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Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

Please Chief, right here, I am again asking you to show any reasonable link that shows where Somali's of unknown citizenship voted. Please. And I implore you to track that link back to see the original source.
"universal federal ID" ? Are you serious? Why don't we just replace that with a 21st century microchip?
You have gone over the edge.
And again, I do not have a government job of any type. " May 9, 13 9:43 PM

Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

Piece of cake, Chief. There exists a legally negotiated labor contract. You don't like it? Sorry, that's life.
FWIW, this is common throughout the metro area, it is not just SHTPD.
Are those numbers mind boggling? Sure they are.
In your special world do you think you are going to change anything by blathering on and on about it here?
" May 10, 13 9:45 AM

Then rage against the machine Chief." May 10, 13 11:56 AM

Just some documentable facts........

The first civil suit brought by one of the released drug dealers was tossed out of court as reported by Tuesday on April 29th.

DA Spota said just because there were technical issues with the arrest does not mean the dealer was innocent and the civil judge concurred.

Again, FACTS, something one needs to have when taking a position. " May 11, 13 1:50 PM

"we can reconstitute the STPD as a new-from -the-ground-up organization with a rational pay scale".

No, you can't. You should know that if that scenario ever were to happen, that SCPD would cost taxpayers more for the interim period, while you recruit elephant riding, pith helmeted Nepalese to patrol the streets of Southampton. You should also know, that under the state labor laws, the organization that you propose to replace STPD would be entitled to similar pay, benefits and work conditions as surrounding police departments. It's the law, like it or not. (Can you smell the "arrogance" of truth?)
The one shining benefit of course would be freedom to drive drunk.
Because we know that SCPD does not arrest anyone with a blood alcohol level of .08%. it's only STPD that does that. No one else anywhere in the state does. Everyone else makes their own rules." May 11, 13 1:56 PM

To hat, PBR and CaptainSig,

Public Employees Fair Employment Act, New York State Civil Service Law (aka The Taylor Law)

Please see NYS Taylor Law Section 209 Sub 4, (c) (V) a through d.

To PBR: my apologies for not sitting here throughout the weekend. At 607PM you requested the above info, as I hadn't responded by 830 you saw fit to post a reminder. Again, my apologies. the play at Southampton Cultural Center had my attention, not your comments.

To hat: Put your thesaurus down and pick up a reading comprehension book. "Right wing news sites"? Are you into your cups during the daytime? " May 12, 13 9:18 AM

Would you be so kind as to show a link as to where your scenario of "reboot" occurred?

I imagine your last sentence refers to all police department throughout Nassau and Suffolk, as the pay rates are at least competitive with each other. " May 12, 13 3:26 PM

OK Chief, you've gone from "hundreds of thousands of dollars" to 50K.

Can you show us how you came to this number?" May 12, 13 3:28 PM

Not an attorney here PBR, (but I did fix a Japanese transmission once) so I have no clue.

However, having said that, this idea of bankruptcy was started on another thread and has no basis, that I am aware of, are you?" May 12, 13 3:33 PM

Indeed I do. Public employees in NYS are prohibited from striking, I would think ,( but do not know the statute) that prohibits feral employees from doing the same. PATCO went on strike mere months after President Reagan was sworn in. He had received their endorsement in the 1980 elections. He was essentially "the new sheriff in town" and had no choice but to fire them, his message was not to PATCO, but to the world as it was his first chance to show his "stuff" Current air traffic controllers are unionized, but I have no idea where they stand contractually compared to PATCO.
I can appreciate your opinion of a bankruptcy situation, but I don't hear anything from municipal accountants or critics qualified to weigh in on that. " May 12, 13 4:06 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Charged With DWI In Saturday Accident In Southampton

Check the V&T Laws, Chief. .06 and .07 are considered impaired and subject to a fine of $500.00

Type of warning? Is anyone out there not yet aware of the rules against drinking and driving?" May 13, 13 11:47 AM

Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

Sig and Hat,
What is obvious Sig is that you did not have the attention span to read the source cited. Hat, your scenario of firing the STPD and replacing them the next day ( or even with an interim period of SCPD) doesn't hold water.
The Taylor Law provides for:
Cops to form a union
Union entitled to negotiate a contract
Should the negotiation process fail
Mediation, fact finding, then binding arbitration
Under binding arbitration, the panel SHALL use surrounding jurisdictions as comparisons.

That being the case most police departments throughout Long Island are compensated in a similar manner. Though for some reason you seem to think that STPD is the only PD on the island earning the type of money they get. Please note that every 18-24 months Tuesday does an expose' on Nassau and Suffolk PD with numbers that would make you cry.

Sig, in the reduction of starting salaries, that would be a negotiated term of the contract, I have no clue as to how Boston does anything. The outfielder watched it go over the fence and into the parking lot.

" May 13, 13 11:55 AM

Disbanding was not the point of the debate. It was in regards to the points of the Taylor Law, and the method that has driven salaries to their current levels.
Now once again, look at your tax bill, what do you pay more for, Fire Services Ambulance, or Police? All of this based on a town board meeting, geez

Nice of you to admit that my assertions on the Taylor Law is accurate, dude. " May 13, 13 2:45 PM

That being the case, i.e. disbanding versus the arbitration system, I'll take a bite of a crow sandwich and express my apologies. Could the same situation as in Greenport happen here? I guess, under the right circumstances, but the likely replacement department would be SCPD, and we would see an increase in PD taxes.
However, if the idea is to disband, have an interim PD then reorganize at a lower salary scale, it would be a futile effort. The first thing the union representing the new PD would do is wait out the negotiation process through arbitration where they would likely be awarded a salary and benefits scale to surrounding PDs. Do it again? How soon would it take for a Judge to put a stop to it? Either way, this discussion has run its course. " May 13, 13 5:06 PM

I know I will regret asking the obvious question Chief, but any chance you can cite a source for your tripling pension costs? Again this is a statewide issue, not just pertaining to STPD.

While you're at it, some more info please on the 50K (down from hundreds of thousands) cost for the recent civil case re the drug dealer?" May 13, 13 5:09 PM

Well you started at hundreds of thousands of dollars, then dropped it to 50K.

Doing my homework? You have NEVER cited a source when asked to.

You fabricate what you type." May 13, 13 11:45 PM

Good job!
Now if the first one was dismissed, and if others are for the same reason, you'll be at a lost for something to complain about on this issue. " May 14, 13 10:43 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Charged With DWI In Saturday Accident In Southampton

From the thug:

So your plan would be to DROP the amount someone is fined?

You suggested a $50. fine, current law provides for $500.

Drivers are well aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, (except Hat) just as they are aware of hundreds of other laws on the books, yet they still violate them, do they not?" May 14, 13 1:42 PM

On Tuesday the NTSB recommended that states lower the BAC for DWI to .05.

Dang, po-po be given keys to the city with this'n!" May 14, 13 1:57 PM

Southampton Town Police Logged Long Hours Following Sandy

Nope screen name only refers to my voter registration.

I "quibble" with Chief when he makes things up, then refuses to back up what he states. " May 14, 13 4:50 PM

Off-Duty Lifeguard Makes A Night Save At Napeague

How do you know they were late, and, in your "awash in a sea of alcohol mind" do you really think it is ok that this woman put not only herself, but her rescuers at risk?

You don't know when to stop, do you?" May 16, 13 1:05 PM

Indeed I did read the story, as nature points out you missed a bit here, as usual.
They heard the shouts a little after 9:30. The looked around for about 20 minutes. PD logged a call at 1007PM. (This is all on computer, cant be fudged) At no point did I read time of arrival for PD or anyone else. In reality, Katie probably should have called PD as soon as she heard something that wasn't right. However, depended on the nature of the "yelling" or "shouting" one might want to look around first.
Either way, you again seek to bring your wrath upon law enforcement without having the facts straight.
PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN!" May 16, 13 3:29 PM

Nature did s good a job as anyone on calling you out Hat.

Calling me a "naughty boy" on one post, "sophomoric" and "flaccid" indicates you have issues.

Take them elsewhere, you are wrong, wrong, and wrong on this issue. " May 17, 13 10:57 AM

"late arriving" certainly implies tardiness on the part of the PD.

Or, seeing the incident was precipitated not only by stupidity, but intoxication as well, had she not required the assistance of another, she may very well believe that if she got away with it once, she could do so again.

This may well help her husband in the divorce to boot!

You beat me on the "your", PBR, that's the kind of grammatical error that will keep him awake tonight. Hope he isn't driving tomorrow. " May 17, 13 5:06 PM

Quogue Library Board Holds Annual Meeting

That is the Silverbrook portion of Flanders." May 17, 13 5:38 PM

New Traffic Light Coming To Hampton Bays

You redefine yourself as often as you can, don't you? One day a racist, the next a complete idiot." May 21, 13 9:59 PM

Southampton Town Employee Fired After DWI Crash

Name him Chief, once again you are fabricating things. "head of finances"? there is no such critter." May 21, 13 10:01 PM

Protesters Against Illegal Immigration Gather In Southampton On Tuesday

So you will volunteer to set up a sniper post and blow the brains out of 12 year olds as they cross the boarder?" May 22, 13 12:31 PM

So you advocate taking human lives because they crossed the border, loading....?" May 22, 13 3:18 PM

Southampton Town Employee Fired After DWI Crash

Who is his connection, Chief? Or by SMALL chance you made that up, didn't you, you lil imp!" May 22, 13 3:19 PM

New Traffic Light Coming To Hampton Bays

I get that it is your ball and you make the rules 27east, but you allow this person to make racists statements, and insult the population of Hampton Bays, and when I call him on it, you ban it?

" May 22, 13 4:53 PM

Protesters Against Illegal Immigration Gather In Southampton On Tuesday

It has nothing to do with the history of the Town of Southampton. Nor does it have anything to do with Iraq/Afghanistan.
Reality is there are 12-15 million undocumented aliens/illegals or whatever you want to call them. They are here, and the bus is NOT coming to pick them up Saturday, like it or not. Both national parties allowed this to happen because each in their own way benefit from their being here.
But really, you think it is legitimate to kill them as they cross?
" May 22, 13 10:16 PM

Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

I am aware of one incident, can you tell us about the "stuffing the boardroom with blue for years"? "The Chief" was wrong in not addressing the issue then, but it is now a different Chief." May 29, 13 5:48 PM

What "journey" do you speak of PBR? Is the next step by the board to prohibit them from voting?
Or is the next step prohibiting political activity by bloggers? or non party affiliated persons? or blondes? or Irish?
There are more holes in this law than in a block of swiss cheese." May 29, 13 5:51 PM

No doubt, but in all candor, what is the "journey"?

" May 29, 13 6:52 PM

Nationionwide Sequestration Cuts To Head Start Will Hit Home

People like Michelle Bachman are the reason why people walk away from the Republican Party. " May 30, 13 10:05 AM

Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

If you think the elected officials do anything without the blessings or urging of the party bosses, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will gladly sell you. " May 30, 13 1:14 PM

Truck Crashes Into Jobs Lane Business

If you were the DA then you would be wrong. What he "could have" done, and what he did, are two different things.
I would imagine there will be a civil suit if his insurance doesn't pony up. " May 30, 13 4:35 PM

Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

Does that include the astronomical overtime that was doled out during the start of his tenure?" May 30, 13 9:27 PM

East Quogue Taxpayers Reject School Budget; Other Plans Get Passing Grades

"Mostly fiscal issues"? what a pile of horse dung.

" May 31, 13 4:39 PM

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