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East Hampton Democrats Retain Majority In Tuesday's Election

Congratulations on a well fought campaign. I look forward to the fresh ideas that will be brought to the local government. One fresh ideai should be to consider making East Hampton Airport an International Airport..Maybe turn it into a hub.. My fellow residents enjoy the 4am jets...The Monday morning helicopters..I also enjoy entertaining guests on Friday afternoon airshows!!!!!!

Looking forward to more years of noise pollution" Nov 8, 17 2:54 PM

Southampton Village Approves Ban On Summertime Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use

What about airport noise...Start there" Apr 25, 19 12:20 PM

East Hampton Town Petitions Feds, Voicing Concerns About Two New Players At Airport

friday evenings and monday mornings..they do two round trips...they fly very low and are very loud..Town has no respect for its residents" May 29, 19 1:47 PM

East Hampton Village Hears Blowback From Landscapers

Hypocrisy Leaf blower noise is bad..Airport noise is good...Very logical." Jun 27, 19 11:32 AM