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Southampton Town's Conservation Board Says The Hills Project May Hurt The Environment

some one is afraid of the boogyman if your worry so much the ground pollution and environment what about the sand pit just to the west of the hill project
" Nov 29, 17 3:25 PM

East Quogue Veteran Builds Casket For Soldier Father

I march in East Qupgues Memorial day parade to honor the families and veterans who have given so much. To make America so great. I carry a poster to remind the people of our Land we should protect fro all foreign and Domestic enemies I ""WHY I LOVE AMERICA'' I march for those who are with me who voices can no longer be heard. FOR THE FAMILIES who lost so much to war EVERY DAY IS MEMORIAL DAY FOR THEM. I hope the young men and women will stand up and ask "WHY?" when the sabers of war come RATTLING AGAIN. Sgt Ronnie Campsey 1st Bn.18th Inf. Big Red One On Nov.14th 2017.ME and 9 other grunts from Delta 1st 18th Inf. came together to bury our Col. from Vietnam who retired a four-star general, we wanted to carry the General on his last patrol we were Honorary Pallbearer
" Dec 19, 17 3:25 PM

Wholesale Plant Nursery Opens In Speonk; Seeks Zoning Exemption From Town

sounds like Southampton town working hard to figure the use of the land good luck
" May 24, 18 12:04 PM