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Rescue dogs put on a show at town shelter

I have been to every shelter in Suffolk County, and Southampton shelter is the BEST!
Christine Russell sets the BAR for what every shelter director SHOULD be!

Gina Lewis
Suffolk County Unleashed" Aug 4, 09 1:09 AM

Southampton Town will try negotiating with shelter bidder

You are right, and the great reputation that this shelter now has (because of shelter director Christine Russell) will go downhill if this group takes over- people aren't aware that this group that wants to privatize have been a source of TROUBLE with every shelter director at Southampton since 2000- it's an issue of "power and control" with this group, not the welfare of the animals-" Oct 19, 09 2:09 PM

Animal shelter supervisor dispels rumors, focuses on adoptions

It's very obvious what group started the rumour.
It's unfortunate that this shelter will be privatized- while Susan Allen sounds like an extraordinarily wonderful person, I hope she realizes that running an animal shelter is a herculean task- I sincerely hope the people she appoints to run the shelter can do as capable and as wonderful a job as Christine Russell has.

Gina Lewis
Suffolk County Unleashed" Oct 31, 09 4:26 PM

Throne-Holst unseats Kabot as Southampton Town supervisor; Republicans maintain board majority

I agree with Foxnfowl! Who do you think got your township in the mess it is in in the first place? Not the democrats, that's for sure!!!

YAY Anna Throne Holst!!!!" Nov 4, 09 4:13 PM

"Agenda?" Not sure what you mean by that? Does having an opinion constitute an "agenda?"
No one asked me to respond to anything, I have my own opinions. attended several of your town board meetings, and I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Throne Holst, - I am also a very staunch democrat! And I am also an advocate for the animals, unpaid and a volunteer- so I am still unsure what you mean by agenda- what "agenda" would I have?" Dec 23, 09 6:57 PM