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Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

This education STARTS at home the parents and family MUST be aware of everything their kids are doing. I'm NOT saying this will stop the problem but it definitely lets the kids know you DON'T condone and it is WRONG. Then the schools MUST educate ! Now let me tell you first hand that I have met with the higher ups at Southampton High School and I was told flat out "OUR HANDS ARE TIED" What a joke I told them!, they said kids are coming to school with water bottles with alcohol and smoking and doing drugs all over the school. When we call the parents, they come in and tell the administrators to "STAY OUT OF THEIR LIVES" I said BS put metal detectors at every entrance, along with drug sniffing dogs and DEMAND ZERO TOLERANCE!! I'm sorry parents but if you want your children to grow up and be a Great part of our society then we ALL MUST work together to create a community that is SAFE, and DRUG free. DEMAND ZERO TOLERANCE. " Feb 25, 19 10:09 AM

Southampton Village Approves Ban On Summertime Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use

What a JOKE!! Enough RULES, LAWS !! How about bring back
"Old Southampton" Where people who live here year round enjoyed meeting friends in town, where you were able to afford to go out to eat.
More and more locals are leaving because it SUCKS being swallowed up by so many restrictions. " Apr 24, 19 1:38 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

Thank You! My kids aren't poor they work REALLY hard and don't look for hand outs so thanks. Its really important to teach our children to work hard NOT look for handouts. And my family is Native American thank you very much. ! " May 23, 19 2:58 PM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards


You ignore the "stop work order" Now Temporary Restraining Order- because
"Sovereign Immunity"? Keeps you Immune from Lawsuits! Yet you want to start a fund to have "The people who DONT want this HUGE EYE SORE " to pay for your legal fees. Haa Haaaaa Haaa Seriously this is comical. I seriously hope anyone who advertises on the eyesore is ready to LOOSE BUSINESS.
The Beauty of The area was DESTROYED by that BIG UGLY SIGN.
****A WREAKING BALL WOULD BE NICE!! THEN DEMAND THEM TO REPLANT ALL THE TREES THEY DESTROYED. That is what any of us would have to do if we ignored a stop work order. " May 28, 19 1:58 PM

First-Graders At OLH Recreate Southampton Village

Totally adorable ! Love this project for kids in school. Teaches them about where they are from as well as being fun for everyone. Great idea" Jun 11, 19 1:35 PM

Southampton Village Candidates Debate Top Issues On Friday

Less cars and more bike pedestrian traffic on main St and Jobs lane. " Jun 13, 19 8:48 AM

Donations For Southampton Village Fourth Of July Parade Continue To Decrease, Causing Some Worry About Its Future

This parade is AMAZING and Most people LOVE and look forward to coming out and supporting AMERICA, and Our Veterans. " Jul 3, 19 1:15 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Reopen The 'Picnic Area' To Vehicles

For those Property owners who don't like us LOCALS driving on OUR BEACHES, MOVE !!
Its called buyer beware, Obviously you didn't do your homework before purchasing your property.
We love our Beaches, We look forward to going to the Beach every weekend, And we take pride in our beaches. You all have Village parking passes to use the Village beaches where we can't drive our vehicles maybe you should use your passes. " Jul 29, 19 1:19 PM

Sandy Hollow Camp Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

BEST CAMP AROUND!! Family, Fun and Amazing Friends and Unforgettable memories. " Aug 1, 19 1:17 PM

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