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Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

Please correct me if I'm wrong. I can't go grade by grade, that takes hours. I'm going to use only David's first noted statistic, third grade english. In this subject David says that 60% met standards, this indicates that 40% didn't meet standards. So if there are 40 kids in the entire grade, 24 passed and 16 failed? That is far from an impressive statistic and even farther from the fact that one bad grade skews the record. I'm sure that there are some instances where the statistics might be more in Tuckahoe's favor, but fact is that Tuckahoe has very few students at level 4 (exceeding standards) across the board. Just meeting standards is not a huge accomplishment on Long Island. Comparing your first statistic, Grade 3 English, to other local schools: 60% met standards in Tuckahoe, 67% met them in Hampton Bays, 72% met them in Southampton, 77% in East Hampton, 83% in Bridgehampton and 91% in Westhampton.

Now for 8th grade Science, David says that our science level 4's are impressive, but for the 2007-2008 school year, if I'm reading the info from the state website correctly, percentages scoring at level 4 in 8th grade science: Southampton 31%, Hampton Bays 34%, East Hampton 59%, Westhampton 47%, Bridgehampton 45%, Tuckahoe 37%. OK, but certainly nothing to brag about.

There are lots of good things about Tuckahoe, but I don't think we can brag about impressive test scores." Jul 29, 09 2:35 PM

l picked the first "cherry" you listed, I don't have all day. The comparisons are accurate and pulled from the NYS Dept of Education website.

Now I'll take the highest number, Math Grade 5: Tuckahoe 93%, Southampton 91%, Hampton Bays 93%, East Hampton 99%, Westhampton 97%.

Furthermore, Level 3, according to the NYS Website is "Meeting Learning Standards: Student performance demonstrates an understanding of the content expected in the subject area and grade level ". Anything below that is not fully meeting standards (Partially meeting, level 2). Level two is not good, no educator will tell you otherwise. Please don't try to twist peoples words or assume I didn't read the entire report, I've spent hours reading these reports, Tuckahoe's as well as others.
About the math regents, I understand that students scoring below an 85% are advised to repeat the course the next year. None of our current 8th grade students scored that high and all were advised to take it again over the summer (some are) or repeat it in high school
Sorry, still not buying the fact that our test scores are great. As I said before, they are OK but nothing to brag about.
While I agree that you should always stand up for what you believe, the condescending manner you speak to anyone who doesn't agree with you completely is unnecessary. " Jul 29, 09 4:17 PM

To fcmcmann, you have an odd way of spinning things. I NEVER said anything about Tuckahoe being a horrible school, those were YOUR words, not mine. I said Tuckhaoe had "OK test scores, but nothing to brag about". I also wrote that there were alot of good things about Tuckahoe. Did you intentionally omit the fact that we were a full 30% behind Westhampton in 3rd grade reading? Maybe you are "picking cherries" as Dave Dag puts it. I also NEVER wrote that anyone should be forced out, I've NEVER expressed my opinion on that subject, so please don't express it for me, you don't know how I feel.
As far as the "regency exams" as you call them, each and every 8th grade parent was made aware of the situation and how it affects their child. Not just Sharon Grindle. As far as your consipiracy theories about what my statements reveal...please , really, you have no clue.
" Jul 29, 09 10:32 PM

It was the 2nd." Jul 30, 09 12:11 PM

Tuckahoe school considers new superintendent and expanded board

Mrs. Grindle does not shout or curse, the Press has never reported her as doing so either. Readers should know that EastEndGrl has made this up." Jan 19, 10 9:51 PM

Math program at heart of turmoil in Tuckahoe

Tuckahoemom, did the article say "tell all" or did you just make that up?
Lablover, the board doesn't manage the school, so if "blatant mismanagement" is your issue, you need to look at those that are hired for that purpose - most board decisions are based upon the recommendations of the superintendent. Fcmcmann, if you were at the big board meeting in Feb. you would know that Ms. Grindle's kids were both valedictorians for their respective grades, so your insinuaton that her childs "poor performance" in math dictates school policy just doesn't add up. If you guys read the full article in the press, you would know that there are prominent community members, a Southampton School District official, even Bob Grisnik who all confirm that the math situation was a real ongoing problem for the past three years that is just now finally being addressed and corrected. " Apr 2, 10 11:14 PM

Frayman, the split position still leaves only two top administrators, one superintendent and one principal. Currently there is one sup/principal and one asst principal. The board has stated repeatedly that they don't expect a budget increase for this, it's a structural change. I agree with the push for a union free school district, it just needs to be done for the right reasons (to add two members and not to install an entire new board in the middle of a school year) and in a manner that includes time for proper procedural and administrative investigation.
As far as breach of contract, parents were being told for a couple of years now that there were issues with math but that it was corrected, only to have the same thing happen the following year. It was discussed publicly at some of the school board meetings. If your kids were in the grades affected, you were very aware of these issues. No bombshells or secrets were exposed by the press article, it's just the first time this subject was given media attention. It's also the first time we've teamed with our local high school in a combined effort to make sure our kids came in to their school better prepared." Apr 3, 10 9:15 AM

Dictate what?? That our school teach a course it was required to teach by NYS Dept of Education law?? You must be joking! You might think that it's ok to send your kid into high school with credit for a full year of a course they took for only 4 months, but it's not ok for my child. It's like pushing them on to multiplication when they hardly know how to add, and may set them up for years of stuggles and tears in high school unless you can afford private tutoring. Even the head of Southampton's math dept talks in the press article about problems with Tuckahoe's math program. The school was managed by the Superintendent, not the board, that is a fact, and it's also a fact that this problem was known for at least two years but not corrected. Call it a personal vendetta and continue to repeat rumors and insults if that makes you feel good, but in actuality the board was required dictate here and they did. You have alot of opinions and supposed knowledge about this subject for someone who lives in Sag Harbor and not Tuckahoe." Apr 3, 10 9:28 PM

Really "setyoufree" reverse psychology, it has nothing to do with that, it's really just common sense.. If I were to hire someone for a job and googled them and read this comment board, I would think twice given all the controversy that was created time and time again by yourself, lablover & especially fcmcmann. You all are nothing but (in your own words) "vindictive whiners" who offer only complaints with nothing at all to back them up, except the fact that you obviously really don't like Grindle, Grimaldi and Riccardi. Guess what...those of us who have been through the ringer in this school do appreciate what this board has done and you will know, when your children are in junior high school in Sag Harbor (if that's really where you live) how valuable a good, comprehensive junior high school education is.
You are doing Linda Rozzi no favors. Don't kid yourself; don't sell your kids short and admit that their education has not suffered one bit since Mr. McCarthy has taken over as superintendent." Apr 5, 10 10:35 PM

Tuckahoe School Board adopts budget

Mr. McCarthy is worth his weight in gold. The teachers are happy, the kids love him, all the parents that I've spoken to think he's great and he is bringing much needed positive change to Tuckahoe School. You can't put a price tag on that! His experience and insight is proving to be invaluable. And about the property purchase, well that decision was in the hands of the community, and like it or not, the community was overwhelmingly in support of it. It wasn't purchased for it's short term value, but for future expansion and also to avoid the possibility of one of the properties being sold to commercial interests. The teaching assistants are a luxury, not a necessity and times are tough. With so many school district layoffs across the island, we are in pretty good shape. With our largest class at around 25 and our smallest at around 12, we will survive without the assistants, and in fact, some grades higher than 1st will still have two teachers in the class, since some are inclusion classes, plus there are always extra hands around the school to help out where needed. Setyoufree, if you really want to help Tuckahoe move forward in a positive, meaningful manner, you could start by reconsidering the value of your constant public bashing of our district." Apr 27, 10 8:04 PM

We have differing opinions on the past, that is my right, just as your opinion is your right. I have been in this school long enough to know that there are good things about it and not so good, but there is a group of you whose constant whining and complaining accomplishes nothing good. I did address the $150,000, I said it was well worth it, the school needed a major reorganizing/updating/reality check. I didn't comment on the business officials raise because I know little about it or him. Why don't you check out what the last official who came to school in her corvette was making and see if it's in line. I believe it was way up there also, maybe even more. If the teaching assistants were absolutely necessary, the teachers union would have taken the pay freeze that was offered in order to prevent the layoffs. Honestly, if they kept the assistants in there and raised taxes more, you guys would have been whining that the budget is going up too much. Our former superintendent was one of the biggest proponents of the land purchase. I agree with the five person board, and think it may have actually happened already if you all didn't try to throw out the board in a coup, but approached it in a rational manner by requesting to add two board members, just as the upstate district did. It doesn't matter any longer what the newly elected person thinks about the 5 person board, it's in the hands of the state. " Apr 28, 10 7:46 PM

Nice to know you guys are more than happy to pay more taxes, but many in our community can barely afford to live here any more. One (community supported) land purchase or one superintendents salary did not create that situation, and even if you feel that it did, you have to face the fact that you can't change the past. I would love to keep all the assistants and give teachers all they want, but these days we have to be realistic, not idealistic. Teachers all over long island are forgoing what was written in their contract and taking a wage freeze in order to avoid teacher layoffs in their districts, in case you don't read the news. I have no hatred, nor do my posts indicate that at all. Any hate and nastiness across these boards are not mine, I am actually happy with our school, the accusations of vedettas, hatred, lies and ignorance are in your posts." Apr 30, 10 10:28 PM

If anything, the mistake was paying for the former superintendent not to work. I know you guys aren't happy about her leaving, but you don't complain about that bit of over-spending. Tell me this though, if we are losing 13 assistants, where are we losing them from? They will still be in place through 1st grade, that leaves grades 2-5 without assistants, 6, 7 and 8 doesn't have them. Two classes per grade, that makes 8 job cuts. I think one or two of those 8 classes are inclusion, so they will still have two teachers regardless by law. I don't see where we are abolishing 13 assistants, some are attrition, not layoffs. The average class size for next years grade 2-5 is 20 according to the online board minutes. I'd guess that it's considered a decent student teacher ratio by NYS standards, and the article says that we will be on par with most schools in our area. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have an assistant in every class, who wouldn't, but these are the toughest times financially that our country has seen in ages.
Please don't preach to me about what I do and don't value. Our kids deserve nothing less than a good education, but our junior high kids were NOT getting that value, at least not for the last few years and that is finally changing. We are finally working as a team with our high schools to make sure our kids are up to par. That's why I don't mind the salary, at least we are getting the value and experience that we are paying for. Your statement that I misrepresented discussions had with teachers is absolutely not true, which is why you just made the statement without backing it up (and you accuse me of deceit). Whenever anyone says anything that you guys disagree with (all over these boards, you all post together often), you get together and attack with nastiness, name calling and accusations. Your friends can thank you for always coming to their defense, but sorry, I still think you are not being realistic. You can save your sermons for someone else. " May 1, 10 10:47 PM

I think many of these same people would be just as upset if she were fired outright without a payout, but maybe you're right. On another note, the request to the teachers to accept a pay freeze was mentioned at a board meeting with teacher union reps present. I am definately not blaming the teachers for the layoffs, but making it clear that they did have an option if they felt the assistants were crucial to their job, and pay freezes are certainly not uncommon this year across Long Island. Lots of folks out there are not getting raises this year. The teachers have a contract and that decision is theirs and their right to make." May 1, 10 11:52 PM

Tuckahoe superintendent to leave; School Board interviews finalists for position

I can't understand why anyone would call these students "the poor kids of Tuckahoe". The students haven't missed a beat among all this change and are better off today than any time in recent memory. Cooperation with our high schools has finally been achieved, Latino families are finally becoming an integral part of our district (due to a long overdue "reaching out" and better dual language communications), major scheduling changes offer promise for a better academic year next year. The future is looking bright. I hope we can find a candidate that will continue to build on these improvements, and I wish Mr. McCarthy all the best in his retirement." Jul 1, 10 10:23 PM

Thank you lablover for confirming that your child has not suffered as a result of Ms. Rozzi's departure. " Jul 2, 10 6:12 PM

If your child is suffering because of the departure of a superintendent, look within, it's not the school boards fault. What you are saying about the Latino families is pure fiction. Our school is communicating with them for the first time ever, and finally the moms are feeling welcome enough to volunteer in record numbers (for Tuckahoe) at school events and are attending PTO meetings." Jul 2, 10 6:15 PM

Thank you too setyoufree for another confirmation that the quality of education hasn't deteriorated because of the boards actions. What has changed significantly was that all our 8th graders in the algebra math class finally did well on the regents! Congratulations to them and to Ms. Dorchak for a job very well done.
We know how the kids feel about the change in leadership of the school because we have kids, open your eyes, you are obviously not the only parent writing here. If you don't talk about it often in front of your kids, they would likely not be affected much at all.
" Jul 2, 10 7:12 PM

Oh, I'm so sorry lablover, I didn't realize that "mine is getting a terrific education" actually means "my child is suffering". And you call me delusional??? " Jul 2, 10 7:21 PM

You and setyoufree contstantly (and I can't stress the contstantly enough) whine and complain that the board has destroyed the school. If this were true, education WOULD have suffered, but in reality there have been so many improvements and positive changes in our school during the past few months. Who was affected? Adults and only adults and that's mainly due to alliances and personalities. It's really easy for you to say that nameless teachers aren't happy, well guess what? I've spoken to many, many, many teachers who are thrilled with this change, who are thrilled with being treated like the professionals that they are, who are excited about the direction of the school. I also know loads of parents who were always happy about the change in leadership and so many others who were opposed to it at first but now see that change and a new perspective can be a good thing. Mr. McCarthy has been a strong leader, and I hope they find someone nearly as good to take the reins and lead the school on a more permanent basis, because no matter how we feel as adults, it's always been about the kids, and the board has always done what they knew to be best for all our kids. Maybe you didn't like the boards style, you can argue that, you can argue that about lapses in communication (but you would be no happer if you knew in advance what was to happen) but don't talk about how they destroyed the school, because that's just a lie, they did what they knew to be right with the information they had (and we didn't) and they didn't crumble from the constant pressure you guys put on them. You think they liked sitting there getting yelled at week after week? You really think they would go through that because of a poor math grade or a detention? Do you think they enjoyed watching their community and some of those they thought were their friends lose faith in them because of their decisions, just because their kids didn't do well on a test?? Think of how ridiculous that argument is. And you really need to stop with the lie you keep spreading about this being about Ms. Grindle's son doing poorly in math, because both of Ms. Grindle's sons were valedictorians of their 8th grade class, they didn't do poorly in math, regardless of the fact that one of them wasn''t taught the complete curriculum ALONG WITH HIS ENTIRE GRADE, AS WAS THE CASE WITH THE GRADE BEFORE (but they were knowingly moved up in high school with false credentials). New board member Dan Crough's daughter had to stay after school for months this year ALONG WITH HER ENTIRE REGENTS MATH CLASS to make up work that should have been taught in 7th grade and built upon in 8th. Mark Epley, mayor of Southampton, had to hire a math tutor for his daughter when she entered high school, according to a quote by him in the press and many others struggled and repeated the math course they supposedly took in Tuckahoe. It took new leadership to fix the problem. Southampton School District publicly stated that our kids came to high school behing in math. So don't spew the lies that it's only about Ms. Grindle's kids, it's about ALL THE KIDS. You and your group feel one way, (and my guess is that they are in the younger grades, where the problems were fewer or beneath the surface), and that's ok, but don't belittle people who have been through it, because there's two sides to every story. You and setyoufree let your personal feelings, your friendship with Ms. Rozzi and your alliances get in the way of clear, rational thinking. " Jul 2, 10 10:31 PM

Frayman, Mark Epley said this already to the press. The Grindle kids were spoken about often with the rumors that lablover and a few others love to spread and repeat about the Grindle and Grimaldi kids. Most of the community already knows that Dr. Crough's daughter just finished 8th grade (published often in his bios) and that this current 8th grade algebra class needed to be bought up to speed by adding an after school math class, but if anyone was offended, I apologize. Frayman, is there a reason you have no comment on this subject when lablover and others use the Grindle, Riccardi and Grimaldi kids as examples? My point is though that it is not just about these particular kids. This board is not destroying the school, they may have rubbed some folks the wrong way, but they worked only to improve education for ALL our kids. " Jul 3, 10 8:09 AM

Originalhamptonyte, you are making so many false and inflammatory statements that it's impossible to take anything you say seriously. And about Ms. Grindle's kids being unruly??? You are truly out of your mind. You didn't know Ms. Rozzi but had the opportunity to ask questions of a "vast majority of teachers"?? Yea, right. That the board hated a particular population?? When you start sentences with "I hear" it's obvious that you are a just another member of the rumor mill and nothing but a lying gossip." Jul 3, 10 11:30 PM

I assume you are addressing lablover as well, nice of you to call your friend disgusting the way she talks about "some children of board members got in trouble and performed poorly in math" and your alter-ego original hamptonyte who says that board members kids were unruly! Again with your nonstop double standards." Jul 3, 10 11:40 PM

Lawlady, I agree, that's why my arguments are fact based rather than rumor based (most of what I write has been previously published in the Press or discussed at board meetings). If those two women weren't spending so much time repeating rumors that aren't true I would not post here at all. They will say anything that fits their argument, even though their statements have no basis in fact whatsoever.
The school is moving in a really good direction, it would be nice if these two would just back off their constant trashing of the board and stop insulting their families. " Jul 5, 10 12:24 AM

If lablover and setyoufree would stop spreading false rumors, I will be happy to stop refuting them." Jul 5, 10 12:27 AM

Rumor about attack in village is debunked by police

Ha! Like you're one to talk about hate and anger. Go re-read your 97 posts. " Jul 5, 10 12:33 AM

In case there was any doubt, that comment was a reply to lablover above." Jul 5, 10 12:35 AM

Tea Party Meet the Candidates Night

Look at their history, they are either the same person or husband and wife, there is another name "they" use also." Aug 12, 10 9:50 AM

Three Republican candidates will battle on Tuesday for right to challenge Bishop in November

If you are going to use so many different user names, make sure you log on with the right one first ;)" Sep 9, 10 8:15 PM

Tuckahoe developer defends plan

Check this out...


I don't think there could be a more out of character design for Tuckahoe, might as well put palm trees in the walkways! " Sep 9, 10 10:08 PM