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Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

To mychildmatters - I do not see why it is necessary to degrade the "newer, younger" parents who attended Monday night's meeting. They, at least, had the honor and fortitude to come and support who and what they believe. Had you been in attendance, you would understand that everyone there believed they were witnessing something very wrong and unjust (albeit Grindle & Riccardi). Perhaps someone from their "constituency" should have attended in their support and they would have an inkling of credibility.

Secondly, regarding your comment..."If your child were in the higher grades you would hear it and you would be concerned... Coloring and reading picture books are great in Kindegarden but come on now we need to up the anti here, Our children need more education and they need it now." (fyi, you spelled Kindergarten wrong)

I am sure that any teacher who had dedicated their career to early childhood education would be sickened to hear you deminish their field to coloring and picture books. Learning that happens in the younger grades is just as important as learning in the upper grades. (I can't believe I just had to explain that to another adult- that's scary!)
" Jul 30, 09 7:53 AM

to teachourkids - How on earth is "supporting Mrs. Rozzi a disservice to her???? That's the craziest thing I've heard yet." Aug 2, 09 7:04 PM

Turmoil continues in Tuckahoe; commissioner will decide fate of school board

Mr. Grimaldi states in his comment above "You remind me of the person I had to tell to shut up at the meeting. Someone who cannot handle differences of opinion, does not respect the rules of order (I had the floor per the boards acknowledgement) and has to be confronted with assertion to put her back in her cage."

This is so incredibly distrubing. I am not the woman whom you yelled at to "shut up", but I witnessed it. And I will be formally submitting a request to the school asking to ban you from attending any future meetings because of your violent nature, lack of respect and verbal abusive language. " Feb 12, 10 7:38 AM

Mr. Grimaldi - I honestly think you have lost it. Why are you listing your phone number... it's crazy. What credentials do you have to give out educational administrative advice? Oh wait... your wife has those credentials... well perhaps you should list her number. " Feb 12, 10 10:18 AM

Math program at heart of turmoil in Tuckahoe

After months of claiming that she cannot discuss personnel matters with the community, why would Sharon Grindle suddenly decide to do a series of interviews with the press???? Doesn't this go against the NYS board of education rules?" Mar 31, 10 3:32 PM

All these comments are fine - obviously the math program needs to be fixed and it sounds like it is being addressed. However, I raise the same question again..... why after months of claiming that she cannot discuss personnel matters, does Sharon Grindle decide to do a "tell all" series of interviews with the press divulging information about personnel and student acheivement? Is this allowable per the NSY board of education rules. Accordingly to what Mrs. Grindle has said in many many meetings, it is not. " Apr 1, 10 2:05 PM

Thank you lablover... this is the way we should all be thinking and trying to make a better future. Fix the math issues, create a bigger board and the school should be back on track. I think everyone will feel better once there is new, fresh perspective on the board. Having two women who always vote the same is not good, never has been good and creates a lot of mistrust. If you ask anyone following this story, even those not associated with the school, they all agree a five member board would better serve Tuckahoe. Stop the insanity and use some common sense- 5 is better than 3." Apr 6, 10 10:09 AM

Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

Sadly, this is not a joke. ... Just a bad idea from some very misguided board members. " Dec 6, 10 3:47 PM

Re-Vote For Tuckahoe School Budget Passes, 256-222

We parents are certainly not "brain washed" as the first post suggests. My children are thriving at Tuckahoe and also performing well above grade level. The school presented a budget that was fiscally responsible with less than a 1% increase in spending. Its high time this community stop bashing this wonderful school and embrace it for the gem that it is! " Jun 20, 12 6:50 AM

David H. You are free to go to the school board meetings and learn the facts. The school in the village is in a different district! Our students cant go to that school. And if you are concerned about over crowded living conditions then contact town code enforcement! The school does not have any control over that situation if it exists. Nobody wants children living in crowded, unfit conditions but it is up to the town law enforcement to deal with it." Jun 20, 12 8:49 AM

Tuckahoe School Community Split On Exclusivity Deal

I completely agree with the first post! The comment is not an insult. It was totally inappropriate to have that kind of a display at a board meeting. The school has difficult decisions to make about the budget and the future of the school for all students who are currently attending Tuckahoe. If there is a way they can save $600,000, they are going to have to take it. I personally do not want to see more programs cut at Tuckahoe so that some students can choose to go to a high school three towns away. It makes no sense in this current financial environment. The choice may have worked once - but times and finances have changed and it is no longer a viable option. Sorry, I would love it to be the same as it was five years ago.... It's a shame there will no longer be a choice of high schools but it's also a shame that we have lost our TAs, lost one music teacher, lost science for elementary ages, lost elementary Spanish, lost several special ed positions and the list goes on. I commend the board to making tough decisions and trying to save the programs within Tuckahoe School." Nov 29, 12 10:37 PM

I was certainly not placing blame on one thing for losing TAs and programs. There is no twisted logic as you suggest. If the school can save money by making this choice then they may have to do it.
" Nov 30, 12 11:56 AM

Tuckahoe School Officials Ask Lawmakers For Help, Painting A Dark Financial Future

The house at 5 Underhill has been vacant this entire school year. There are no students registered at that address. As for the motel on North Rd - that needs to be addressed by the Town Code Enforcement and the Town administration - the school can do nothing but report what they see. It's up to the TOWN to enforce it - don't blame the school!!" Dec 4, 12 3:47 PM

Southampton Board Of Education Schedules Straw Vote On Merger

Observant - please stop bashing Tuckahoe school and spreading your vile hate. There are a million good things about Tuckahoe school and it's so sad to read your comments. We are all part of the same community. Stop it already with the hate. My children are thriving there and their test scores are well above average. It is NOT a "toxic waste site, polluting everything it touches". That is an unbelievable amount of hate towards a small, lovely public school. " Oct 3, 13 11:16 AM

Southampton Students Protest Failed Merger Vote

Really proud of these students! Their voice matters most! Southampton and Tuckahoe students coming together - fantastic!" Nov 1, 13 10:53 AM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

The two comments above are incorrect...Most people at last nights meeting were from Southampton School district and most who spoke were from Southampton school district, as well a many students from Southampton High School all in favor of the merger!" Sep 12, 14 9:14 AM

Shared Superintendent A Possibility For Tuckahoe School District

chief1 - you are so very wrong. It the merger goes through, there is no more Tuckahoe School district. The building would become part of Southampton School District and would become a Pre-K - 1st grade building. So the structure would not remain the same at all! I would suggest you attend some community information sessions before you claim to know what you are talking about and tell people how to vote. A YES vote is best for the community and for educational standards.
" Oct 30, 14 3:21 PM

Southampton Town To Revisit Flashing Yellow Light Program On County Road 39

Flashing light at Tuckahoe Rd & Magee St? Are they crazy? How on earth would anyone who lives north of Cty Rd 39 get across into the village? " Feb 1, 16 9:45 PM

Second Tuckahoe School Budget Proposal Fails To Muster Enough Voter Support

Obbservant, you have got to be kidding! Pretty much all of what you write is just plain wrong. I think you are the same vile person who referred to the students at Tuckahoe as "parasites on the community" a few years ago. So, sorry I will never EVER take anything you write seriously.
" Jun 22, 16 9:05 AM