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East Hampton pulls CPF funding for lifesaving station

it is a shame. I believe germans actually landed on Amagansett, LI and men from this station helped provide evidence that led to their capture. With that said our town is beyound broke and fixing this is a luxury we can not afford. I personnaly feel funding for EH day Care and project most are more important" Jan 11, 10 10:28 PM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

Bishop is a pelosi clone. He votes party line agenda with little regard for his constiuents. I would vote for Bugs Bunny if he was running against him. " Jan 14, 10 7:42 PM

No Yearrounder..people like you are the biggest threat to our furture" Jan 15, 10 1:33 PM

Just curious Yearrounder are you saying the principals of America are based on entry into the US illegally and being able to use someones elses money to receive free benefits" Jan 15, 10 2:03 PM

1. The country was BUILT on the sweat of illegals
2. Immigrants get nothing for free
3. If it were not for undocumented workers paying into SS it would already be bankrupt.

Wow you really are out there

As far as "corporate enemies" go if it werent for those enemies you wouldn't have enough tax revenue to push your socialist agenda.
" Jan 15, 10 2:55 PM

SHnative good point but increasing the size of gvt and raises taxes has not been one of Bishops concerns" Jan 15, 10 2:58 PM

MONTAUKMAN polics is reality. Bishop is representing you and setting the law and his politacal agenda" Jan 16, 10 8:16 PM

U.S. Representative Tim Bishop speaks at Rogers Memorial Library

Great Job Timmy. Your so called stimulus package managed to raise unemployment to over 10 %. Your vote for health care reform will cost a broke NY state 1.5 billion, trust me you WILL vote along with Pelosi as usual for the bank tax which will do wonders for NY state, and cap and tax is a real gem. Timmy is very good at spending money and not looking out for his constiuents. DUMP BISHOP" Jan 18, 10 1:43 PM

Suffolk executive to unveil plan to add solar carports to county lots

why not a NY company instead of CA" Jan 19, 10 8:00 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

if the mass senate race is any indication as to the publics perception of how hope and change is going Bishops days are numbered. Good riddance!" Jan 19, 10 10:04 PM

Poxabogue restaurant faces ouster

Does anyone support Wankel's position?? Everone I have spoken to likes the current diner. It is family friendly, offers good food, is reasonably priced and you occasionally see a celebrity there. Why is Wankel allowed to pursue this course of action. His firm works for the taxpayers. " Jan 26, 10 1:00 PM

Long-awaited contract between Empire and Health Alliance may be near

keep hoping" Jan 27, 10 4:03 PM

Real reform HA! Does that include closed door negotiations, back room door deals, and the transparancy we were promised. I don't care who is providing voverge (INS companies or the GVT) until you can reduce the cost of care premiums will NEVER decrease. " Jan 28, 10 12:12 PM

Bishop girding for fall fight

Mr Bishop is very lucky the election is not within the next month or he would get slaughtered. Based on our Presidents last state of the Union address it appears they will eat some humble pie and focus on what Americans really care about and that is jobs and debt. They are hoping this stratgy will turn the anti incumbancy mood. I for one think Bishop is awful. Whoever said he looks out for his contituents is crazy. Give me some examples where he voted against his party line. He is nothing more than a tax and spend far lefty. Not to mention grossly unqualified for the job (a provost at southampton college)" Feb 3, 10 7:10 AM

than why isnt tort reform in the health bill that he approved that will cost new Yorkers 1.5 billion. Hes really looking out for us" Feb 3, 10 10:44 AM

I found that Mr Bishop DOES listen to his constitiuents. He calls people back, holds town hall meetings and makes appearences. Unfortunately it goes in one ear and out the other and he is simply out there trying to SELL his parties agenda. He has no regard for his constiuents and always votes along party lines. The health care sell was embarrassing. He needs to go" Feb 5, 10 10:18 AM

State representatives request amended legislation to ease East Hampton Town deficit

it amazes me how mismangaed the MCgintee administration was. He ruins the town and then collects his tax payer pension and benefits. " Feb 11, 10 10:00 AM

Bridgehampton Historical Society moves forward with renovations to Rogers House

its about time. This building has been an eyesore for what seems like an eternity. I am all for preserving historical buildings but this building has been neglected for so long the best thing would be to rip it down" Feb 22, 10 2:56 PM

East Hampton Village increases revenue by more than $300,000 with Sea Spray auction

Nice job. Hopefully the monies will be used to help lower village taxes and not be dumped into some new program" Mar 1, 10 9:18 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

nobody can be as bad as Bishop. He votes along party lines with total disregard for his contituents. He has voted for cap and tax, porkulus and health care. He last sent out a letter stating he would not vote for the senate health bill. I cant wait to see him flip on that one once Pelosi gets a hold of him. This bill will cost New Yorkers 1.5 billion that we dont have. Thanks for looking out for us" Mar 3, 10 7:51 PM

East Hampton Village increases revenue by more than $300,000 with Sea Spray auction

I agree with most of what you say but the village should have been doing this years ago. In the past the rentors would sublet and make money off of it not the taxpayers. Don't get me wrong I am finally glad they came to their senses but we have lost revenues on this for years. Another note is the Village has so much revenue a child could keep it fiscally sound" Mar 3, 10 7:57 PM

Local politicians consider congressional campaign

Tim Bishop served as a provost at Southampton college. This more than qualifies his him to make decesions on foreign policy, health care reform, the economy and global warming" Mar 6, 10 12:40 PM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

I encourage anyone to call bishops office and ask for a copy of the letter he sent pelosi stated the reasons why he wouldn NOT vote for the senate bill. His number is 631-696-6500. Once again bishop does not listen to his contituents or himself for that matter and votes party lines. He is not looking out for nyers. Dump bishop" Mar 22, 10 10:08 AM

Everyone makes out on this bill but the working people who will be forced to pay for this crap. Reform.. Yeah right. Everyone gets a deal but us. Even the poor insurance companies get 30 million more insured most of them paid for with subsidies from tax payer money. Just another entitlment we can't afford " Mar 22, 10 10:15 AM

You are a commie" Mar 22, 10 10:18 AM

That's the spirit. I'm not happy with the bill but I'm happy that conservatives are mad. Very intelligent" Mar 22, 10 12:14 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

I encourage anyone to call Bishops office at 631-696-6500 and ask for a copy of the letter he sent Pelosi outlining why he would NOT vote for the senate bill. His language is tame compared to what Gov. Paterson has stated. If you are a progressive this bill stinks, if you are conservative it stinks and if you are a new yorker it stinks. This bill is NOT in the best interest of his contstituents and he flat out lies when he says response was 50/50. " Mar 23, 10 6:33 PM

You are obviuosly a lib. I agree it is unfortunate there was no bipartisan support. If we had it the country would not be at such odds but the Democrats chose that course early on. They chose to negotiate behind closed doors. They miscalculated the internal bickering, Scott Browns win, and most of all the american people Ire. " Mar 23, 10 7:53 PM

Sam with all due respect to you call his office and ask for a copy of the letter. They will send it to you.. After Brown won he sent the letter to Pelosi effectively saying in good conscience he could not vote for the senate bill because it was not a good bill for his contsituents. The man has no courage. If he did he would have voted against his party and voted for what was in the best interest of his constituents. That my friend takes courage. Again with all due respect To say that countries are founded on men like Timmy is laughable" Mar 23, 10 8:35 PM

Sam, I am not sure if I said that but I assume you are quoting me from a certain date. I defintely feel that everyone agrees we want to reduce the costs and increase the number of uninsureds. This bill defintely decreases the number of uninsured on the back of the working man. It does little to decrease the cost of care. The CBO estimate for reduction in debt over 10 years is about 150 billion. That is paying taxes for 10 years for 6 years of benefits. If you want to try to push out over 10 years you are crazy. The savings over 10 years come from the assumption that the GVT will reduce medicaid pmts to doctors to 1/3rd of medicare rates. That will never happen and will never be realized. It is a gimmick that was needed to help sway blue dogs and get it passed. We all know that this bill needed to pass for political reasons and all the stops were pulled out. Bush tried to back door us with Medicare Part D and look where that has gotten us. All of these entitlement plan continue to hurt the working class. " Mar 23, 10 9:28 PM

somehow I am not surprised. A dem logo and name of youngdem who loves bishop and will vote for him" Mar 23, 10 9:30 PM

simply not true. Please google child health plus and educate yourself. This program has been around for years. Stop getting your info from moveon.org. If anything children should hate this bill. It will saddle them with debt for years to come" Mar 23, 10 11:47 PM

If your income is decent and you could get a refund check for all the money you have dumped into these entitlements you probably would. Will the Gvt give me that option or will it force me to continue to pay for entitlements for people like you" Mar 24, 10 9:04 AM

LOL another person with one side of their brain working. " Mar 24, 10 9:15 AM

spoken like a communist" Mar 24, 10 11:35 AM

EEG retired at age 48 means he was probably a cop. So bottom line you have been sending him his paycheck and union benefits and will continue to do so as long as he lives" Mar 24, 10 12:03 PM

15K for medical ins on a salary of 22K??? Google Healthny. You can get cvg for about 250 per month. The rest of your comments are prejudiced and offensive" Mar 24, 10 12:36 PM

If you are an individual and/or sole proprieter with no dependents earning under 27,084 per year you are eligible for healthNY. The cheapest plan is 166.26 per month. If you have dependents income eligibility requirements go up. You can google the information. There are also plans availible for self employed people making over that income threshold. Those plans average about 400 per month. Dag is right lies benefit none of us. These are the facts. I hope Yearrounder reads this so she can save herself some money and learn what the costs are in NY. The only people paying 1200 per month are the unemployed making more than 27,000 or more in investment income" Mar 24, 10 4:00 PM

FYI..Anyone from east hampton. Vote today from 3-9 at middle school for town to buy Verizon building and turn it into a bus depot for over 4 million. If you think this is a bad idea and will raise taxes you should go vote if not please stay home LOL>" Mar 24, 10 4:13 PM

We were taking about individual s not family. Healthy NY for a family of 4 making under 55,128 is 487.97 per month. If you are a sole prop making more than that it is tricky. You may want to put your kids on child health plus or create a group by adding your spouse on as a partner. You then should be able to get a family plan for about 800 per month. My son had to do this. I reccomend you Call Karl Washwick at the Washwick agency or try your your local insurance agent. The broker who did it for me in east hampton was very creative and did a good job " Mar 24, 10 5:04 PM

And you are the authority on that. Fox is a much a news station as msnbc. I for one like cspan. I feel they do a good job of being unbiased and love when they do the phone calls and question different positions" Mar 25, 10 12:58 PM

A push for library service in Springs

Ridiculous! If your kids are under 17 you need to drive them to the library be it in spring or the village. It takes less than 5 minutes to get there. I live in northwest should we put a library there as well??" Mar 25, 10 2:09 PM

East Hampton School bus depot bond rejected

So glad this did not pass. There has to be a better way than plopping down a bus depot in the village at a cost of over 4 mil" Mar 25, 10 2:12 PM

A push for library service in Springs

I am in favor of removing twomey and his cronies and getting a board that represents the town" Mar 25, 10 4:59 PM

President signs historic health care legislation into law with Bishop's support

SH native. Have you ever heard of the NY insurance department??? I don't know anyone that LOVES insurance copanies? I think most people (tea baggers as you call them) are sick of seeing bigger Gvt take over every private industry in sight. FYI the insurance industry seems to love your messiahs bill. Big pharma and Health care stocks have been rising. Why no they are getting 32 million more clients. Most of whom will be paid for with tax payer dollars" Mar 27, 10 10:01 AM

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