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UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

My condolences to the family of this poor woman and my best wishes to the driver of the bus and the other person onboard (the attendant?). That being said, the Town Police dropped the ball on traffic control - AGAIN. It took me over 4 hours from Hampton Bays to the Village of Southampton. To have that much traffic winding up on Montauk Highway without any traffic control is absurd. The congestion at Montauk Highway and Canoe Place Road in HB was a nightmare and a carting company truck trying to make a U-turn from the westbound to the eastbound lane came very close to dropping a 20-yard dumpster on my hood." Jul 26, 13 1:04 PM

Party Bus Catches Fire On Sunrise Highway, Causes Eastbound Traffic Delays

It was Sunday; I passed it just as the first police officer was setting out flares. " Jul 13, 15 3:39 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Won't Say Why It Is Buying Land

Peter - you really need to check your 'facts'. The volunteers do not have medical insurance paid by the department. The HBFD has responded to 179 calls from January - June 2015. That's an average of a call every day. Every day, those volunteers leave their homes and their families not knowing what they're facing or when they'll be back. And that doesn't include the meetings, the drills, the on-going training, the open houses they host for the community, the fire prevention taught in the schools, the blood drives, the fundraisers for Boy/Girl Scouts. How dare you criticize these volunteers who give up so much of their time, and time with their families, to give back to their community. As for your call for them to "become honest and stop being sneaky", YOU'RE the one hiding behind an anonymous screen name. You claim that "residents are fed up"; well, THIS resident is proud of our volunteer firefighters and grateful for their service." Jul 20, 15 1:23 PM

UPDATE: Seven Children Treated For Injuries Following Two-Car Crash In Southampton Village

That intersection is a nightmare. I very often have to make the left turn from Agawam onto Hill Street, and while I don't speed up to make the turn, it can be challenging to make that left turn - between the people from Windmill turning left onto Jobs, or going straight across - it can be a very small window of opportunity to make the turn. I'm not saying it's right to speed up, but I also see plenty of times when I'm in the midst of making the left that people turning right from Windmill to Hill will make a point of cutting me off. A little courtesy could go a long way." Aug 4, 15 5:05 PM

I agree that the problem rests with the drivers using it - unfortunately, despite my doing exactly as you indicate when trying to turn from Agawam to Hill, there are always people who either don't use their turn signal, or they decide at the very last second (probably because they see how backed up the traffic is) not to turn onto Jobs but don't bother to turn off their signal and just dash across. And while turning right from Windmill to Hill does have the right of way, given the non-stop stream of cars doing exactly that, it can be challenging trying to make the turn. I simply want to make the turn and not be stuck in the intersection when the light changes (which it does quickly). " Aug 5, 15 11:28 AM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

These actions, while shameful (as well as criminal) have nothing to do with the fire department or the school district so there was no reason to mention those organizations at all. " Dec 11, 15 4:33 PM

Eamonn, I generally agree with you and I am sure that the fire department, school district and water district double-checked their books as soon as the news hit. I simply meant that the article didn't need to mention the fire department or school district because those organizations are not connected to this, but the media always drags fire departments and schools through the mud. I have no connection to either of those organizations and while I am a supporter of the FD, I am no fan of the SD. But, as a school board member, he wouldn't have had access to the checkbook; the system of checks and balances and internal controls would have made his stealing from the school impossible (unless he was in collusion with at least a couple of District Office employees). Since his tenure as a board member expired on June 30, the annual financial statements would have been prepared by the independent auditors and submitted to the State by now. Had anything turned up, we would have heard it by now. I'm sure fire departments have a similar set of auditing and reporting requirements. As for the water district, although Babyboo does make a valid point regarding other forms of theft, again, he would not have access to the checkbook. As for "a thief is a thief", I think there's more to it than we know, or may ever know. I cannot believe that a 50-something year old person, without any previous criminal background, wakes up one day and decides that's the day he's going to start stealing from a fund established in memory of his friend who perished on one of the most horrific and tragic days in American history. And while I personally believe stealing is stealing, there's got to be more to it than this. I've also read of similar cases where the DA considers embezzlement to be a "victimless crime" and are thus more willing to settle on probation over jail time. And before anyone jumps on me for that, I personally don't agree, it's just what I've read in other cases." Dec 14, 15 10:08 AM

Police: Van Ends Up In Living Room After Drunken-Driving Crash In Hampton Bays

Fortunately, none of the family living in the home was hurt.
" Jan 20, 16 5:57 PM

Bridgehampton School Board Reduces Proposed Budget, Still Faces Tough Decisions

It's that time of year again - when school districts across the Island threaten us with cutting programs (or sports). I'd love just once to see a district say that the administrators have agreed to a salary freeze so as to save money. Just once. A couple of years ago, both the teachers' union and the CSEA union at Bridgehampton agreed to a salary freeze, but the administrators still took their annual increases, and you can bet that the 6-percent raise administrators give themselves equals a lot more money than the 3-percent the school janitor is getting. " Mar 10, 16 1:19 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Appoints Interim Superintendent; Will Pay Former Superintendent $92,500 To End Contract Over 'Irreconcilable Differences'

I hope the community remembers this when asked to vote on the school budget in May. So when they threaten to cut program(s), remember THIS is how they spend money." Mar 21, 16 3:37 PM

Hampton Bays Repaving Work To Begin Next Week

The road work is most certainly needed, the roads are horrible. As for the light at Canoe Place - it too was needed. If it's so inconvenient for you while you pass through, either leave earlier or stay on 27 - the last thing we HB people need is more traffic from those just cutting through-we have to get to work, too." Mar 31, 16 12:18 PM

Quest For Knowledge Earns 92-Year-Old Remsenburg Veteran His Fourth Degree

So inspirational! Congratulations on your degrees, and as we go into Memorial Day weekend - Thank You for your service, Mr. Pope." May 26, 16 1:37 PM

Hampton Bays Taxpayers Speak Up, Reject $15.8 Million Bond Referendum

"We put up a project that the public basically told us they wanted.” Sorry, Mr. Zimmerman, the fact that the bond was voted down should evidence that clearly the public does not want it. Thank you, Hampton Bays residents for turning out & voting. HBUFSD - take note.
" Jun 16, 16 4:31 PM

Clothing Companies Rally Behind Sag Harbor Partnership's Campaign To Buy Cinema Building

It would be great if we could get the link.
Thanks." Aug 2, 17 6:08 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

I would love to see a Pancake House there. Especially with Friendly's going out, there's no decent, reasonable, year-round breakfast place in town. And for those who say they'd have to sell a lot of pancakes to make it a viable business, I agree it's a concern, but have you ever seen an IHOP on a weekend? IHOP also has a good lunch and dinner menu. Pancake Cottage closed down because Petco, Panera Bread & Citibank (which is now vacant...) took over. " Aug 3, 17 2:46 PM

While I agree with you that if HB was a destination for young people, the summer surge would certainly improve the local economy, Pancake Cottage closed because their lease was not renewed while the landlord was in negotiations with Panera Bread & Petco: "Kimco Realty, which owns the shopping center that is home to the Pancake Cottage and Macy's at the entrance to Hampton Bays, declined to renew the restaurant's lease. According to Joshua Weinkranz, Kimco's Vice President for the Northeast region, the company is in negotations to put a Panera Bread and a Petco chain store into the shopping center." http://www.hamptons.com/Community/Business/3058/A-Favorite-Pancake-Cottage-Bids-Farwell-To.html#.WYnymiKovnM" Aug 8, 17 1:25 PM

I agree, HB's taxes are absurdly high. But IHOPs are a gold mine. I've said for years if I ever win Lotto, I'm opening one. If you're ever by the Smith Haven Mall (especially on a weekend), just glance over & see the line of people waiting for a table. " Aug 8, 17 1:29 PM

Hampton Bays Water District Wants To Spend $1M On Well Filtration Systems

If the settlement was received "several years ago", why wasn't the filtration system put in place then?
" Sep 15, 17 9:43 AM

Many Merchants Taken By Surprise By New Fee For Disposable Bags

According to the article, the store gets to retain it (see paragraphs 7 & 8).: "The law will be enforced by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, and the fees that are collected from shoppers for disposable bags will be retained by the stores.

County Legislator Bridget Fleming, who supported the county’s new bag law, explained that putting the fee into a government fund would have been considered an “impermissible tax.” " Jan 11, 18 1:32 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

In addition to what is going in there, it's also important that the building itself be tasteful, not some cheesy chain restaurant façade. After all, it is the first thing one sees when exiting Sunrise Highway. Fortunately, the owners have enough common sense to have a talented architect on the project. That being said, I personally would love to see a breakfast place; all we have for a sit-down, family breakfast is Panera Bread or, in season, Hampton Maid.
" Feb 14, 18 1:46 PM

Hampton Bays Board Of Education Adopts $52.5 Million Budget For 2018-19

I'm all for the reduced taxes, but do wonder why the District hadn't considered the necessary upgrades and repairs before paying for that AWFUL sign at the high school.
" Apr 19, 18 4:04 PM

Southampton Town, USGA Officials Formulate Traffic Plan For U.S. Open Without 'Cops And Cones'

Not employing the "cops and cones" again is a mistake; even with the second lane on CR39, traffic is backed up with trade parade. Add in the Open traffic, I may as well sleep in my office rather than trying to commute from Hampton Bays to Southampton Village that week.
" May 10, 18 1:19 PM

Agreed! Staggering hours is a great idea! I'm already late to work most days anyway...
" May 10, 18 4:51 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

I'd love to; can you clear that with my boss? Almost three hours to get to work from HB to SH Village.

" Jun 11, 18 11:20 AM

UPDATE: Liang Eagles One As Second Round Gets Underway With Unexpected Light Rain

"While many regular East End commuters are used to the long backups ..." NO, this is not the traffic us "regular...commuters" are used to. We are NOT used to 2-3 hours in traffic to get to work. We are NOT used to 2-3 hours to get home from work. We are NOT used to having to leave our homes hours and hours earlier than necessary just to TRY to be on time for work. Our employers are NOT used to us being hours and hours LATE. There is a huge difference between the trade parade traffic we ARE used to & this nightmare. Oh, but because it's now affecting the players it's news-worthy? Stop hiding behind "Staff Writer" and let us know what moron thinks that spending 3 hours to drive less than 8 miles is something anyone would be used to, because I will tell you, if this was the "regular commute" I would neither work nor live out here.
" Jun 14, 18 9:40 AM

Me too!" Jun 14, 18 10:53 AM

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