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Prosecutors charge Guldi with insurance fraud

Can he wear a bow tie in PRISON?" Sep 18, 09 8:54 AM

Shirley Bunny Obermeyer dies at 75

It is so sad to hear of her passing, however I will always remember her coming into the Gayle Willson Gallery with the best outlook on life! " Nov 12, 09 4:39 PM

Residents, lawmakers balk at $25 fee for license plates

I dont mind the $25.00 fee however the plate color choice is GOD AWFUL. Also to the author jessica, This same color plate was around til the late 80's early 90's. I had those ugly plates on my 1980 MGB......." Nov 30, 09 5:51 PM

Riverhead student spearheads donation drive to assist those in Haiti

How can we get Westhampton Beach High School involved?" Jan 20, 10 3:59 PM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

The real investigation should be the "Press" "Media" looking into our Commander in Chief's birth records,school records and college records. Obama has refused to release any of the latter. THATS where the story is. The biggest fraud perpetuated on Americans. Wanting records released from our local policemen because we want to know what second jobs they are taking or applying for , come on folks WAKE UP!!!!!!" Feb 20, 10 9:35 AM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

Sorry Senator, you sold out. You also organized a town hall meeting a "day late and a dollar short". Today you have missed the boat which means you will loose my families votes.Yes we need health care reform, but not this one. Al Sharpton took off his mask yesterday on the news and revealed Obamas agenda in all its ugly glory. This bill is unconstitutional, PERIOD. Lastly, just want to mention another two recent government interventions. FANNIE MAE & FREDDIE MAC. God Bless America, the voters WILL be heard and loudly in the upcoming elections. Oh, and don't blame Bush.!!!" Mar 22, 10 9:43 PM

bmr5series, Thank you for what ? Generations of high taxes based on an unproven idea? Ask Mass. Treasurer about the 'model" of health care for all. They are being bailed out by the Feds.generously. Who will bail the Federal gov. out when we go bankrupt over this health care reform bill? Would you like China to step in so we can pledge our allegiance to them? With the education you have you clearly have made some wrong decisions in life. The U.S owes you nothing! Find a job with benefits if it really means that much to you." Mar 22, 10 10:47 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

Yes, Southampton needs a new CLEAN, grocery store. Not that filthy ,dirty Waldbauns in the village. However, lets ask for legislation where ALL the current stores be rented (tuckahoe strip mall next to Hess, and all storefronts that are in and around town) first and foremost before any building permits are issued." Mar 25, 10 5:03 PM

Southampton Town looks to confer authority of peace officers on code officers

Peace Keepers? Have to be kidding ,yes? The Code Enforcement Dept. should start by being smart about printing pamphlets, info, precise rules on pertinent issues.Whether its about replacing windows, putting up a fence, or owning 2 horses on an acre of land. Not the interpretation of whomever answers the phone. You can call three times and get three different answers. We taxpayers should have the right to the rules and laws at hand. The info should be mailed to all homeowners yearly along with updated codes. The website has a pathetic handful of Q&A's if you can find it. Granted the Code Enforcers have a broad responsibility , however the concerning issues at hand are with quality of life. Noisy summer rentals or illegals overcrowded in a rental should not be tolerated period. We have law enforcement for that. We should not confuse it with Code enforcement." Apr 9, 10 9:54 AM

Congressman Bishop prepares for difficult race but remains hopeful for outcome

Celtic......Some real facts. The US Open shut out most of the community unless you had a ticket to attend. Our shops in the village were a dead quiet that week as everyone avoided the crowds. I remember bus loads of people being driven to and from parking lots in Suffolk. I remember single lane strangled highways and coned off roads in and around Tuckahoe. Another fact is in the 70's I remember Tim Bishops father-in-law was the Dean (Burke) of the dilapidated college." Apr 9, 10 6:51 PM

Financial investigation unearths $3 million deficit in Southampton Town beach fund

Wow, I have the full confidence in my elected officials.!!! The Article reports several "holes" found. Boy thats an understatement! Some of these "holes should be filled with the likes of Ms.Wright and all that are party to this shell game. Shame on ALL of you elected people. Your resignations should start coming in tomorrow. Oh, and the IRS thing....I won't even begin to touch on that story...Take a hike you a "Holes"........." Apr 15, 10 9:43 PM

Southrifty Drug will accept old medications as part of national program

Thanks Bob, You are a true reminder of one of the last vestiges of what a community is all about. You are one of the FEW that keep me living in the area." Apr 16, 10 10:16 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

IMO......It seems small colleges are closing all over the nation. It seems like we would exhaust this CPF money for when its really needed. Lets think outside the box. This Property needs to be maintained as a educational facility. Somehow the Children's School manages to operate and is a terrific pre-school program run by Kathy Bishop. What if the Southampton High School moves there along with other neighboring/ private/ schools and have the Southampton Hospital move to Southampton High School property. PLEASE someone needs to pull the residents together and brainstorm this thing before the train has left the station..." Apr 23, 10 9:41 PM

Vice President Biden visits Southampton over holiday weekend

We ARE at War and the President should have gone to Arlington, shame on him. Its no wonder he was met with torrential rains and had to evacuate the tiny mock ceremony his PR people set up in his hometown." May 31, 10 9:27 PM

Forum on proposed Tuckahoe shopping complex planned for June 1

We all need to look at this objectively .If we as a community are opposed to this it must be for all the right reasons. Just because you don't want it in "my backyard" is not good enough. It's inevitable it will be developed into something. Lets work with the developer and "help'' guide them into a direction that helps the community. First, vacant storefronts are a result of greedy landlords.The rents are outrageous for a renter where a year round community cannot support. Ask anyone who is looking for a storefront in the village. They all end up in HB. If we fight for a Citerella type store or "Wild by Nature" without the strip mall environment it would be a win win situation. We don't need rental apt. units disguised as"affordable housing". We need to keep the traffic flow questions on those local residential streets in mind as well as impact of traffic onto Cnty Rd 39. The traffic light @ Magee St.would have to flow for ten minutes north and south. Another traffic light east of there by P.C. Richard would defeat the purpose of keeping Cnty Rd 39 flowing? There is no need for a Pizzeria,Chinese Takeout,Latino Cabana, or another liquor store within a ten mile radius." Jun 3, 10 9:47 PM

Shinnecock Nation explores opening tribal college at Stony Brook Southampton site

NO,NO,NO What are you people smoking?Lets let the Indian nation graduate High School first.(Check SHS stats)The Indian nation talking about education? Educating people about how the White settlers stole their land? We cannot afford any land going off the tax role. As you know, they would then be tax exempt. "Peace and harmony with keepers of the land" along with Casino owners,addictions and debt makers. What's wrong with this picture?" Jun 24, 10 2:34 PM

Former employees file suit against Water Mill restaurant over forced tip-pooling and other practices

Let them take it up with the Dept. of labor. Something tells me they probably are not here in this country legally, thats why they have to hire some "slip and fall" ambulance chasers. I would suspect they would have a better chance @"fair" employment in Queens or where ever they are from. I smell more than garlic coming from this story." Jun 24, 10 2:49 PM

Food Pantry Strugglies As Season Of Need Approaches

It's really sad to read these articles.....My heart goes out to those with only social security checks to live on.......... BUT my heart DOES not miss a beat when the illegals are the first in line......Driving up in there brand new cars......And those who have robbed my home. It's real hard to find compassion in this time of need. How sad." Oct 21, 10 6:36 AM

You are SOOOOOOO right on..........DISGRACEFUL!" Oct 22, 10 8:17 AM

Southampton Village Officials Short On Reasons For Poor Snow Removal

I am SOOOOOO glad .....I am not a village tax payer......The employees (crew workers) are a bunch of LAZY... whining.....BABYS! They can certainly collect there overtime But can never finish a job???????" Jan 14, 11 6:30 AM

We ....always go to Riverhead! I used to own a shop in the village...... This should ring a bell? I used to always try and support the "local" merchants.......Done!" Jan 15, 11 7:32 AM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

The press should state the facts so one can conclude what we all know to be true. The Southampton Press loves to search out a caucasian in the the crime reports to mix it up . The Kool-aid needs MORE sugar." Jan 18, 11 11:38 AM

Sag Harbor Mother And Children Injured In Southampton Car Crash

could it be TEXTING?????????" Feb 20, 11 7:46 AM