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Jewish Religious Boundary Goes Up In Westhampton Beach

Every religion has it's own set of "inconveniences", some more life altering than others. Let's say Father Jim went into Forest Hills and hung crucifixes on utility poles to designate a 5 mile area where Catholics did not have to follow that pesky "no birth control" inconvenience. He would also like to expand that to the surrounding villages. What do you think would happen? Would Forest Hills allow it and if they were forced to allow it, do you think the demographics of this serene community would change? Think of all those frisky Catholics!
People should follow the guidelines set by their chosen religion to the best of their abilities. Leave the demographics alone. Mozeltov" Aug 8, 14 7:33 PM

Initially, I did not see what the big fuss was about establishing an eruv. Live and let live, right? But let's look back on how this started....

WHB Village Zoning was manipulated (bullied by the threat of being called anti-semitic) into allowing the construction of a house of worship on a small building lot without the legally required parking area demanded of all new construction. This concession was made based on the guarantee that, based on strict religious laws, worshippers were banned from using cars on the Sabbath.
Fast forward....Who knew (the rabbi surely did) that these very devoted worshippers had it in their secular power to, ONCE ESTABLISHED, CHANGE THE REQUIREMENTS OF THEIR RELIGION? Was this the plan from the beginning?? No one likes to be played for a fool. Does sticking it to the neighbors make some people happy? Does getting it over on your community make you feel superior in some back-door-politics sort of way? Please don't cry discrimination when you have to petition the village for expanded parking privleges." Aug 9, 14 10:25 AM

Problem solved!" Aug 10, 14 12:20 AM

I remember. This rabbi has many detractors within his own temple due to his aggressive clawing for the spotlight and his blatant disregard for honesty.

A glacier destroys a forest inch by inch." Aug 19, 14 6:57 PM

Study Recommends Preservation of Driving Range, Elks Lodge But Offers Little On King Kullen

Before we think about building new supermarkets, maybe we should do something about the embarrassing mess that is Waldbaums in WHB. After raising the rent on our beloved National's and forcing them out of business, instead of expanding and improving their facility as promised, the former National's storefront is now an abandoned and dilapidated eyesore. The working facility is an overcrowded, outdated, overpriced mish mash ensconsed in unidentifiable odors. Show a little self-respect, Waldbaums,and do something about this sub par dump. If not for yourself, then for your host village." Sep 26, 14 9:29 AM

East Quogue Woman Remembered As Kind, Compassionate

A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. You will always be missed." Dec 3, 14 7:51 PM

Dune Deck Takes Shape In Westhampton Beach

Afraid Jetty4 will never be the same.
" Jun 29, 17 11:36 AM