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Whale killed with bullet; experts defend how beaching was handled

One improtant question- how do you miss a 30ft long 1 ton whale with a dart about 1 1/2 feet long? Maybe they should have used a local hunter for this job, it would have been done properly.
I think this whale should have been given more of a chance at survival." Apr 9, 10 11:24 PM

Fight to save college continues to unfold

What I find incredible is that current and prospective students, the local economy and especially the taxpayer have all been screwed on this deal. The fact of this matter too is that some the degree programs that are offerred here are unique to the school and pursuit elsewhere is difficult at best!

With what's happening here why isn't anyone also targeting the possible misuse of taxpayer funds in the campus expansion that ends in the campus demise?

What is the actual cost of keeping this institution open for classes vs. the "benefit" of maintaining a vacant campus? Is there any economic benefit here?" Apr 25, 10 8:49 AM

Developer made campaign donations as project came before board

Ethics 101....impropriety or the appearance of impropriety....hmmm.
I would hope that anyone who received any campaign contribution step up to the plate and recuse themselves. Excuses like "it doesn't affect me" and "I had no inkling whatsoever." doesn't cut it. Filing an Article 78 may change some minds!
" Jun 18, 10 12:56 AM

Ethics 101....impropriety or the appearance of impropriety....hmmm.
I would hope that anyone who received any campaign contribution step up to the plate and recuse themselves. Excuses like "it doesn't affect me" and "I had no inkling whatsoever." doesn't cut it. Seems that there's an applicable law on this. Guess this PROHIBITION legislation is something some are apparently unaware of. How is this so?
Here's what the town code says on this:
§ 23-4
Standards of conduct.
Ethical conduct. In fulfilling their public responsibilities, Town officers and employees shall act fairly, impartially, without taint of conflict of interest and without any appearance of conflict of interest.
General prohibitions.
[Amended 6-12-2007 by L.L. No. 32-2007; 2-12-2008 by L.L. No. 8-2008]
Except as provided for in Subsection B(3) below, a Town officer or employee shall not use his or her official position or office, or take or fail to take any action, in a manner which he or she knows or has reason to know may result in a benefit to any of the following persons:
The Town officer or employee; or
The outside employer or business of the Town officer or employee; or
A person who shares the residence of the Town officer or employee; or
A customer or client of the Town officer or employee; or
A relative of the Town officer or employee; or
A person, as defined in § 23-3, which includes a public or private corporation, from whom an applicable Town officer or employee has received election campaign contributions to his or her individual campaign committee(s) aggregating $1,000 or more in monetary funds, or in-kind, over the prior 24 months, which includes the previous, current and future campaigns for public office. "Previous campaign" refers to the prior election cycle for said individual campaign committee. "Current and future campaign" refers to the present election cycle for a Town officer or employee who is either running for election as a first-time candidate or is seeking re-election or election to another elective office.

" Jun 18, 10 1:32 AM

I understand everyone's need to vent with opinions. Please utilize your energies toward an outcome of this issue as this could use a swift review by the ethics board for their determination of the facts and proposed action going forward. I suggest that someone or a group of you invest some time toward this goal as there seems to be an appearance of impropriety as reported. Unfortunately being a semi local I do not have standing to do so!
Here is what the Town ethics board is responsible for:
§ 23-25
Upon receipt of a written complaint by any person alleging a violation of this chapter or upon determining on its own initiative that a violation of the chapter may exist, the Ethics Board shall have the power and duty to conduct with reasonable promptness any investigation necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. Written complaints must be signed by the individual complainant, must be notarized and must include his/her address. In conducting any such investigation, the Ethics Board may administer oaths or affirmations, compel attendance of witnesses, and require the production of any books or records that it may deem relevant and material. The Ethics Board shall make a reasonable effort to obtain voluntary cooperation prior to exercising or enforcing their right to compel testimony. Further, the Ethics Board shall take steps to ensure that every individual's right to due process is protected.

The Ethics Board shall state in writing the disposition of every sworn written complaint it receives and shall set forth the reasons for the disposition. All such statements and all sworn complaints shall be indexed and maintained on file by the Board.

Any person filing a sworn complaint with the Ethics Board, and every person who is named in such a complaint, shall be notified in writing of the disposition of the complaint.

Upon the written request of the Town Board, of a Town officer or employee, or of any contracting party, the Ethics Board shall investigate and provide to the Town Board a written report and recommendation concerning any Town contract or agreement that may be void pursuant to § 23-6. Additionally, the Ethics Board may, in its discretion, undertake such an investigation upon its own initiative, in which case it may present a report and recommendation to the Town Board.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit the Ethics Board to conduct an investigation of itself or of any of its members or staff. If the Ethics Board receives a complaint alleging that the Ethics Board or any of its members or staff has violated any provision of this chapter, or any other law, the Ethics Board shall promptly transmit to Town Board a copy of the complaint." Jun 18, 10 10:58 AM


You asked:
"Do you own a house, do you rent, do you pay takes . . . then you have a right to file an ethics complaint."
Read what was posted re the process of filing a complaint. It's not quite as simple as your questions ask if you are semi local. Just as an example, if you own a house here as a second residence can you vote in local elections? The answer is NO!

" Jun 19, 10 1:08 AM

A couple of comments-
1. Ethics- The mid June article discussed campaign contributions. Any recusals yet?
2. SERQA- before deciding if PDD's are a benefit or not what are the State Environmental Quality Review findings on this project as it stands on it's face now? This is always the first step, and an opportunity for those aggrieved to file an article 78 within 30 days of any board's decision.
3. The more impervious surfaces there are, the more destruction there is to the environment, which many years ago was pristine and is now constantly degraded with irresponsible development.
4. The land owner does have a right to develop property, but the various boards and commissions have an obligation to protect the environment and the community from impacts.

" Jul 9, 10 11:35 AM

Judge rules that cuts to Stony Brook Southampton violate state law

The time is ripe for a move that would create SUNY Southampton, independent of Stony Brook. It's a crime that students have been deprived of their sustainability educational programs. Taxpayers were ripped off too- millions in improvements poured into this campus.
Economic conditions have remarkably increased attendance at SUNY schools- this is a campus fully ready but now unoccupied due to bureaucratic bs. SUNY Southampton would be a wonderful new change!" Aug 30, 10 9:12 PM

No smooth sailing for Mecox Bay sailing group

I have fond memories of Mecox Yacht Club. Future generations should be able to have this experience also. From what I recall no parking lots, facilities, showers, ect were available-only 2 things were necessary- your sunfish and the wind. I was encouraged to see that the Yacht Club was cleaned up after years of neglect-many thanks to those people who care.
It's really too bad there is an element of divisiveness in the equation of restoring a little history and equal access to the bay. The comment about doing this at Scott Cameron and using "clearing the wetlands" as a ploy sounds pretty disingenuous to me. The "disrupt a neighborhood" statement is the real deal here.
Is anyone focusing on the pre existing use of MYC? Remember, no one is asking for a full scale marina here!
After reading all of the negative commentary on such a relatively low impact use (sailing-OMG) I wouldn't be surprised if DUNEHAMPTON tries to rear it's ugly head again. Maybe SABA should help.
" Sep 21, 10 4:13 PM

It's ironic that "Mecox Bay Associates" a group of 18 residents got all lawyered up for this meeting citing "possible destruction of public resources." Since when is public recreation- a sailing club- a destruction of public resources?
If you read the permitting process @ http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6359.html
it can easily be seen what types of activities are permitted within tidal wetlands.
Coming up with bogus complaints, especially the comment about the applicant's purported "connections" seems to further show that you are against any activity in "your" neighborhood. Since when is Bay Lane a private road? SABA better stand ready to defend again! " Sep 26, 10 10:07 AM

Stony Brook Southampton students want judge to order reopening of campus in spring 2011

The public and students received the ROYAL screw here. The amount of FUNDING from taxpayers that went into this campus for its renovations/ present day ready state to be closed down is a crime. Any commuting students who were displaced to the main campus are incurring additional travel costs, let alone the time and environmental issues. Impacts to the local economy and more are prevalent.
I know of 11 prospective freshman in just 1 community well outside of Southampton who's #1 choice was to attend SBS. How many more applicants were there and received their application fees back? Right now, SUNY schools seem to be VERY attractive in this economy and have record enrollment.

The amazing thing to me is that one person makes a decision which affects so many and a judge gives it a second chance by allowing an after the fact vote to make it right? Where's the justice in this? Just goes to show that bureaucracy rules- the decision to close this campus was a done deal, without public input and at the last minute. Find an economic formula that works for reopening the campus NOW. Where is the $ going...from what I've previously read state funding to this campus has NOT been cut! " Oct 7, 10 8:03 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

From the comments posted it sounds like it's just hunting season to me, only I wonder what is being hunted. Yes, unfortunately the ills of society have brought new legislation regarding "weapons" on school grounds.

I've seen a case where a young child brought camping mess kit into school (with a knife) which turned into a federal case. That legislation is important don't get me wrong, but exactly what was this young man charged with- possession? Also he was suspended awaiting a disciplinary hearing. Seems like he learned a lesson from this mistake- the hard way! " Oct 26, 11 4:32 PM

Not that I'm supporting this young man's actions, like I said a lesson learned...hopefully! The suspension doesn't keep a book in his hand The taxpayers will pay for his education outside of school is this disciplinary hearing proves to keep him out of school. The point I am trying to make is that while it is wrong to bring a weapon to school that is a law enforcement issue, not an educational one. The taxed payer will be paying for his education either way. Education has nothing to do with enforcing the law, yet some very poor decisions have been made by superintendents of schools with those who were accused of "breaking the law." These are administrators and educators not lawyers and judges." Oct 26, 11 5:49 PM

Like I said a long while ago- the taxed payers will be on the hook for his education.
Hopefully this young man learned a hard lesson and educational administrators can't enforce any laws, just school policy.
Get on with life and go duck hunting!" Nov 10, 11 8:47 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Worry FIMP Will Strip Away Their Control Over Beaches

Actually what many fail to understand is the army corps does not have easement rights to the dunes and nearshore areas. Dirtbag beach in Montauk with the recent failure of an 8 mil plus project without a major storm should be a wake up call to all.
What we have here is private interests dictating "protection" while also interfering with the public' s right to access the beaches and benefits of nearshore resources. Public always loses.
Since when is anyone including the army corps permitted to do anything in a coastal erosion hazard area? " Oct 21, 16 9:49 AM

Deepwater Files Its Application For South Fork Wind Farm

This article reports the Easthampton town board has pledged its support of easements for this project and has begun negotiations. Trustees have taken no formal position, but have hired an attorney to begin negotiations for a lease of the beach area.
What I'd really like to know from the Easthampton board, trustees and lawyer types is when will you all uphold those Implementing regulations as written in your local waterfront revitalization program and do what it says- protect sensitive coastal resources and public trust lands (beach area) for the public?
" Sep 20, 18 2:30 PM

Southampton Village Board Amends Surfing Restrictions, Will Set Up Committee To Look At Issue

The million dollar question is -who is it that has the legal right to 'regulate' recreational activities on public trust lands? " Aug 24, 19 6:41 PM

The million dollar question is -who is it that has the legal right to 'regulate' recreational activities on public trust lands? " Aug 24, 19 6:41 PM

UPDATE: Crews Maneuver 100 Truck Loads Of Sand To Bolster Hampton Bays Dune

Along with water quality aspects.... The commercial fishing docking facility has been in jeopardy ever since the army corps inlet jetty project in my opinion, was ill conceived engineered then delivered. After that the sand bypass proposal never materialized. Being proactive with dune restoration / maintenance (at least with sand fencing) could go a long way if implemented on a regular basis. Never see this happening.
While I do not disparage the hard work of many to "shore up" breaches what's the long term plan so the commercial fishing docks aren't continually impacted?
" Oct 11, 19 8:33 PM