like in the Super Bowl?" Jan 22, 15 8:46 PM

BookHampton Begins Southampton And East Hampton Home Delivery To Compete In Changing Market

Last year there was a fund drive begging for money. What's next, a Jerry Lewis Telethon?" Jan 24, 15 12:22 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

First they want to make the school day begin at 7:20 AM. Then they vote to triple our taxes to bring in another district's students. Now they want to get rid of Columbus Day. And we keep voting for the school board members? New idea: Lance Gumbs Day." Feb 6, 15 9:51 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Could Withdraw Police Commissioner Idea

Hire more officers? really? We need to commit more crimes first. " Feb 6, 15 11:22 PM

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations

Yes, only listen to the paid sources from the other side," Mar 3, 15 5:31 PM

Ask any town board member David Gruber doesn't own . . ." Mar 5, 15 6:51 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

June Bug: a lot of veterans would like to know why Tim wasn't "proud to serve"-- in the Armed Forces. Guessing a rich man's deferment. Lee Zeldin served--boots on the ground, in harm's way. Tim is like Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly: he talks a good game. A lot of his classmates served, some came back wounded or addicted, some didn't come back at all. Tim was in the family pool or rifling down beers at the Driver's Seat. You've been had." Mar 11, 15 10:42 PM

I like my first cousin just fine." Mar 11, 15 11:06 PM

This just in: new Day Care Center and Summer School camp at St. Josephs. Criteria: kid, lots of money." Mar 12, 15 9:03 PM

Zeldin Introduces His First Bill, Aims to Help Veterans Get Home Loans

Thus doing something the great champion of veterans, Tim BIshop, failed to do for 12 years." Mar 17, 15 9:43 PM

Montauk Manor Website Taken Over By Someone Claiming To Be ISIS

ouch ..what an idiot" Mar 17, 15 9:47 PM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

the top one percent are East End teachers and cops." Mar 20, 15 9:12 PM

Mexican Consulate Helps Locals In East Hampton

I love this--the Mexican consultant is advising illegal immigrants how to STAY in our country--and out of theirs.Let them know the hospital is free, there are food stamps available, and they can drive around without licenses or insurance." Apr 9, 15 9:25 PM

"expected to draw more than 400 people over three days, who will be seeking assistance of some kind." Oh great. My kid needs shoes. I can't pay my mortgage. I owe the hospital 20 grand. So let MY government take MY tax money and give it to people from another country who have never contributed a dime to our economy. And let The Press be proud of advertising this craziness.Maybe Mr. Loucheim can find some housing in Sagaponack?" Apr 9, 15 9:29 PM

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