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Kabot: Loss of Conservative Party line a 'betrayal'

Well, I'll tell you it has been very interesting reading all the articles and comments about the up-coming race. Marcus, should have been a true leader and continued to support Republicians from with in his party or he should have gotten out as the leader, because he has not been a leader, more like a bag man for the old supervisor who is still sitting in the room, but not at the table. Why is it that Skip has spent so many years waiting to get to the table? And when he gets the job to run the town, he puts us into the biggest financial crisis in years. There were two factors the political bosses did not see, one was the primary which won Kabots election and the other was the
economic shortfall we are in. Kabot took the seat of power away from the bosses, before they could fix the books, and they continued there deals behind closed doors, but the national financial problem, showed how badly the books were cooked before they could finish the cover ups. More will come, you will see. As for the race, Kabot was blind sighted in trying to eliminate another costly primary, and was not fully aware of some of the old boys still waiting in the wings to do here in. Lets see, Malone, who is he, no one seems to know other than he works for the county and now wants to be supervisor but he will step down as told to be a council person. He was the GOP president, and has since handed it off to Charlie McArdle and Terry Flanagan, both retired town cops, and both old PBA presidents. You think they are going to be fair selecting Kabot for the party line, after this past January issue with retirements. Another set of party bosses looking for something or payback. Alex Gregor, former highway employee, now wants to run the department, he had a chance to be a life long employee, even when his sister sat as Republic GOP. Chris Nuzzi, has been in office, and I can not for the life of me think what he has done for the to make the town better? Anna and Sally have just gotten there feet wet, but they don't have any experience. Is it possible to not vote for anyone? Or is everyone we have as candidates seem they have there hand out or in someones pocket. I would like better choices. " Jul 26, 09 6:40 PM

Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

I hope all approve the new building for the fire department. We all cry about cost, but as you can see the VOLUNTEERS work with what they are given and have also made changes to the original plans. Chief Wines is a builder, and he knows like I that in the private sector we could build this building cheaper that the projected cost, but when you build anything with tax payer dollars, you are held to a higher labor cost and also required to pay more of the benefits as well as costs of all contractors that bid on the project. The NYS wicks law, the NYS labor law, and our District Attorney keeps a close eye on how the money is spent and all of this adds additional costs to the project. Remember this, you pay the fire department tax for the year and you can call them anytime, as many times as you need, and they will bring as many people that they need from everywhere to help you the public, and not ask you for another dime. It's the best service you can buy, so support them." Sep 16, 09 11:16 PM

Southampton Town department heads try to dodge layoffs

The town board, if they want, can do better at balancing the books. Laying off employee staff and freezing salaries is not the answer. In any other business, you cut expenses, or sell off assets before you eliminate staff. When the economy was good, we spent many taxpayer dollars on buying property in the township so it would not be developed. Well that is now costing us, with the lost tax income, and do we really want to loss more town services, or have a vacant piece of property. I think they should really look as some of these land purchases and re-evaluate what we need. Close the budget gap, by selling off a piece of prime real estate. The employee's did not cause the problem/
" Sep 23, 09 9:19 PM

Suffolk County wants to buy 146 acres in East Quogue

Once again our elected officials are not seeing the real picture. We can not afford to buy all property that has not been developed and expect everyone to share the burdon of the lost property taxes. If we are concerned with the pine barrens for drinking water then look at changing pollution issues. Whats wrong with a golf course? They provide taxs for all, you can regulate the use of organic fertilizers. We need to balance the books, not keep going the same direction by getting deeper into debt, for our generation and our childrens. Taxes help the town and school districts. Goverment should not be in the land business." Sep 26, 09 10:59 PM

Company seeks exemption from Hampton Bays moratorium

the HB Civic association should not dictate what an existing business property should be permitted to do, nor should they control a decision on who should operate the property. If the concern is hazardous, then the law enforcement agency for the town will work on the problem. An empty store property is not good, and Peconic fence would be a good business partner for the community. Support local business, they pay property taxes, employee people who live in our community, and support other business here. You can not turn the hands of time backwards, and Mary Jean and Eve know this." Dec 10, 09 10:34 PM

Reading some of the posting is funny. Doesn't anyone remember what was there before they closed? It was a building supply house which operated there for over twenty years, and they had tractor trailers come and make deliveries of sheetrock and insulation which was then shipped out by smaller trucks, all DIESEL, and also had contractors pick up the materials from the store. So what has changed, if a local fence contractor wants to run a retail fence business. NOTHING, its just happen to change owners, but because the business closed and did not change hands the requirement is to get the Town goverment involved and see if it has a valid use. Does anyone remember the family owned excavating company that was run out of the same rear property. They ran trucks out of there and also stock piled extra fill from houses that some of you complainers now live in. What about the tax money that is lost while this business hangs in the wind. Why is it that the residents have to pick up the addition burden? The building is commercial use, on a county road, in the middle of other commercial business, they have no second floor apartments causing any density issues, so why is it so hard to allow a business to move in. ITS BECAUSE A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE WANT TO CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS IN HB. Shame on you all." Dec 15, 09 9:47 PM

Southampton Town Board closes out old capital projects

for those of you who read the article wrong, $800,000 was to build a building for the street light employees at Jackson ave. as they work out of a trailer at that location, but for some reason it never got built. Yes another management issue where someone started a project and never followed through. It is like the accounting issues, we as taxpayers pay for employees and management to run the business of town hall and when they fail, nothing happens to their jobs, matter of fact, most times the person(s) get a raise or move to another municipality before the fall out occurs. I hope the new administration keeps better tabs on the spending and works harder to get town hall back in the black, as we can not continue having shortages. " Dec 31, 09 8:13 AM

Southampton Town analyst says proposed wind turbine would harm environment

Once again town goverment fighting the people. The town has a alternative fuel committee to discuss the use of other energy, but not one town building has anything. When a resident wants to use a wind turbine, we have the tree hugers and fish lovers jumping up and down, but the use of oil and gasoline have more effects on the enviroment than a turbine moving from the wind. hey if it was so dangerous to the views and birds why did every farm that use to be operating in our township have a wind mill (turbine) that moved with the wind to generate either electricity of move a grain press or water pump. Look at some old photos and check the newspapers and see it there were any articles written about birds being killed by wind mills. TIME FOR REALITY CHECKS. Pull your head out of the sand." Dec 31, 09 8:25 AM

Bus company sues state officials over MTA payroll tax

Keep up the fight Mr. Schoolman, maybe a petition from the residents on the east end should be sent out. Yes we should not be held to pay for the MTA shortfall. Besides the service sucks. If you read the law it only effects the lower counties in the state, and the office for the bookeeping for this tax is in Binghamton NY, where they are not taxed. Riders should pay for the use, not people that work where the service is provided. " Dec 31, 09 8:31 AM

Southampton highway superintendent asks for more money for road paving

What happened to the 50 Million dollar bond that was voted on? And last year when the press asked Mr. Masterson whay he wasn't paving roads, because the cost was greater than the contracts to the asphalt plants. The roads are bad and are not going to get any better on their own, so what happened to that plan on re-paving with the bond money? Keep up the fight Mr. Gregor!
" Feb 18, 10 5:52 PM

Southampton firefighter 'Eggie' Raynor dies at 82.

Eggie Raynor, always a smile and a pleasent greeting. Never did I ever hear or see him get upset, he was always a gentleman. I enjoyed talking with him, and he was always good for a cocktail during the antiques truck muster while he was the wagonmaster, a job only Eggie could make enjoyable. I will miss him as so many others will." Mar 1, 10 10:36 PM

Southampton Town Board To Consider Most Expensive CPF Purchase In History

Funny, back in the early 1990's the taxpayers paid for the farm owners development rights for a ten year window. Now the CPF has become the biggest property owner outside the state of New York. How much more property does the town need to take off the tax roles, and put additional tax burden on the community. We are not making parks on these properties. Enough is enough. " May 23, 11 8:26 PM

Fired Southampton Village Officer Seeks Lost Benefits After State Awards Him September 11 Disability Payments

I remember working the pile at ground zero, along with 26 of my fellow volunteer fire fighters. We did not have time to take pictures, as if we were on a site seeing tour like this officer. To come up several years later after all what happened and request medical compensation, and now retirement benefits from the village, after being terminated because he could not play nice with others, that is low. Sham on you Chris. The state should really look into this claim. It smells badly of abuse of the system so Chris Broich can profit." Jul 21, 11 7:13 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall: Town Board Restricts Parking Near Rumba

I feel for the owners of Rumba's, and think the town board should stop making these restrictions for "public safety". Come on, that location has always been a local seasonal business for as long as I can remember, its not a new business, just a new owner.I agree with the supervisor, Rumba employs people from the community, pays its property taxes and should be allowed to have some street parking. I hope the local residents in the area who complained, do not have a needto park in the same location. " Jul 27, 11 10:23 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

I hope before any employee are laid off, the Supervisor (ATH) has done some down sizing of her own. Has ATH personnel staff been downsized, do we really need deputy supervisors, more than one secretary in her office? Are all those department heads that retired and now back working as consultants been eliminated. (Mr. Blowes, Jackson, etc.) If we really need them, then the ones that were placed in there positions, are not doing their jobs. Do we really need to operate two town clerks offices? I think I would prefer to downsize the town hall staff and services, before I take police officers off the streets. Yes, I agree, this is a problem that was adressed two years ago Linda Kabot, but ATH got elected, and could not follow through with the problems with the budget........ well now she can not hide them anymore." Oct 2, 11 8:07 PM

Riverside Property Owner Faces 130 Violations; Town To Hold Hearing On Property

Its sad that it takes this long to find these illegal apartments. The town employees a special investigator to oversee these issues, and with having 19 people, several of them children? How come it was not noticed earlier. The town and the school districts should form a mutual data base to address this earlier. As the property owner is not paying her fare share of the taxes, both the residents of the town and school district are being short changed, as well as obsorbing the additional costs of these children in the school district. Once again, too many officails not doing there jobs.
" Oct 18, 11 11:55 PM

Southampton Police Union May Sue Over Forced Layoffs

Well, finally some light on the layoffs, a lawsuit! More un-necessary money of the taxpayers to be spent and the results will be the same, MANAGEMENT can not manage. The part that has not been printed is that the SOA has the federal gov't behind them, age discrimination, you can not layoff, or terminate these supervisory officers duye to their age. Also, did the NYS Retirement system authorize the early buy out option? If they did not, once again, the taxpayers are going to pay for the extra fee's. Why not do the right thing, communicate with our employee's, form a goal and then execute it. And lastly, did anyone do the math to how much the town will need to borrow to payout all these employees with the unused sick time and such. I would figure at least 2 Million in salaries and such. Politics not People?" Oct 26, 11 9:23 PM

Police Chief Ecker Named Montauk Chamber's Person Of The Year

Congradulations to Chief Ecker, he is a good man, and has done some good hard work, and the residents of Montauk and Town of Easthampton should be proud." Oct 27, 11 10:01 PM

Residents Irate Over Proposed Hangars In Westhampton

If you buy property by an airport, you should expect that you will hear airplane traffic. Its an operating airport! I welcome the growth, it brings jobs and money to the area.
" Nov 10, 11 8:06 AM

Southampton Town Board Revisits Police Overtime Debate

Let the Chief of Police run his department. The board has hired him to do the job, and they need to communicate to him and let him work it out. Overtime is not a regular thing in the schedule, unless there is a manpower shortage, due to sickness or days off. As discussed in "Spinny OHO comment", operating a police force requires a certain number of personnel, and if they dont have the manpower, overtime is necessary. How much is it to tell someone, during an emergency, sorry but the police car in your area if not on duty tonight due to overtime cut backs. Jim Malone and Chris Nuzzi have to understand this is public service organization that requires people to be available, and ready to go if needed. Work it out, instead of micro managing the supervisor you just hired." Nov 11, 11 9:04 AM

World War II Vet First To Be Honored During Hampton Bays Flag Ceremony

Great story......good people, and we need more of these articles, to show how great it is to be an american citizen. Thank you Mr. Flaherty, and all the men and women of this country who have served." Nov 11, 11 9:23 AM

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