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UPDATE: Former Officer Of The Year Identified As Trespass Suspect

Here is the officer:

http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/General-Interest-EH/450818/East-Hampton-Officers-Of-The-Year-To-Be-Feted-On-Friday" Jan 20, 14 9:42 AM

East Hampton Village Officer Suspended For 30 Days Without Pay

The issue will no doubt be the outcome of double standard justice. If he was not a cop, the homeowner would have filed charges. The District Attorney still can, but no doubt won't. If he was a landscaper or pool man, he'd be fired from his job that day. Because he is a public employee union member, his world is filled with special dispensations. There's your issues!" Feb 26, 14 9:32 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Approves Raise For Mayor, Severance Pay For Police Chief

The public employees are bankrupting NY, CA, NJ , Detroit, etc... Stop & Shop just made all employees part time and took away their health insurance." Aug 13, 14 6:02 PM

The market value teachers have recently graduated, and are working at Best Buy while they live at home with their parents and try to repay their student loans. The only reason teachers make more than their market value is because the unions control the political process in NYS." Aug 15, 14 7:26 AM

Pointing out the truth has nothing to do with hate. I don't hate anyone. 70-80% of state and local government spending goes to salaries and benefits. The point is, every civil servant can be replaced at at least 40% savings with no degradation in service. Private sector incomes are based upon what the market will bear. Public salaries and benefits are the result of generations of progressive political dominance of unions over the political process.

Regarding your comment about me, I find it to be both slanderous and libelous." Aug 15, 14 7:36 AM

Police: Man Broke Into East Quogue Firehouse With Unloaded Shotgun

He probably wanted to steal Christmas tree money." Dec 21, 14 11:08 AM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

You can't fix stupid." Apr 15, 15 9:29 AM

East Quogue Teachers Negotiate New Contract Amid Budget Cuts

$7,200,000/45 educators = $160,000 per educator. Raises?" Apr 23, 15 8:04 AM

Peconic Baykeeper Brady Wilkins Resigns After Six Months On The Job

Time to bring back Kevin McAllister. He loves the work. He's a local. He is here to stay, and the young babes apparently like the way he drives boats." May 3, 15 10:24 AM

County Calls For Federal Assistance Following Second Bunker Die-Off

The simple reality is Long Island needs sewers around it's perimeter. The major offenders are the old houses with ring cesspools.

Sewer districts should be formed and construction funded by whatever means available. Connections should be bonded and incorporated into property tax bills to pay for universal hook ups.

There is no easy, cheap way out." Jun 25, 15 5:13 PM

Provisional Westhampton Beach Police Chief Fails Civil Service Exam

Obviously, we raised the bar too high for union mindset." Jun 27, 15 12:58 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

I think most of the anti-semantic people are republicans. They never describe anything accurately. It seems that may include Lee, also." Jul 2, 15 5:24 PM

I said anti-semantic. I am not Leo." Jul 2, 15 8:27 PM

As long as you don't confuse me with the facts." Jul 3, 15 8:31 AM

The BDS movement appears to be a peaceful strategy to pressure Israel to comply with international laws and leave the Palestinian territory. Painting it as anti-semitic seems suspect. If Israel left the Palestinian territory would violence decrease? Should we continue to spend American dollars and lose American lives without Israel showing concession? Does Zeldin represent the people of our Congressional district, or Israel? Am I anti-semitic for posing these questions?" Jul 3, 15 12:46 PM

Court Ruling Should Allow Religious Boundary's Expansion To Westhampton, Quiogue

Let's not mince words. This will spike anti-semantic sentiment in the communities. There is no euphemism for what is going on here. It is certain deep pocketed Jewish people bullying and offending the sensibilities of the majority. This will foster resentment of the Jewish community, including those who do not support the eruv. It is time to tell the bullies to go home. " Jul 16, 15 12:30 PM

East Quogue School Superintendent Acknowledges Benefits From Hills Development

What is the value of a home that can only be used 90 days a year? Where is your profit? Where will you find buyers willing to sacrifice 75% of their property rights when there are several thousand other homes available within a short drive?" Oct 6, 15 8:57 AM

Southampton Town Faces Opposition From Uber, Cab Companies Regarding Proposed Taxi Rules

Uber is like airbnb. They both operate without regulation and concern for public safety in mind. Airbnb turns residential homes into motels without any defined standards, and without regard for the property rights of neighbors. They also take business from licensed motel operators who have regular health inspections in rooms, restaurants, pools etc… How would you like the house next door to became a transient location on a daily basis? Strange people near your kids constantly? Reducing your property value while the airbnb owner becomes wealthy at your expense?

By the way, I just priced an Uber ride from East Quogue to Main st, Southampton. The rides ranged from $76 to $158. That's much more than a cab. Imagine your Uber driver goes on a shooting spree as happened recently.

Ban Uber and airbnb as well as the rest of the daily rent a house web services." Mar 17, 16 1:36 PM

Suffolk County, In Hunt For Hotel Taxes, Could Look At Rental Properties As Well

First, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

The real point is residences operated as commercial establishments violate local laws and impinge upon the property rights of neighbors. Short term rentals of homes or rooms should be prohibited.

Why should your neighbor have the right to subject you to transient occupants in a profit seeking venture? If you want a lodging business, buy one and be subject to all responsibilities and regulations that go along with that type of business.

Leave your neighbors to live in peace as is their legal and legitimate right." Mar 24, 16 12:51 PM

Gregor Argues Against Use Of $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

The road floods most often in the winter when the Dune Road home owners are not here. The grant will do nothing for the intended lower income people anywhere in the town because they don't travel on Dune Road when the road is flooded.

Raising the road, will, however create more flood conditions in Hampton bays and East Quogue on the north side of the bay. I can see the bay from my driveway, and have lived here for over 25 years. Our winter erosion gets worse each year. Raising the road will stop water from dune breaches from receding back to the marsh on the south side of Dune Road because of the berm created by the road. It will cost more than it benefits, and is, as Mr. Gregor states, an inappropriate use of the funds." Mar 25, 16 3:31 PM

I raised a few at Norm's, and had a few burgers at Callahans too." Mar 25, 16 3:47 PM

Southampton Town Will Not Receive $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

Most of the flooding occurs when the beaches are closed and people don't travel the road. People go to Riverhead all year. Perhaps the greater good has been served here. Schneiderman lacks the local knowledge necessary to make informed decisions in matters like these. He's a Montauk resident." Apr 13, 16 10:28 AM

Trump Trounces On East End; Clinton Captures Close Contest


You seem like a level headed guy. How do you justify Trump's inconsistencies, half truths, outright lies, lack of depth of understanding of many issues, and willingness to nuke anyone who gets in his way? Additionally, how will be do things that the majority of the congress perceive to be incoherent when it comes to getting congressional approval? What will we do when the art of the deal falls short on his major platform issues?

Just curious." Apr 22, 16 2:53 PM

Property Values In Southampton Town Are On The Rise

Rising property values are destroying our future by forcing our children to leave. We raise and educate them here so they can become productive adults somewhere else. Look for rising taxes as more lower end homes become occupied by multiple families with many children so their parents can be the under paid immigrant workers to service the needs of second home investors and speculators.

Jay Schneiderman is not an asset in our town. He is a political opportunist who fabricated his Hampton Bays address in order to run for office so he can fill out his pension requirements in public office. He pretends to understand the needs of Southampton, and proposes spending projects that are inappropriate, like turning the Ponquogue beach snack bar into a restaurant. There are over 20 restaurants in Hampton Bays alone. We don't need to invest taxpayer dollars so our 90 day beach can have a restaurant that stands vacant for 9 months of each year." May 4, 16 1:21 PM

Former Southampton Councilman Brad Bender Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Drug Charges

He went on an extended bender. Now he has a 2 year hangover." Jun 30, 16 12:51 PM

Southampton Town Board Awards Ponquogue Beach Pavilion Renovation Contract

Jay Schneiderman does not understand Southampton. We do not need a restaurant at Ponquogue. It is a 90 day place. Clean it up, add some showers, bring in potable water, and leave the rest alone." Jul 29, 16 11:27 AM

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