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Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

What value does private health insurance add to our society? It provides financial protection in the event of a medical claim." Oct 28, 09 1:08 PM

Oh no here we go again. Quoting statistics by a bunch of researchers who are pro public option. I do not care if you are pro public option or against. Either side can come up with statistics that will support your arguement. FYI Less the gaps in coverage Medicare and VHA provide financial protection in the event of a medical claim as well but are operating at a huge loss to the taxpayers. adding deadbeats like Noah onto the plan will only drive the costs higher" Oct 28, 09 4:40 PM

East Hampton Town union sits out supervisor endorsement

I believe the Union endorsed McGintee last term. Does anyone knwo if this is true? " Oct 28, 09 6:12 PM

Where they stand: The East Hampton Airport

I wish that thera were something they could do to limit the noise. I love taking my family to the beach and the constant parade of business jets overhead takes something away from what would otherwise be a perfect day" Oct 28, 09 6:17 PM

Proving Oddone's intentions will be burden of prosecution

Unfortunately I think Oddone will get the lesser charge. I hope not but I have little faith in our legal sytem" Oct 28, 09 6:21 PM

Where they stand: The arts

Eastend, I think we know which local paper will most likely endorse Zwirn. They would endorse Hitler if he were running on the democrat ticket. " Oct 28, 09 6:27 PM

Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

I was about to curl up on the sofa with my Glenn Beck book, picture of Dick Chaney and watch fox when I found my new best friend....Joe Lieberman. Speaking the truth" Oct 28, 09 6:54 PM

I'm not sure where you get your random 2007 archived information from (probably Politico) but my "idiotic" beliefs are based on cold hard facts. Our country is operating at a 1.6 trillion dollar defecit, our debt is 11 trillion and medicare has underfunded liabilities totalling in excess of 30 trillion. Medicare operates at a huge loss and now we are talking of adding on 30 million (you say 50) uninsured most of who cant pay for it. In a perfect utopian society we would offer coverarage for all and it would be free. Problem is this is not fantasyland and we can not continue to print monopoly money " Oct 29, 09 8:50 AM

Cowee. Thank you for a well thought out and intelligent response. I do think it is important to note that if BLue cross were to deny your sons care (I hope he is well) than you would have had a financial recourse in the terms of appealing the decesion to the NY state insurance department or sueing. You do not have checks and balances when dealing with the GVT. You already answered the other question which is you do not care what it will cost as long as everyone is covered. I personnaly disagree but respect that answer.
Comparing health related issues to social service programs is interesting. If you want the federal GVT to employ all doctors just like postal workers, provide coverage, and take over all medical facilities (because they are all profit driven) because you feel they will do a better job and be able to hold down costs so be it but again I disagree" Oct 29, 09 3:26 PM

Noah, thats right I did not open the 2007 article posted on Move on.org written by Dr Kevorkian in 1997" Oct 29, 09 3:31 PM

Cowee, FYI Blue Cross NY denied 6.2% of claims last year. Medicare denies 6.85%. California is by far the worst with denials running up to 30%. Must be something in the air or denials for plastic surgery like Pelosi's face lifts" Oct 29, 09 3:39 PM

Noah most of us don't have time to look all of these things up because we have to work at are real jobs so we can keep paying for all of these entitlements but out of curiousity I did check it out.Again the statistics were misleading because they include bankruptcy due to illnus. If you get sick and cant work you have no income. If you have no disability insurance you cant pay your bills. Your illness is an indirect reason for you having to file bankruptcy but the direct reason is the fact most people in the private sector have no disability ins. This is a perk the tax payers pay for if you work in the public sector. It is common knowledge that the #1 reason people lose their homes is due to a disability not deductibles on their health care " Oct 29, 09 6:23 PM

East Hampton Town candidates focus on the issues

newsflash!!! Zwirn endorsed by the Star." Oct 29, 09 8:16 PM

East Hampton Town union sits out supervisor endorsement

Newsflash! Huge suprise! Zwirn endorsed by the star. I'm sure they would have endorsed McGintee if he were running again" Oct 29, 09 8:17 PM

Empire and Alliance resume attacks as hospitals remain without contract

1. The study was conducted by Dr David Himmelstein an associate professor at Harvard and co founder of physicians for a national health plan He is the leader in the movement for universal health care. So I would say his clinical research may be somewhat biased
2. Bankruptcy due to illness is open to interpretation. If you have NO disability insurance you will go bankrupt due to illness" Oct 29, 09 10:41 PM

One thing I don't get is the prexisting condition part of the reform bill. IF you are going to cover all prexisting conditions with NO wait the GVT needs to do more to force coverage upon people. If they don't healthy people will opt out pay the small fine and just jump on when they get sick. I favor a stiffer penalty if they opt out or better yet do what NY state does and deny coverage for prexisting coverage for 1 year if you do not have it " Oct 30, 09 7:57 AM

1. Noah you are incorrect. I have disability insurance. It kicks in after 90 days and pays me a TAX FREE benefit of@65% of my income to age 65
2. I never said Science and logic had no meaning but when the person conducting the study has an agenda and the data is not clearly defined than in my opinion it is not science
YOU need to follow your own advice and seek answers and information from other sources besides moveon.org" Oct 30, 09 1:46 PM

Cowee, It sounds like you had a bad experience and I do not blame you for having reservations. I believe your points may have merit when talking about small claims but I'm pretty sure those denial statitics are pretty valid for larger claims. People are not going to abandon a larger size claim. This is not a John Grishom book or the movie Sicko. Even if you do believe that people give up Medicare has the same denial rate so what makes you think the GVT is any different" Oct 30, 09 7:01 PM

fcmc that was a very well thought out post. You made some great points. Please make sure to bless us with your genius more often." Oct 30, 09 7:03 PM

Lulbelle, Ny state has intervened and they have been meeting with mediators. The hospital does not want to cave in and give other carriers leverage when there contracts come up. I'm curious to see how they will handle Oxford (the other major carrier out here) when their contract is up for renewal. Blue Cross continues to charge us Nassau county rates yet reimbure the doctors and hopitals below par. Both sides should be embarrassed.
FYI you can still get the basic care you are paying for. All affiliated docs and specialist are still in Blue cross per an extension and if you do not have a facility to treat you (MRI, CAt Scan) within 30 miles you can still use the hopsital." Nov 5, 09 10:43 AM

AARP (association AGAINST retired people) endorses the health care reform bill. Almost laughable! If the public option comes even close to resembling Medicare they stand to make billions through their medigap policies. AARP is the biggest scam on seniors. Orginally created as a means of providing information to seniors they have morphed into a giant conglomorate whose business tactics resemble the gestapo. Not sure how they can endorse something without the support of all its members. " Nov 5, 09 7:35 PM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

I too favor a single payer universal health care plan. I look forward to having all my medical bills, long term care expenses, dental expenses, copays. and deductibles paid for. I am so happy that it will all be free and provided by the GVT. Dempsey is such a dope and Bishop forget about it he is borderline retarded. He will bankrupt his constituents. I can't wait until they make employers provide health care or hit them with a payroll tax. Out to do wonders for the hotel and restaurant industry. Can someone with half a brain please explain why if there is no prexisting condition clause individuals or sole props would even bother getting the coverage in the first place . Why not just pay the penalty and jump on if you get sick. " Nov 10, 09 6:57 PM

I'm glad we can agree on something. This 2,000 page pile of turd will make Tarp, cap and trade and the stimulus bill look like candyland. We are already using play money why not add more debt to the ever growing pile. " Nov 10, 09 9:30 PM

Noah, I was being sarcastic about being free. In fact the whole first paragraph is sarcastic. The plan is only free for dead beats like you. Us hard working americans will be footing your bill im sure" Nov 10, 09 9:33 PM

WRONG Jimmy. The haves (85% of population) would love for everyone to have coverage as long as it doesnt put a major dent on our income and doesnt affect our coverage. We would love to see our cost of care reduced. This bill does the exact opposite and will ultimately force everyone onto some crappy public option" Nov 11, 09 6:25 AM

Jimmy this head in the sand fiscal conservative has a few questions.

1. Do you think Bishop should have voted for this bill knowing that many of his constieunts are dependent upon the tourist trade?
2 Do you think Bishop is aware that many of these business are in distress and they will now be asked to pay higher taxes and mandated to provide coverage for ALL employees or pay a fine.
3. Do you think that by covering all prexisting conditions unconditionally will lead to adverse selection?
4. Do you think that Tort reform will lead to lower medical costs and if so why is not in the 2000 page bill?
5. Medicare lost 60 billion last year and has 30 trillion in underfunded liabilities. What makes you think the GVT will be more effective in managing our health care than the for profit private industry?

I could go on and on but thats a good start

" Nov 11, 09 6:55 AM

yankee what does any of that have to do with the 2000 page bill that was proposed or whats in it. Maybe you should move to Japan" Nov 11, 09 1:03 PM

OK Again any of you libs feel free to bless me with your genius to the following questions.
1. Do you think Bishop should have voted for this bill knowing that many of his constituents would be negatively impacted?
2. Do you think Bishop knows that we are in a recession and that many local business with over 10 employees such as the restaurant, hotel and service industry will be forced to provide health care to all employees or be forced to pay an 8% payroll tax.
3. Do you think covering ALL prexisting conditions will lead to adverse selection thus higher premiums if not I would love to hear WHY.
4. Do you think tort reform will lead to lower premiums and if so why is not included in the bill?
5. Health insurers posted an average proit of 2.2% Medicare lost 60 billion and has 30 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Why do you feel the GVT will be more cost effective and efficient in managing our health care?
6. Does any one actually believe that this bill will reduce the defecit. If so please check yourself into an insane assylum immediately.

Just a start. Would love for someone to enlighten me" Nov 11, 09 8:25 PM

What do you deem a small business? If you have over 10 employees you MUST provide health care or pay a penalty. The GVT bleeds the small business owners to death tax. I love the new MTA tax because all of my employees take the subway to tax. How about the dreaded filing fee. That is a tax so I can pay my taxes" Nov 11, 09 8:29 PM

Yearrounder I don't care who takes a public option as long as i don't have to pay for it and "if I like my coverage I can keep it" but we both know neither one of can be true" Nov 11, 09 8:35 PM

Dag you truly are insane. You actually believe this piece of crap will reduce the defecit. That kool aid you are drinking must be spiked with wacky juice" Nov 11, 09 11:03 PM

Bishop's burn pit legislation signed into law

Cap and trade, porkilus bill, health care reorm, TARP, voted against the troop surge (which worked). This guy is a bum and needs to be voted out however you can't fault him for wanting to do more for our troops. These guys are out there every day putting there butts on the line to defend our freedom. I think most Americans will agree we do not do enough" Nov 12, 09 7:01 AM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

I am stiil waiting for someone to answer my questions. I would love to hear your rebuttals on each of my 6 questions. I believe they are all pretty good ones. The arguement is not over a single payer system (which we all know we arent getting). Its over the Bill designed by Pelosi, whats in it and what type of impact it will have on us." Nov 12, 09 1:14 PM

Its 1900 PAGES of beaucratic nonsense. Not one of us truly understand it all. It was written by a bunch of trial lawyers who have no real idea what type of impact it will have on our lives" Nov 12, 09 1:16 PM

This coming from the same guy who argued that the DrKimmelstein (head of DR for universal health care advocate group) study claiming 44,000 people die each year to lack of health care was legit. Stop getting your info from moveon.org" Nov 12, 09 1:19 PM

Once again you have displayed your intellegence. Can you answer the questions? " Nov 12, 09 1:22 PM

Great answers guys. You really proved your points. Can anyone with half a brain actually answere the questions posed?" Nov 12, 09 1:23 PM

Thanks Yearrounder you have just confirmed that you are a moron" Nov 12, 09 3:59 PM

Noah have you read the bill? Do you understand it? You speak as if you do. You are simply regurgitating bullet points from moveon.org. The public school argument is just plain old. The only way you can make that argument is if you socialize the entire industry. Doctors work for profit, Hospitals operate for profit (or at least try) and yes insurance companies operate for profit. If you want to create true social services within the medical field ALL for profit entities need to be employed by the tax payers and the GVT. Lets put docs on payroll just like police officers. While we are at it why stop there. How about the banking, finance and auto industry as well? They are all a bunch of crooks too. We can only trust our elected GVT officials (well maybe not the repubs) to do the right thing. " Nov 12, 09 4:10 PM

1. and 2. are not accusations they are FACTS. Many employers out here have seasonal workers that they can not afford to cover. They will now be forced to cover them or have to pay a fine (tax). This will lead to salaries being reduced, benefits being reduced and people losing there jobs.
3. If prexisting conditions need to be covered unconditionally the a person may be more opt to not take the coverage and just pay the fine. Why not. They can alway opt in when they get sick. Thus we are left with a riskier poll of insureds thus driving up the cost.
4. I don't know how to respond to that. Which study shows you tort reform will not lower costs. I have seen very low numbers at 2% but never a study that shows 0. Even if it is at the low number of 2%. That 2% represents a huge savings
5. Not sure where you got the 30% number from but it is irrelevant. Even if it operats at 30% lower costs they are LOSING 60 billion a year. Any for profit company would be out of business on those margins.
6. Stop and smell the flowers" Nov 12, 09 4:29 PM

KPJC, You cant listen to these guys. They don't listen to reason. Anyone who supports this bill is just ignorant. The democrats control the house, presidency and senate and this is the best they can do? A 2000 page pile of crap that no one understands and is loaded with so much pork for special interests. The working man and small business will bear the burden of this pig, our debt will continue to grow and we will be worse off. It amazes me that people like yearrounder can't even see the fact that their holy messiahs Obama and Pelosi have let them down on this one. It doesnt matter who is in office. Its politics as usual. Change my butt. " Nov 12, 09 7:53 PM

Bishop was a provost at southampton college. I guaratntee there is no way he could comprehend or interprete it. None of these bozos have any clue how this 2000 page monostrousity will affect our lives" Nov 12, 09 7:57 PM

Noah you have yet to answer any of my other questions but seem to want to pick apart one comment I made because it is the ONLY thing you got correct. It was a typo. Its not unfunded liabilities but underfunded liabilities. FYI The great expansion of medicare part D by Bush and the democrat controlled house already has 8 trillion in underfunded liabilities and now they want to eliminate the donut hole which will add to it. When they say underfunded they mean in the future. This means that current revenue can not meet expenses. The GVT will have to increase payroll taxes to pay for it. The US GVT is like one giant Ponzi scheme just waiting to blow up. With that said you should give yourself a hand. At least Im man enough to admit when I make a mistake unlike other people I know" Nov 12, 09 11:10 PM

KPJC I agree with your beliefs but I have to disagree with your view on Obummer. I DO feel many independents may have regretted voting for him but very few libs have. If Obummer told them to jump off a cliff they probably would. They hang on every word that he says as if it were gospel." Nov 13, 09 8:52 AM

I do feel that a real true lib does feel shafted by this reform bill and if they were a true lib and not an Obamer diciple they would know what I'm talking about. " Nov 13, 09 8:55 AM

You are never going to appease the far right or left. You can only hope to appease the middle. I think the problem has been Bush, Obamma, and polciticans such as Palin, Frank, Pelosi and Reid are all very polarizing figures" Nov 13, 09 8:58 AM

You don't even know what you are supporting. Certain insurance companies stand to make Billions of more money from this bill. AARP will be a huge benefactor. This isnt a bill for the people rather special interest groups. I would have more respect for you if you just came out and said I will not support anything that is not single payer universal health care. Again if you want to take the profit out of health care then don't forget doctors, medical equipment makers big pharma ect. all would need to be put on the GVT payroll. " Nov 13, 09 12:02 PM

Thats where you and I are different. Even though I Wholly disagree with your opinion I respect it. " Nov 13, 09 1:41 PM

Im still waiting for you to answer my questions. I have a feeling I will be waiting a long time" Nov 13, 09 1:43 PM

Thats where your wrong yearrounder. Even though I completely disagree and will do my best to make my point I still have respect for everyone (until proven otherwise) as a fellow American and human being. We all as individuals have different beliefs and values that make us who we are. Don't get me wrong I wouldnt want to hang out with you and I'm sure the feeling is mutual but as the libs say dissent is patriotic. Thats what makes this country great. I am not a hater I'm a lover LOL " Nov 13, 09 3:01 PM

Noah nice answers. Let me get this straight.. In your own words you are incapable for thinking for yourself so you can't answer questions 1-4. In regards to questions 5-6 you feel that medicare is profitable and not underfunded. I hope you at least realize that if medicare were a private company they would be out of business.
" Nov 13, 09 6:49 PM

What Noah says in the first paragraph is correct however you can not go to the car insurance carrier and get coverage after you have totaled your car and expect to be covered for it. With the current House bill on the table you can opt out of medical coverage via a fine and hop right on if you get sick. You will be left with a healthy pool of people opting out thus driving up costs. If the house chooses their present course the only way for it to even have a chance to work (odds @ .000001%) is to FORCE all people to take coverage with no personalized choice of the type of coverage. " Nov 14, 09 1:46 PM

Can't I respect someone and NOT be a pushover. You are a very unhappy person " Nov 14, 09 1:49 PM

Just curious. So you think this is going to be free. Paid for by someone else for you. Do you think medicare is free?" Nov 14, 09 4:30 PM

I would agree but its an iffy one. They do require individuals to buy car insurance. I am 100% against the health care reform bill but if it has any chance of working I believe it must be done" Nov 14, 09 4:37 PM

well yearrounder I would love for you to explain how my "facts" are not just that. If you were healthy and had a choice of paying 400 a month for health care or paying a 750$ fine knowing you could jump on at anytime and be covered which would you do." Nov 14, 09 4:40 PM

yea im indusrt mole on 27 east spreading fear. Are you paranoid? Did you take you medicine this morning" Nov 14, 09 6:54 PM

1. Medicare LOSES billions of tax payers dollars each year. If medicare were a private company they would be out of business.
2. If you would refund me all of the money I have paid into medicare and SS I would gladly refuse it. Problem is most people with money would do the same leaving people like you with nothing." Nov 14, 09 6:59 PM

amazing the way libs ignore the fact that this bill is loaded with corporate influence. Amazing that the libs don't see that their messiahs claim of hope and change is business as usual in washiington. " Nov 14, 09 10:40 PM

show you a line in the legislation give me a break. Yeah line 567 on page 1533 paragraph 34 item B. Give me a break. I as a employer of 33 Full time employees who I now provide CVG will be forced to provide for the 22 Part time that I dont or pay an 8% payroll tax. Thus I will be forced to lay people off or offer no salary increases thus screwing the working class. Further more for the regular individual make sure to go up and kiss the wealthy persons a___ for taking care of you. Are you really that pathetic to have to accept a hand out." Nov 14, 09 11:17 PM

in regards to you paying a lot out of your own pocket I agree it sucks but this bill will not help you. They need a bill to address tort reform, insurance reform and most importantly find ways to reduce the cost of care. I was recently tested for LYmes and the blood work cost 900. Until they focus on that rates will continue to rise" Nov 14, 09 11:24 PM

Expect the loss of 60 billion a year in medicare to rise substantially. AP just released an article claiming medicare fraud and waste alone increased three fold this year to 47 billion." Nov 15, 09 9:10 AM

a peson who believes in the free market and not more gvt control. gvt control over an industry (medicare) they cant even effectively manage themselves" Nov 15, 09 11:30 AM

The reason Health care is such a central issue with most people is because it is a debate about what the uture direction of the country should be. Do you want to expand entitlement plans, increase taxes, increase overall costs through higher taxes and expand GVT control (socialism) OR do you let doctors, insurance companies, lawyers, pharmaceticals, medical equipment makers, Ect Ect continue to make profits (capitalism). I agree we need reform.We need to decrease the cost of care and insure more people but This bill is not the answer " Nov 15, 09 11:37 AM

comparing medicare and the private industry is like comparing apples and oranges. I dont care what the operating expenses are for medicare they operate at a massive loss to the taxpayers each year. Any health carrier operating on those margins would be out of business. You infer that medicare is actually more cost inefficient that is simply not true" Nov 15, 09 4:43 PM

The deregulation that caused the housing collaspse occured during the Clinton years through the expansion of Fannie mae and freddie mac. Furthermore if Bishop told you the sky was purple would you believe him. Bishop has no qualifications whatsover to even make that staement. His prior experience was as a provost at Southampton college. He does and says what he is told by the democratic party" Nov 15, 09 4:48 PM

Excuse me but I don't think I said George Bush was without any fault. " Nov 15, 09 7:18 PM

youtube fannie and freddie mac hearings. Lots of your wholier than thou dems on tape lying through their teeth" Nov 15, 09 8:40 PM

Go to youtube and google Fannie Mae freddie mac hearings. Bush is responsible because he did not do enough to reverse the act created by Clinton that greatly attributed to the housing bubble burst. I don't know why it has to left vs right all the time. Many people on the hill did the wrong thing and should be held accountable for their actions. Any private comapny that took advantage of the policy THEY created has burned at the stake. How about burning the very people that created it in the first place. You are so far left that you actually believe that everything the left says is gospel. " Nov 16, 09 9:31 AM

But the Gvt will repay you with kindness? Proof? an article from the NY Times? Give me a break" Nov 16, 09 9:32 AM

I dont blame the GVT for everything. There are many negatives to capitalism that are facts of life. However you are promoting socialism. With corporate greed at least the GVT can and does hold you accountable." Nov 16, 09 10:44 AM

The last paragraph is spoken like a true Marxist. " Nov 16, 09 10:55 AM

Its true. Based on your comments you are so far out there that Noah or yearrounder might even consider you nuts. (well maybe not)" Nov 16, 09 10:59 AM

Never said it does a good job but it does hold you accountable. Enron, Bernie Madoff ect all wind up in prison. You are also contradicting yourself. You want single payer medical Coverage yet in your own words you bash the GVT as being inefficent and corrupt. You are a walking contradiction and I'm glad we can finally agree on something. You and peoplefirst should go out to dinner together" Nov 16, 09 11:28 AM

reminds me of the Abott and Costello whos on first skit. You say the GVT is owned by corporations. You say corporations are corrupt. You say health care will be better off being run by the gvt. You are right again! I think I MAY have hurt myself ." Nov 16, 09 6:43 PM

it is really scary how you think. Remove corporate money and influence from Washington. What planet are you from? You question my intelligence I question your sanity." Nov 16, 09 9:55 PM

Another genius with only one side of his brain working." Nov 16, 09 9:57 PM

Medical examiner says Reister could have recovered if chokehold had been released in time

I hope Oddone rots in jail." Nov 17, 09 11:56 AM

Ins must be Oddone's mother. I have been pushed and never choked someone to death while people hit me over the head and screamed I m killing him but failed to release the grasp. Given this guys prior history and his actions you think he should sue for sexual discrmination! I would love to see YOU locked up in a room with the victims family" Nov 18, 09 8:39 AM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

Noah, You truly ARE insane. You are asking this"stupid" local business owner an answer to a question that no collective group has been able to answer EVER. No Gvt in history has been able to create your perfect Utopia.

Your claim that the GVt provides better medical cvg at a better price than the private industry is just plain wrong.
Lets compare Medicare and throw out private run insurance for a sec. With Medicare you are forced to pay a 3% medicare payroll tax during your working years. Once you are eligible for medicare (if you live long enough) you will recieve coverage that has more holes in it than swiss cheese. You will then be forced to pay for Medicare part B (even though you have been paying for it thru payroll tax), Medicare part D and a medicare supplment plan (best one is planF). All if this will cost you approximately 4,000 per year. Not to mention that Medicare is losing billions each year ,has trillions in underfunded liabilities, and is due to go belly up. Sounds like a good deal to a lunatic " Nov 18, 09 10:16 AM

I did answer the question. How do you eliminate corporate influence and corruption in Washington. I do not know the answer. No one has been able to answer that question. Not in this conutry or any democrtatic country EVER. You are so smart though I'm sure you hava the solution to all of our woes. Probably some socialist idea that gives the GVT total control and power. We've seen how history treats those idealogies. Seeing you know so much you should consider running for President. You can have Yearrounder as VP and PeopleFirst as secretary of defense.
I do stand corrected Corporations do run medicare Part D. So the annual cost you have to pay to fill in the medicare gaps is @ 3500. Nonsense like 3%payroll tax, nonsense that medicare is due to collapse. nonsense that medicare loses billions of tax payer dollars each year. These things I am correct on and are not made up. They are facts. get off of moveon.org and google. By the way have you ever been wrong (in your own mind) on anything or do you consider yourself a super genius" Nov 18, 09 4:48 PM

Noah, After thinking about it you are correct Mediacre Part D is run by ins companies but that wasnt my point. My point was there is no drug coverage under medicare part A. Its just another gap that need to be filled and paid for" Nov 18, 09 5:29 PM

I knew you should run for President. Noah Way from southampton. I am positive that the country will be very open to your "suggestions".

Lets step away from fantasy land and address reality. I'm not sure about your 14-20% number but the fact is the medicare advantage plans are far more economical for lower income individuals. Medicare Advantage provides complete coverage with no need for Part D or supplement coverage thus saving seniors @4,000 annually. " Nov 18, 09 6:59 PM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?

There are way too many deers and turkeys out here. With no natural predeators they need to be thinned" Nov 18, 09 8:56 PM

Health care reform passes House with Bishop's blessing

Noah is very good at spouting his radical idealogies and also very good at ignoring cold hard facts.
1. US CITIZENS pay a 3% payroll tax for medicare.
2. Medicare loses billions each year
3. Medicare is due to go belly up within 20 years
4. Medicare has more coverage gaps in it than swiss cheese.
5. The most economical and complete coverage is medicare advantage which is run by insurance companies
6. To cover the holes in coverage on traditional medicare seniors must pay @4,000 per year. Factor in the 3% payroll tax while they were living....well you get the idea.
7. This bill will actually raise taxes and raise the cost of premiums
8. Does anyone actually belive this bill will reduce the defecit as was claimed when Medicare was orginally proposed
I'm sure someone will spout back profits are bad but the facts don't lie. Free market competetion is better that a giant Ponzi scheme which is the US GVT" Nov 20, 09 6:49 AM

Cant do basic math? Medicare loses billions of taxpayer dollars each year. If Medicare were a private run company they would have been out of business along time ago instead they continue operating at masive losses and to pile on more debt in the never ending Ponzi Scheme which is GVT. This bill is being disguised as health care reform when in reality it will increase premiums and save medicare through more taxes and cuts. You are the idiot. Where did you get the 70% number from moveon.org" Nov 20, 09 2:00 PM

This bill will cause premiums to rise so whats your point. Its not TRUE reform" Nov 20, 09 2:02 PM

Bishop visits first-time homebuyers helped by tax credit

Another photo opp for the Pelosi want to be. Cap and Tax, porkulus, Health care, Afganistan, Iraq, Tarp! Vote this bum out
I am very happy for this couple but highly doubt the free 8 grand was a deal maker for them in buying the house. I could use 8 grand right now as well. " Nov 24, 09 12:20 PM

Bishop asks Paterson for disaster area designation

Hambone. "cancel the insurance and roll the dice for the next ten years. Not a bad bet." Before doing that don't forget that your insurance also covers for liabilities. With a country ful of lawyers and everyone sue happy I would think twice before making that gamble" Dec 7, 09 10:52 AM

Peoplefirst we are all familar with your ultra left views. Bishop is an ultra liberal Pelosi clone who votes party lines. Can you please provide me with one example where Bishop took a position against his party and voted for what was in the best interest of his constituents?" Dec 7, 09 10:59 AM

East Hampton School District postpones $4.5 million bond vote

LOL. Dr Gualteri and the EH school board want to spend 4.5 million of our money in a recession with our taxes already going up. Laughable. Questions for Gualteri
1. When the school bid on the Whitmore property across from Long Lane and it failed to pass a vote did the taxpayers ever get the deposit back.
2. How much has the Sandpebble Builder lawsuit cost the taxpayers so far, what did they want to settle for and what are the chances we will lose the suit anyway.
3. Why did they chose to purchase a bus depot in the middle of the village and were there more cost effcient facilities availible.
4. Does the marketing brochure that the school put out include the cost of providing the drivers salaries, pensions and benefits
5. How much is the curent renovation costing us and is going to run over budget.
6. Why was the orginal vote intended to take place the day of a school play when parents would be present to vote.

Why not just put the bus station by town pond. Get this eye sore out of the village

VOTE NO" Dec 12, 09 6:06 PM

East Hampton's Gload signs with Phillies

doesnt say what the deal was. How much and for how long? Hoping he got similar deal to last one" Dec 12, 09 10:12 PM

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