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Tuckahoe School Board considers superintendent's contract

I sincerely hope the board members get it right this time around and vote to extend her contract. I'm a very active parent at Tuckahoe and have seen nothing but great things from Mrs. Rozzi. I'll be there monday night to voice my support for her. " Jul 24, 09 3:14 PM

Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

misrepresentation of her abilities was a betrayal" Jul 25, 09 3:57 PM

Group hopes for Trader Joe's on the East End

I am totally for it! And to Scratch from Sag Harbor ....you clearly have never been to to a Trader Joes where you get good, quality groceries (many organic)for a fair low price - something I (a local) have yet to find east of the canal in the hamptons. Famstands are great but they are by no means inexpensive and forget the ridiculously overpriced grocery stores ... they are a joke." Sep 16, 09 9:50 AM

Familiar face first to cross finish line at second annual Main Street Mile

Great event! Brought the whole family age 5 - 66 and we all had a wonderful time!" Oct 12, 09 8:36 PM

An insider's peek at Sandcastle

Why in the world would anyone ever need a house that big... it's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! The Farrell family should be ashamed for flaunting this kind of over consumption. And I'm suprised The Press got all excited over a private tour.... that's even more ridiculous. " Jun 1, 10 8:06 PM

Voters Take To The Polls On Tuesday, All Budgets In Southampton Town Approved

summertime: you seriously need to chill out. " May 18, 11 9:29 AM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

Yes! We need a some more choices in this town. Fresh Market would be amazing. " Nov 30, 11 7:46 PM

Sidewalk Proposal Causes Stir In Tuckahoe

I am totally for a sidewalk. It is incredibly dangerous for students who are dropped off to cross the street in the winter. During the past winter, students could not exit their cars on the non-street side because there was a five foot pile of snow making it only possible to exit street side while cars were driving by very quickly. I think the school/town has an obligation to put in a sidewalk - it is definitely an accident waiting to happen without one." Dec 20, 11 10:37 AM

Shinnecocks Want Grave Protection Plan In Place

how about some roadside protection...falls a little flat when tobacco row in SH looks like someone had a sale on cheap neon and generic cigarette signs." Jan 4, 12 2:18 PM

That settling into a peace on earth mood couldn't have been brought on by the sacred peace pipe now could it? imagine what the east end was like in 27000 bc? it was just the shinnecocks and ms. summertime. don't tell me about raping land in 2012 without mentioning the raping of the land on montauk highway between sh college and tuckahoe lane. that is sacred reservation land that was once traveled by summertime and her pals too. pffft. " Jan 5, 12 6:10 AM

can you please define raping a cemetary?
" Jan 5, 12 1:33 PM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

27east has become the online equivalent of so many park benches in central park. and you nuts above are the kookers who spend all day there arguing about the same thing from sun up to sun down and some how you never tire of it and always think you're going to convince someone of your point of view. Have a nice evening Saul." Jan 5, 12 3:58 PM

Police Investigating Driver's Death In Three Mile Harbor

What on earth are you talking about? The guy spazzed out and drove off a pier?" Jan 6, 12 4:35 PM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

bigfresh, you are one racist dude. the kid who threw the party was from bridgehampton. " Jan 7, 12 6:47 AM

Sandpebble Wins A Round Against The East Hampton School District

hey chief, not only is it a real newspaper, you've been reading it for years and commenting on its website for quite some time now. you must be the chief of putting yourself down by proxy." Jan 7, 12 6:50 AM

Southampton And Tuckahoe School Boards Might Hold Joint Meeting

Exhibit a and b above shedding light on people that don't know what they don't know. The boards meet, and work together. You two above are either old and grumpy, lacking the long term memory required to recall when folks paid for you to attend school, or your socially inept kids just don't fit in so you send them to whb and want the rest of us to suffer. get over yourselves. someone actually like a comment that stated, with no substance ''all districts should be meeting''. hahaha, they are busy educating children, meetings....that would make you happy? any story on the school certainly gets heart rates' a-pumpin'. " Jan 7, 12 6:56 AM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

nice try, " Jan 7, 12 8:45 AM

'Occupy' To March In Southampton Village On Sunday

its a slow day alright. these occupy movements don't even occupy the section section above the fold in the newspaper. it is not in the top 5 news stories on the boob tube. seems like obama's last hope may have changed." Jan 8, 12 5:47 AM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

took a guy with a highhatsize to figure it out, gotta wake up early in the morning to slip one past the general. " Jan 9, 12 6:44 AM

Union Deal Saves Southampton Town Cops From Chopping Block

God forbid we mess with the 1 cop for every 6 residents equation. " Jan 10, 12 6:38 AM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

Gee let me think, who do I believe here. A politician willing to pose intently staring at a plastic shopping bag or a seemingly innocent guy who stands nothing to gain by making these accusations. funny thing is, dishonest politicians who abuse their power and folks who try to weasel out of paying what they agreed to pay are a dime a dozen in these parts. think i'll go with the kid." Jan 10, 12 1:18 PM

Ms11932, can we just be even more clear on the pathetic post you came up with at 11:07 last night thinking you were on to something? While this may come as a bolt of lightening to you, abuse of power, ignorance, lack of ethics and truthfulness and abuse of office is not selective and permeates all parties and aspects of the political playing field. What we have here is a politician who is BUSTED, who lied when he denied and a media outlet that is willing to give him a pass. Now what?" Jan 11, 12 6:23 AM

I just listened to the tape too. Malone was right. No story here, patently false. Jim Malone is a civil servant whose unethical bullying, abuse of power and theft of services not only from this contractor but from those taxpayers that he represents is on full display. Ms. Malone better think about baking a cake with a saw in it. " Jan 11, 12 11:11 AM

Let's keep it up, let's have tapes running in every politicians office and have their entire day stream live on close captioned television or some website. Its time for the people to take the power back and rage against the machine. Stay tuned, we are going to get Village and Town Hall stacked to the gills with video cameras...time to aim the hot white light of the ever present video monitors on those that need it most. The ethically and morally bankrupt elitests that have dedicated their life to controlling ours. Power to the people." Jan 11, 12 3:57 PM

So you're the person I've always heard about that buys a donut and focuses on the hole. In your mind, its completely fine for a civil servant to treat his superiors so aggressively. Someday I hope you realize that you pay these hacks bills and that they operate solely for you. At least that's the way it is supposed to operate. " Jan 12, 12 6:03 AM

Whats funny is that you are actually "rolling on the floor" and you're a dad." Jan 12, 12 6:06 AM

nope, there is just no way I would ever doubt that a politician became corrupt with power even in our small confines. you see a victim dealing with a "nightmare", I see the citizenry as the victim in this event that reflects much greater issues with much broader implications. Macro vs. Micro." Jan 12, 12 11:13 AM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

The dogs are a very bad idea. There are only so many good teachers out there to choose from. After you bust the ones smoking weed, we're down to a handful or so. Oh wait, the dogs are for the kids?!" Jan 13, 12 6:14 AM

Hypocritical? This is the norm these days. Those in charge have been performing the "Do as I say not as I do" dance for decades - in every aspect of life, those in charge flout the very laws and regs they create to control the citizenry. " Jan 13, 12 6:18 AM