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Developers share details of new Hampton Business and Technology Park

What is the purpose of the berm and why are those two advisory board members obsessed with it. There is no berm now and that airport property and it's buildings look like crap. So let's build nice new (but traditionally hamptons looking) buildings and obscure them from view with a berm? Are these people for real? It would be a mistake to put the berm in when some tasteful landscaping with some sight lines into the complex would serve all of us better." Jul 29, 09 3:18 PM

Beach Bakery No Longer Supported As Kosher By Hampton Synagogue

There are so many things wrong with story both in content and implied relevance it is difficult to decide where to begin dissecting it. As you read the story it seems implied that at the end of the day this was about MONEY. Simon it is said was not happy about the Synagogue using an outside caterer for events when there was an actual or implicit agreement that the bakery would be used. So that begs the question what did this Kosher certification entail from a commitment standpoint regarding the bakery? Did the bakery have to pay or make a donation to the Synagogue for the Kosher inspections (and I don't care if it was asked for or "voluntary", I only care if it was made?) If so there is a term for this that we used back in the old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

But focusing on what appears to be fraying of the relationship between the bakery and the Synagogue would obscure the main issue with this story in general. Who cares? Honestly, this is a secular newspaper not special interest group newsletter. Virtually nothing changes with the bakery and virtually nothing changes with the Synagogue so who cares? I think if Simon wants to fulfill his "obligations" to the community at large (which includes Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Atheists alike) and the "integrity" of the bakery he will spend a bit more time in his bakery, spend more time training his earnest but sometimes inexperienced staff, and improve the cleanliness, the decor, and the taste/quality of his products which in my opinion have declined somewhat over the past 10 years.

As a community of many stripes we owe it to Simon to give him a fair shot and chance to impress us with his product and not some quid pro quo "certification." I am certain the bakery will be as or more pleasant on Sunday mornings regardless of what other establishments in village are serving breakfast or not.

This is just another reason why the village needs to protect its secular nature and not create exceptions for special interest groups that may be seen as insular and exclusionary no matter what veil of legitimacy they are cloaked in. I don't care what religion you are. And the only way I should find out is by seeing you at services if we happen to attend the same house of worship. Other than that keep your religion (whichever one it is) out of our shops, restaurants and other public establishments. I have many Jewish friends, most of them are not conservative or orthodox so to them this isn't news either and the ones that are respect the secular society that is the United States of America. Lastly I for one am looking forward to a nice bacon, egg and cheese on croissant or a prosciutto and mozzarella panini on a Saturday. Too bad both Simon and the Synagogue wanted to have their blintz and eat it too. " Oct 18, 12 1:59 PM

Decision On Religious Boundary Lawsuits Could Come This Year

"mostly invisible" is that like a little pregnant?" Jan 18, 13 12:47 PM

"mostly invisible" is that like a little pregnant?" Jan 18, 13 12:48 PM

Two Southampton Town Board Members Want To Forgo Their 2015 Raises

In much the same way that we here in Southampton embrace stemming the tide of cosmopolitan and suburban encroachment (i.e. no to big box stores, no to new development in commercial cores - most of the time - while farm fields get plowed under for more 8,000 sq. foot homes with views of the 5 acre preserve that the CPF paid $3mm for) we should embrace stemming the tide of bureaucracy and the organizations that promote it. Hence we should be striving to construct a town governance structure that rewards hard work, reliability, competency and achievement. Not one whose soul focus is to preserve the status quo by rewarding employees predominantly on seniority when it is meritocracy which should occupy the majority. Is councilman Bender entitled to want his 3.33% raise? Certainly, but just because it is "only" $2,000 let us not dismiss it, nor should we ignore the immense value of the benefits (mainly health and retirement) that the council members receive. It is insulting to many voters in SHT to dismiss $2,000 as a meaningless amount of money when many have not seen there income recover to or grow from where it was in 2007/08. What were council members making in 2007? I don't know the number, but I suspect $62,000 is considerably more on a percentage basis.

If there is a problem with how some town employees are paid I don't think the answer is to make them more like civil servants. The town government despite what some think has finite resources and as such it should strive to conduct its business in a lean, efficient and professional manner. Creating a workplace that incentivizes employees to be more like government workers (in general - think post office, DMV, any state or federal agency) is a step to becoming more like the urban and suburban communities to our west which we often strive hard to distance ourselves from.

We don't need to dump any council members. We just need to ask them to remember when times were not so good, and to remember that while times change, unfortunately people don't so we will certainly revisit those lean times again.
" Jan 9, 15 10:11 AM

Ghostly Findings On The Shores Of Montauk Garner Attention

Attn: Editor

Reporting like this is lazy and dangerous and is precisely why we can not have a substantive conversation about the real issues of global warming and sea level rise.

Please provide supporting citation for this statement in this story:

"Today, after more than 200 years of rising sea levels, around 50 feet of hilltop space remains."

Really rising sea levels are responsible for the loss of 250 ft of coastline in Montauk?

Or is the loss of the 250 ft. due to littoral or longshore drift whose prevailing direction on the south shore of Long Island is from east to west???

For local evidence look no further than Shinnecock Inlet in Hampton Bays. The east side of the inlet has a beach which extends nearly to the end of the jetty while the west side the beach is several hundred feet inland from the end of the jetty? Are rising sea levels only affecting the west side of the inlet? Are sea levels falling on the east side of the inlet thereby exposing more beach?

Or for an even more dramatic example consider the Fire Island Lighthouse:

When the lighthouse was built it was on the edge of Fire Island Inlet and marked the western end of Fire Island. However Fire Island has extended itself through accumulating sand so that the lighthouse is now nearly six miles from the western end of the island at Democrat Point.

Source: Wikipedia

Apparently the "rising sea level" in Montauk is being principally caused by the dramatic sea level drop on Fire Island which has exposed nearly six mile of beach over the last 200 years.

The Press is our local paper of record and therefore you must and will be held to a higher standard.
" Oct 29, 15 1:20 PM

Former Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Discusses Drug Addiction During Opioid Task Force Forum

Abu Gharib, Amadou Diallo and Eric Garner - take your pick your pick. And if your wife is holding you back you better pray you don't break free cause you will be destroyed." Apr 27, 18 12:25 AM

Actually having people speak of their experiences is informantive and educating, i.e. sharing their knowledge. Free speech doesn't mean uninformed people have a right to launch vindictive ad hominem attacks just because of his political affiliation on paper. It is petty, juvenile but oh so telling of the character of the attacker. Lacking." Apr 27, 18 12:31 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Sag Harbor Cinema Development Rights Purchase

This really is an abuse of CPF intent and its funds. But since the cookie jar is now open, I submit as a patron of both the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center and Starr Boggs Restaurant that Supervisor Schneiderman and the Town Board begin negotiations immediately to purchase the development rights to the WHBPAC ($5mm) and Starr Boggs Restaurant ($4mm). Starr Boggs could then lower their prices to no more than 80% of neighboring restaurant prices.

To approve this and cite "historic preservation" as Supervisor Schneiderman did is a disgrace and a deeply flawed understanding of what "historic" means. The Supervisor and Town Board members that supported this have made a mockery of the CPF and have Term Limited themselves. A disgrace." Oct 25, 18 1:47 PM