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Southampton Town Supervisor candidate Anna Throne-Holst (D, WF)

I'll write you in between Mickey Mouse and Goofy" Oct 30, 09 10:47 PM

The truth is that you are blinded by your loyalty to party" Oct 30, 09 10:47 PM

Kabot's court date is pushed back to December

How can you say so definitively that she was not driving drunk? Your insistence on referring to people as stupid is as puerile as the rest of the childish whining in your postings. Someone needs to make you go sit in a corner." Oct 31, 09 10:15 AM

"Look, who cares who you supporting for re-election stupid people vote every day. "" Oct 31, 09 1:36 PM

Your taxes have only gone up $100 because they've been running the town's finances just like Bush did the Iraq war - without any thought of how to pay for it. Now they are missing millions of dollars and where are the necessary funds to come from? Firing people? They will only save so much. How sick and tired I am of hearing Repubs talk about their candidates as fiscal conservatives in favor of low taxes. It all sounds great until it all falls apart - which it has - and what do you and your fellow ditto heads want to do? Keep the same people in control! And you talk about "stupid people" voting." Nov 1, 09 11:48 AM

Then why keep posting here? Any you're both wrong. People who take the time out to discuss the issues are the exact same people who vote!" Nov 1, 09 11:50 AM

Love how you cherry pick what is relevant or not and then yell at others for doing the same. You and golfbuddy would make a fantastic team." Nov 2, 09 8:38 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor candidate Anna Throne-Holst (D, WF)

The SH Press endorsed Linda Kabot because it's owners and board are made up of republicans." Nov 2, 09 11:09 AM

Throne-Holst outraised Kabot in election campaign, though supervisor outspent her challenger

Golfbuddy won't listen. " Nov 2, 09 1:54 PM

Just curious as to how and/or why this article from the 30th suddenly reappears on the homepage of 27 East today?" Nov 2, 09 1:55 PM

Southampton Town Trustee incumbent Brian Tymann (R)

Completely unacceptable that these trustees can't make meetings. And they're being paid! DIsgusting!" Nov 2, 09 3:58 PM

Throne-Holst outraised Kabot in election campaign, though supervisor outspent her challenger

You clearly have issues with Anna because she is intelligent, well-spoken, and articulate. You like Linda because she is not. Again, the anti-intellectual republican mindset is really disturbing. Do you imagine that it is easy to start a school? Do you imagine that it is easy to be a single mother? "Elitist" is a term used by those with an inferiority complex and says much more about the person making the accusation that it does about the accused. Linda is brash, incurious, rude, and irresponsible - all the qualities loved and admired by tea-baggers. " Nov 2, 09 7:30 PM

Voters cast their ballots today

Vote Kabot and her cohorts out of office and vote for dignity and competence to in town government " Nov 3, 09 11:51 AM

Throne-Holst defeats Kabot; Nuzzi and Malone beat Pope and Fleming

"This door may have shut for me, but another door will open. You haven’t see the last of Linda Kabot yet." Nah, way too easy." Nov 3, 09 11:49 PM

Huh?" Nov 4, 09 8:52 AM

Why is it a joke? Because a majority of voters elected someone you did not support? As for taxes, Anna and the others must now clean up the mess left behind from an orgy of republican spending and cronyism - where do you think the money will come from to pay for this mess? She is left with no choice but to raise taxes and cut jobs and, of course, the ignorant always blame the new guy.

Sounds to me like you have some personal issues." Nov 4, 09 12:27 PM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

Folks like razza5350 fight on behalf of corporate America and against their own best interests. They will never learn. They will never free themselves. " Nov 12, 09 9:48 AM

Thank you, Mr. Bishop for voting for this reform now please continue to fight to make it better so that the public option is available to all Americans." Nov 12, 09 9:49 AM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

You have a sick sense of humor if you think that's funny. By the way, the gunman at Virginia Tech killed 32 people. 32 innocent humans dead because he was able to purchase weapons. It makes me cry just to think of the wasted lives." Nov 20, 09 3:41 PM

What the heck difference does it make if it was on a college campus or at a shopping mall he killed 32 innocent people with guns purchased LEGALLY! Why don' t you address that? And while you're at it, what about those poor children at columbine. Or those soldiers who survived Iraq only to be killed by one of their own who purchase his weapons LEGALLY.

I don't think you're funny, Ins. In fact, if you think that your postings are helping make the case for gun owners, you are mistaken. You have only helped to make the case for those of us who believe that certain people should not be allowed to own weapons. " Nov 20, 09 4:41 PM

Yes, she was innocent, but does that mean the police should just ignore people carrying around those kinds of guns and bullets? I certainly don't think so and I think this woman used extremely poor judgment and you can defend her innocence, but you cannot chastise those policemen for doing the right thing." Nov 20, 09 4:43 PM

Your devotion to murder weapons is disgusting. " Nov 20, 09 10:57 PM

Most of those posting here are Bush and Cheney fans - I've read their postings. And I've read yours, Mr. Wheeler, and I do not understand how you can say with a straight face that you do not personally attack other posters. You may not think 500 rounds of ammunition and an assault weapon are a big deal, but many of us do. And many of us also feel that it is time for real gun control in this country and I still pray that day will come before the next innocent is killed." Nov 20, 09 11:03 PM

Does that include your posting?" Nov 20, 09 11:04 PM

The supreme court is currently made up of a majority of republican appointees. Their rulings may make it law, but it does not make it right. Did they have automatic weapons in the 18th century? " Nov 20, 09 11:11 PM

Throne-Holst budget revisions approved by Southampton Town Board

No, Frank, you don't bring arguments down to personal attacks. Hypocrite. " Nov 21, 09 11:30 AM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

Each and every day your own government sides with big business over your interests. Each and every day another insurance company or corporation tries to take advantage of you and a lobbyist buys another congressperson, but you prefer to blame those least able to defend themselves because you lack the courage to take on bigger issues. Same thing has been done throughout history by so you should not feel alone." Nov 25, 09 9:32 AM

Others here have chosen to approach this discussion by addressing how to solve the issue, your postings drip with hatred and bias and not just on this board. You say something vile and then go back and try and parse your words when you are called on it, but your original intent remains pretty clear. By the way, bigotry is intolerance of any kind." Nov 25, 09 2:10 PM

Kabot's day in court is delayed a second time

Mr. Wheeler, again with the personal attacks? How do you know he has "no clue"? And what do you mean "even YOU"? At least your consistent. " Nov 25, 09 2:42 PM

Kabot's day in court is delayed a second time

One could draw the same conclusions as to whether or not you have a clue by reading your posts as well. Are you angry I didn't scold Bayman1? Let me remedy that - Bayman1, why result to Frank Wheeler tactics to make your point?

You are constantly calling people out, I am doing the same so perhaps we have the same calling in life. A happy thanksgiving to the house of Wheeler." Nov 25, 09 6:57 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

The plaintifs (not the defendants) are allowed to remain anonymous to protect themselves from right-wing zealots like the minute men. Anyone can be represented by a lawyer from out of county and the folks who represented this 1st amendment case did so pro bono. Where is the conspiracy? There is not one and, again, as many here have already said, this is a first amendment issue, NOT an immigration issue." Nov 26, 09 11:47 AM

If you think that none of these laborers have green cards or taxpayer ID's then I suggest you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because it is in your head, does not make it true." Nov 26, 09 11:49 AM

That's right. So why are you against upholding a first amendment decision made by the appellate court. Again, this has nothing to do with immigration. You want to change immigration policy, petition the federal government as it is not a local issue." Nov 26, 09 11:53 AM

Fox new is a "non-biased" news source?! You cherry pick a few articles from a some crap sources and then stereotype and entire group of people? You are one of the most despicable people who posts on these boards. You compare undocumented workers to sex offenders. This from the person who used Josef Stalin as an avatar until so many people called you on it that you had to remove it. You are an ignorant coward. Josef Stalin felt the same way you do and killed tens of millions of people.

Your life may be miserable, but instead of looking for a scapegoat, look in the mirror. You are disgusting." Nov 27, 09 11:59 AM

You are attempting to paint an entire group of people with one brush based on once incident - that is the definition of racism. You and faceless are prime examples of an ignorant and fearful right-wing that accuses of others of socialism while embracing the worst kind of fascist fear-mongering and hate." Nov 27, 09 12:01 PM

I would put them in my house long before I'd let someone like you darken my door. " Nov 27, 09 6:11 PM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

Once again, Frank resorts to puerile name calling. Hey, Frank, at least come up with a new line and stop trying to attribute your insults to another poster. " Nov 30, 09 11:32 AM

What's the matter, Frank, don't like having your hypocrisy exposed? Too bad. Oh, and here's a word for you to look up - Gnosiophobia" Nov 30, 09 12:54 PM

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