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Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

You good ole boys are amazing, you know Malone can’t get close to winning the primary so you (Stinchi, Heaney, Malone etc) dream up this scam to make a deal with Kabot. She goes along and then the deal is off. Do you think the voters can’t see through your crap?
It’s too bad she believed all your BS. She should have ran the primary and Malone would have been out of the picture earlier. BTW who the hell is Malone anyway? I never heard of the guy before his name appeared in the paper a couple months ago.

The only thing that your deal cutting accomplished was that in November Malone and now Nuzzi will loose the election. I’ve followed this soap opera in the paper since the primary in 2007. I’m now starting to think that Kabot is uncovering what Heaney and the past comptroller did with the money. It takes months for auditors to go through years of book keeping (so they must be close). Is this all being arranged so that these guy’s who are beholding to the party bosses (who arranged for them to get 3 lines in Nov) do a big cover-up, hiding what really went on. Why else would they be so desperate to see her gone?

What a disgrace you guys are. The voters of Southampton better wise up don’t let them get away with this.

I’m voting for Kabot on the Republican line screw those party guys.

Good luck to you young lady.
" Jul 24, 09 9:47 PM

Malone and Nuzzi both of who were involved in this deal making better forget about working on any campaign literature and advance to writing a concession speech.

When this nonsense hits the paper of party bosses making
back room deals those involved will be history.

The voters want honest people representing them, not self serving
Liars who take orders from party bosses.

Vote for Linda Kabot she’s is our only hope of saving our town.
" Jul 25, 09 10:58 AM

DJII13 Where I come from a deal is a deal. If you want to believe they had no deal, fine who cares what you think. Write a letter to the press and complain about the facts.
I’m voting for Kabot. Screw those party bosses.
" Jul 25, 09 6:37 PM

peoplefirst Why do you say Kabot has proven herself an incompetent leader, a terrible communicator, and a liar?

G Why do you say Kabot's administrator is a betrayal. My taxes went up $100 that's not bad in this economy. If we get a democrat in town hall the laws will changes drastically building green, solar everything. If you are a pool owner check out how much those horrible looking panels cost. Not for nothing but what has ATH done in 18 months." Jul 26, 09 5:16 PM

Thanks for your comment, I don't have a pool. Clearly you will support Anna in this years election. The things that scare me for the future of my children and grandchildren are: The trillions of dollars in debt our country now has. The Health Care Plan that’s being proposed (end of live decision's is part of the bill). This is the change we now have due to the election of 2008.
BTW You never did answer my other question.
" Jul 26, 09 9:45 PM

Hospital talks at impasse; Bishop threatens to call for investigation

Ok so Bishop is trying to help out with this situation. He should also be listening to the people and be receptive to requests by constituents. We don’t need just another rubber stamp for Obama. These people are angry, (not whacko’s). As of now we have not seen any improvement in the economy the unemployment rate is almost at 10%. The stimulus that Mr. Bishop voted yes for has done nothing. I say no to the health care proposal and no to end of live decisions. No one should have to make a decision on something like that.
VOTE NO or the people will vote NO for Bishop in 2010.
" Jul 28, 09 8:22 AM

Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

Please explain what your talking about? Malone candidate for SH town council is a conservative party leader. He made a deal with the Republican bosses to not run a primary and instead run for town council.
Did anyone bully and blackmail anyone?
Integrity, what integrity does the conservative party have?
Who are Linda's cronies?
Some of those who blog here get it. The rest are spewing nonsense our of their mouth and have no idea what's going on.
. " Jul 28, 09 2:22 PM

Oceanview Yes Malone backed out on his own, it was the better deal for him.
The deal was never over the committee seats, the GOP committee has 75-85 seats the 5 would NOT have made the difference. In a newsday article from 7/22 it states that all parties met at the Board of Elections, Stinchi, Malone, and Kabot, Malone, an attorney, even notarized Kabot's papers. The deal was made then, that Kabot would receive the republican line and the conservative line. They would meet on Thursday to file other papers. In the article in Hamptons.com you will read that Kabot made several call to meet, the calls were not returned. If no deal was made why were phone calls not returned? As a conservative party leader, Malone as what is called a Wilson Pakula that gives him the power to give the line to anyone he wants.
Were I come from a deal is a deal.
Also the Conservative party or the philosophy they believe in should play no part in decision making for the SH town board (your saying thats why Malone backed out because of the Police layoffs?). That would be out and out corruption, where is the integrity in that.
Read the law regarding police officers you will see what the 20 year rule is. " Jul 29, 09 8:25 AM

Frank Wheeler is correct this whole thing does stink.

All week Malone could not be reached, now he’s available to make a statement to the press.

Why would Kabot agree to this deal if it did not include the conservative line? She was lied to over the phone and at the Board of Elections.
The conservative Ex. Committee said that did not have a viable candidate for supervisor after Jim stepped aside. I ask you when did the conservative party ever have a candidate? They always cross endorse, the only exception was Heaney in 2007. I checked the BOE election results from 2002-2008 they cross endorsed all the republican candidates.
They would not cross endorse Kabot because they would like to see her gone. Ask yourself why?

Quote from the SH press
Speaking to the GOP ticket, Mr. Stinchi said the Malone-Nuzzi team is a united one but added that it was up to Ms. Kabot to choose whether she wants to be part of that unified front. “She certainly seems to be going in a different direction at this point,” he said. “I would hope all Republicans will work together toward victory for the entire ticket top to bottom. I certainly will.”
end of quote

Let me say that Kabot is a team player and has always been united with her running mates.

Why would anyone say that Kabot is going in a different direction? Is it because she is speaking out about the double cross. When something stinks it stinks.
This was a double cross and they know it.

Lloyd Braun
You read the article, Malone never did say why he blew out of the supervisor race, and all he said was that Kabot had nothing do with it or any back rooms deals.
Was that an answer?

You said he drew a greater # of signatures on petitions. That’s no indication of support from voters, not when you have 75+ committee members walking for those 1400 signatures, you call that a hot streak?
Did Kabot have an army of helper’s? I don’t think so.

Read my reply above.
Also, first you state Kabot was not given the Cons. line because of the police issue and now it’s because she is not financial responsible.
In my opinion Kabot is a fiscal conservative;this paper had an article that she cut 1 million in the budget, with more planned in the near future.
Regarding the police issue you mentioned
This is a copy of what the police officer law/rule state: It is at the option of the Town Board:
Subdivision m of section 384-d of the retirement and social security law, as added by chapter 1117 of the laws of 1971, and amended to read as follows, "m. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of law, if the town board of the town of Southampton elects to make the benefits of this section available to the members of its police department, each member of such department shall be separated from service upon completion of twenty years of service, provided, however, that the town board may permit a member to continue in service on an annual basis after the completion of twenty years of service, but in no event shall such annual service be continued after a member has attained age fifty-five, except however, that members of such department who hold the rank of sergeant or higher within such department may be permitted by the town board to remain in service until the member has attained age sixty.

The voters will decide in November what the truth is.
" Jul 29, 09 10:06 PM

Kabot won't appeal to Board of Elections

Is this article accurate, were the petitions thrown out ? Or did the the Democrats just file specific objections to the Integrity Party petitions. It seems when something negative is happening about Kabot this reporter jumps on it with a big headline .
Is this fair and balanced reporting? It does not seem to be fair at all.
I like to know where the article is about what happened at the town board meeting on August 25th regarding the health care rally on Hampton Rd.
Speakers were not at all happy about how Throne-Holst and the chair of the Anti-Bias Task Force Diane Relnick acted. The Rev. Havrilla from the Full Gospel Church was called a hate-monger by Relnick, she also accused him of being from the "organized right wing" Could you believe this, right out of the mouth of the ABTF chairperson.
The Rev. Havrilal was also denied the right to speak by Throne-Holst. She told him he was free to host his own rally. This was a rally in support (of the health care proposal), so if he wanted he was welcome to speak in support. Where is the Rev. freedom of speech? The following is a quote by Throne-Holst taken from one of the several papers that did report this story. "No matter where you stand on this issue or what your party affiliation is, if we cannot have open and productive discourse on this issue we cannot call ourselves a democracy. Is this not talking out of both sides of your mouth?
In other words someone is only allowed to speak if they agree.
God Bless America because I'm starting not to recognize it. " Aug 28, 09 9:37 PM

Mr. Bossetta,
Thank you for the clarification, and happy that you actually read this blog.
OK, so these petitions can be appealed and during the appeal process if a higher authority says that nothing was wrong with some of them the decision can be overturned and the petitions will stand as being legal. As you see Mr. Wheeler a process has to be followed.

Could you also answer why the SH press did not cover the story about the rally on Hampton Road and the outburst at the Town Board Meeting on August 25. Almost every paper in SH covered the story.
Whatever is stated here is and exercise of freedom of speech, relevant or not.
I do not know the Rev. personally and have no idea if he is a bully or not, this is about a persons right to speak, so Frank I really can't stick a sock in it. I find it very interesting how strange your comments are on some issues. LOL.

" Aug 29, 09 1:47 PM

#19 This is in response to your question above.
I contacted a couple of press people: they received nothing in regard to any press kits.
Websters definition of press conference: An interview given by a public figure to the press by appointment.
Definition of Rally: To unite, to muster for common purpose, to arouse for action, to come together again to renew an effort, to join in a common cause, a meeting intended to arouse group enthusiasm.
This was a rally as stated by every news person that covered the story. Even ATH called it a rally. You can try to back peddle on this point because of the bad press that some of the paper printed but, if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it's a duck.
The democrat leader referred to those not in agreement with your agenda as terrorists and disruptive activists. You tell me, who are the hate mongers?
The pictures taken on Hampton Road of protesters standing in the street and on the sidewalk were on public property. If this rally was closed to the public then it should have taken place indoors or on private property. Those that were not allowed to speak were denied freedom of expression/speech and you know it.
As far as your comment about Bush & Pelosi. Did Pelosi ever ask to speak and was denied? I do know Bush never called her a hate-monger, terrorist or accuse her of being from a left wing organization.
Take care of that arthritis. " Aug 31, 09 8:20 PM

The democrat protesters at this rally were trying to control the dissent at this public gathering. Thats exactly what's done in socialized countries a controlled gathering. This rally was organized to show that people are in support of this bill, about 20 showed up we have 55,000 people in SH Town, I would say not a very big show of support.
Is Bishop happy with the outcome? Is he pleased with the results that some people's rights were violated. Even Bishops spokesman made sure he told the reporter that Bishop did not organize this event. This was planned by the SH Democrats, what an arrogant group they showed themselves to be.
Also, I agree with Integrity Guy the attempt by party bosses to manipulate the results of this election is disgrace and outrageous. " Sep 1, 09 8:19 AM

Bishop holds town hall meeting on health care reform

Bishop stacked the deck on this town hall meeting. There was a huge effort on Bishop's part to fill the hall with his supporters. E-mails from all the liberal organizations were sent out encouraging them to come early to ensure Obama bill opponents had to wait outside.
All the people opposed to this health care bill had home made signs.
All of those who were in support of Obama's bill were wearing professionally printed shirts & had professionally printed signs. The union guys came out in huge number's as well.
One thing that everyone should know, Congress will be exempt from the bill.
Bishop is just a rubber stamp for Obama. Nothing so far that they have done has worked. The only thing they were successful in doing is more then double the debt in only 8 months time.
" Sep 1, 09 8:44 PM

Kabot won't appeal to Board of Elections

Let me help you purchase an airline ticket so that you can go live in communist country and please do drop me a note and let me know how it is.
Better not try to speak against the government. BTW I hear they have real good socialized medicine just for you, baby.
" Sep 1, 09 9:14 PM

both you and people first are on the left and I'm on the right side of these issue so it's a moot point to keep this going. " Sep 2, 09 10:49 PM

What makes you say that there are lawyers available through the party that are free. They do not get paid from the party? Do you mean they work totally for free?
Please explain your statement. " Sep 3, 09 12:07 PM

I understand that lawyers volunteer time to the party to help with petition challengers but I think you are misunderstanding what the $8,000 in lawyer fees were for. This was the lawyer fee to take this process 1-2 steps further, taking it the supreme court level and have a judge make the final decision. These fees are paid for by the candidate and I don't think any lawyer would take time out of his practice to go to court etc. for free.
Are you sure you voted for Kabot, from some of your past blogs you sound more like a Dem to me or someone that has an axe to grind. Just an observation. " Sep 3, 09 2:48 PM

I got it, so your just an insane person, breaking chops and having a good time. OK then good job. " Sep 3, 09 10:10 PM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

Does any one that is blogging here know Ms. Kabot personally? Have you ever been in her company socially?" Sep 10, 09 9:27 PM

In what paper did it state that Kabot went to WH to check up on the success of the labor day events?" Sep 10, 09 10:37 PM

125 BLOGS try some decaf people" Sep 12, 09 5:14 PM

Turkey Bridge and fidelis
The voters of the town are not stupid but nice try on the spin.
" Sep 14, 09 12:48 AM

A change in leadership may be what the rep. party needs right now. Don't waste your vote, vote republican in November. A hand full of Heaney supporters may not care for Kabot but republican's are behind Kabot 100%. If you think you can judge the election from some of the blogging going on here, don't. Its the silent majority that will be voting this Nov. From what I hear the outcry of support for Kabot is overwhelming. I think anyone with a negative blog was never voting for her anyway.
" Sep 15, 09 12:37 AM

What surplus did Skip leave? He left a deficit in the Police Dept and Highway bigger than any surplus. With the change in leadership (long overdue) the republicans are and will be 100% behind Kabot. Those that dislike Kabot are the Heaney & company people (you for one) who still can't forget she beat him in 2007. " Sep 18, 09 11:21 AM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

In order to state that Kabot is a piece of trash you would have to know beyond a reasonable doubt that she was drunk. Also for you to call someone a lier would you not have to know that person personally.
I do hope that people like you and anyone who blogged any negative comments " drunk" are not picked for any jury.
The police do make mistakes. I see in one of your other blogs you also think that police officers get away with certain things, e.g. making u turns etc. It is very possible they are trying to get away with arresting someone that was not drunk.

" Sep 18, 09 12:07 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Now thats the spirit, I'm sure every employee will agree to avoid layoffs. This supervisor know what she's doing and has made the hard decisions in running this town. We need a fiscal conservative/republican in charge of town hall. Way to go Linda!" Sep 18, 09 5:56 PM

The article states that a 2% raise negotiated in 2008 was given 1/2009. The budget being worked on now is for 2010. This freeze on salaries will be for 2010 for all employees to avoid layoffs. In my view this is fair a equitable plan for all.
You don't even know how much of a raise these employees received since Kabot took office, but yet you make comments. Kabot took office as supervisor in January 2008 the employees received one 2% raise.
I believe I did read a article that the TB took a cut in salary and are below other towns.
BTW the 2009 budget is available on line for about a year now for all to see." Sep 18, 09 9:33 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

Those of you with all the negative comments were you in the car with Kabot.
Do you know for sure beyond a reasonable doubt that she was drunk?
In response to Walt
In one of your other blogs regarding the arrest of the coach from the high school you said that this person appears to be a good influence on children, has made a difference and deserves the communities support and should be able to keep his job. Did you not read that article, this coach was in possession of heroin & a hypodermic needle and high on drugs.
But Kabot should be voted out of office, and she was not even drunk. According to you illegal drugs are ok. I don't understand the disparity. " Sep 18, 09 10:02 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Local dad
No one is denying that town employees work hard but would you rather be laid off in this economy & go on unemployment. What kick in the nuts are you talking about? Have town employees not received decent increases through the years. The suffolk employees have taken furloughs, that amounts to 1 weeks salary.
Also, if you leave the town, the list of people willing to work will be long to fill that job at the current salary.
If you leave and go south what jobs will be waiting for you? " Sep 19, 09 10:16 AM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

And once again you have no idea what you are talking about. In my view you are not a Kabot supporter you would not have voted for her anyway. Get serious and read the paper, who is the one making the hard decisions cutting the budget. Kabot is the only town board member who has cut anything from the budget. The supervisor is the chief financial officer and it is that's person job to prepare the budget. If your saying the past mistakes were her's you are dead wrong.
BTW it took the audit people about a year or more to find the financial errors of the past supervisor and the past comptroller. None of the town board members in 2007 knew about the shenanigans of borrowing from peter to pay paul. Town Board member's are not CPA's, it is the comptroller job to keep the books properly balanced.
I'm retired and read all the paper's regarding our town. I like to be an informed voter and vote for the right person, and that person is Linda Kabot the only fiscal conservative." Sep 19, 09 10:47 AM

Southampton GOP chairman to step down

If you think back to the years this deficit first started happening, it was during the years that the democrats had the majority on the town board. " Sep 19, 09 12:41 PM

Do watch some town board meeting on chan 22. This proposal to change the planning and zba boards to 5 members instead of 7 will come up for public hearing on Oct 13. I'm sure it will pass this time. Any decision that needs to be made can be done with a 5 member board, just like the TB. A 5 member board will not in any way undermine any board. This proposal was good idea on Nuzzi's part and the dem's on the board will finally see the light and start learning how to be fiscally responsible. " Sep 19, 09 12:58 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs


The town of sh has a union, its the union that will negotiate to take this salary freeze. It's a good move on the part of Kabot to have all the employees not take a pay increase and save everyone's job. In this economy even 25%of employees being cut is way to much. Maybe some people are eligible for retirement that would save money also. " Sep 19, 09 2:36 PM

Kabot arrest leaves nagging doubts

Again who thinks they are above the law? When did Kabot use her position for personal gain. Facts please.
As a republican (or so you say) who do you want to see running our town, the tax and spend democrats? Remember they are liberals who are in favor of immigration, and those tb members who support everything that Tim Bishops stands for and voted yes on.
The message that I will be sending will be to democrats by voting republican.
" Sep 19, 09 2:59 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

Its Kabot who is making the hard decisions in cutting and balancing the budget.
Saving people's job's by cutting the fat and putting a freeze on salaries is a win, win for all.
What has the 2 democrats done in making any cuts? For both of them it's about getting re-elected, they are not doing the job they were elected to do. It would be unpopular with the voters so they are doing nothing.
" Sep 19, 09 7:14 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

What does Kabot being assistant to Cannuscio have to due with anything?
No one blocked the request for an audit (thats just not true). ATH and Pope did request it and all the board members voted to approve. They did not do any of the work that it took to find were the money was spent. The audit firm that was hired did all the work.
So if you want to give them any credit for asking, that would be correct. Let me ask what else have any of them done besides ask for an audit? Did any one of them do anything to cut the budget?
This deficits started under the Heaney admin. most of that time the democrats were in the majority. Where were they, why didn't one of them ask for an audit? I know it's election time so lets put all the blame on Kabot. " Sep 20, 09 7:24 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

SH Native
ATH and Pope did ask for the audit, and thats all they did was ask. The actually work was done by an audit firm. Let me ask what else have they done. Did they cut anything from the budget.
I'm retired and have been reading the papers and watching all the meeting on Chan 22 since this saga began in 2007.
Let me ask who voted yes to give some of the dept heads a town car to take home for commuting purposes only, including when the gas was $4.50 per gal. Who blocked the decision to retire police officers regarding the 20 year law so that she would get the police endorsement.
It was ATH on both issues. Was this being fiscal responsible knowing the police has a huge deficit. What a waste of tax payer money to vote yes for anyone to take home a town car for commuting to the towns of Brookhaven Islip etc.
As far as the improvement to town hall these are capital improvements projects and as far as I can understand are administered by General Services. No board approval was ever needed in the past. As far as I know this has been changed under Kabots admin. and now the board must approval any spending.
Have we not had enough of the tax and spend democrats. " Sep 20, 09 8:41 PM

Kabot arrest leaves nagging doubts

The immigration issue is a question you should be asking your democrat friend Tim Bishop. What has he done as a u.s. congressman. Let me help you, he has done nothing.
BTW I am stating facts on who should take the blame for the town's financial problems. What have the democrats done besides ask for an audit. Have they made any cuts to the budget? All they are doing is sitting back, afraid to make any cuts because it would be unpopular with the voters. This is not what they were elected to do. They are not doing the people's work.
" Sep 20, 09 9:51 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

SHNative & people first
Are you positive the democrats never held the majority under Heaney?
Heaney took office in 1/2002, the democrat majority was Zenk, Kenny & Suskind in 02 & 03. In 03 to 05 it was Suskind and Kenny. Then Kenny in 06 & 07.
Please explain why none of the democrats asked for an audit in those years of the spending explosion? Where were they? Please explain why?

" Sep 21, 09 2:09 PM

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