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East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

I believe you can find "rational and factual data" pending which side you favor. For me it comes down to two basic things.
1. I believe the current reform bills presented do very little to address the core of the problem for the 85% of us that have it. That is to stop the escalating cost of coverage. I believe the best way to reduce the cost of coverage is to reduce the cost of care. No matter who runs it if they do not address this issue the cost of coverage will continue to rise be it though premiums or taxes.
2. I have no confidence in the GVT to run it. They can not run any of their current programs effectively. Medicare and Medicaid are near bankrupt and rampant with Fraud. Our deficit and debt are at record levels. I find it hypocrital of them to demonize every private industry as "crooks" when they should be looking in the mirror. .
" Sep 17, 09 10:49 PM

"The harvard study funded by a federal research grant as published in the online edition of the American Journal of Public Health. It was realeased by Physicians for a national health program which favors government backed or single payer sysytems". If you are going to start quoting yahoo articles you should probably have mentioned that point Dag. " Sep 18, 09 9:44 AM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

The illegals need to pay there fair share. No more mooching off hard working tax payers in this country. Go through the legal channels to become a US Citizen, pay your taxes or get out" Sep 18, 09 11:08 AM

Tim Bishop pushes the House to pass college aid bill

Hey I do agree with ONE thing Bishop has done. He Voted to stop Acorn funding. I applaud him. That was a real reach for a guy like him. How many billions of our tax payer dollars did out gvt waste on that one? " Sep 18, 09 12:42 PM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

While I agree morally you should not hire them the reality of the situation is there is always someone who will to obtain cheaper labor and make more profit. The people doing the right thing are put at a competitve disadvantage. Maybe we should start arresting the people who do hire them or reform the system so they have to pay taxes to receive any services in our country. " Sep 18, 09 12:48 PM

only a third local. How about state tax, town tax and tax on most goods you buy. try more like 50% if you are lucky" Sep 18, 09 2:18 PM

Oh I forgot the new fishing tax. It will cost you something like 250 buck for a life time fishing license. Next time I take my kids snapper fishing bam 750 bucks" Sep 18, 09 2:19 PM

screw the mexicans give our country back to the indians. They were here first" Sep 18, 09 9:28 PM

East Hampton residents rally for health care reform

lol. The point is I'll bet you Glen Becks study would be different. That is why it is less legitamate. If you have an agenda the study is bogus. " Sep 18, 09 9:31 PM

lol. The point is I'll bet you Glen Becks study would be different. That is why it is less legitamate. If you have an agenda the study is bogus. " Sep 18, 09 9:32 PM

Tim Bishop pushes the House to pass college aid bill

the guy was a provost at southampton college for 29 years. That experience should make him very qualified on setting such important policies such as health care, war in Iraq, cap and trade and finance. Many people running this country are grossly unqualified. This guy is one of them but he is our ELECTED representitive like it or not. All we can do is hope to vote him out next election." Sep 19, 09 7:05 AM

Legislature to consider hotel tax increase on Thursday

This is just another example of the gvt squezzing small business yet again.Stop Big GVT" Sep 19, 09 7:09 AM

Empire doctors will remain in-network

Walt I defenitely do not agree with Dag but I do feel we need insurance reform. I agree with you 100% that the cost of care is the most important issue to address and I have zero confidence in the GVT managing our healthcare. I feel insurance reform and tort reform should be included in any health care reform bill proposed. In regards to the hospital situation they are both being greedy pigs. If Blue cross is going to pay southampton less than other hospitals then why cant they charge their hampton clients less?" Sep 19, 09 7:20 AM

Tim Bishop pushes the House to pass college aid bill

mickey Mouse would do a better job than him. Bishop will engage in dialogue true but he ALWAYS votes along with the very left regardless. He cant think for himself and definitely does not listen to his constituents" Sep 19, 09 2:11 PM

President addresses nation and Congress as health care debate continues on East End

Letstryagain. First of all What are you talking about and what does it have to do with Healthcare." Sep 21, 09 2:56 PM

Local brokers skeptical Empire and Alliance will settle

Who's protecting the insurance companies? What are you talking about? Your comment has nothing to do with the article" Sep 22, 09 4:23 PM

Oddone trial to start Tuesday

letskeepitreal I agree with you. They should lock this guy up and throw away the key" Sep 22, 09 8:57 PM

who cares? There is NO excuse for his actions. He choked the guy to death. " Sep 23, 09 9:56 AM

I do not know the facts of THIS case but I do know that real life is not like the WWE where it takes a guy 2 minutes to go oit in a sleeper hold. If you get a person in the right hold you can snap his neck in a secound. " Sep 23, 09 11:21 AM

jacks. I never said self defense and for the record I agree with you 100%. " Sep 23, 09 1:21 PM

Privateer, Ins is right trying to pull him off in the manner descirbed may have made the grip tighter but hindsight is 20 20. If they broke a bottle over his head to break the grip the person breaking the bottle would be sued and possibly be in jail. Bottom line is no one knew Andrew would die if they did I'm sure situation would have been handled differently. Oddone deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars although I highly doubt he will" Sep 23, 09 1:25 PM

slammin are you serious?? I guess bars or clubs should have no bouncers or anyone to check ID. There is risk whenever drugs and alcohal are involved and bouncers are there to hopefully keep control. What Oddone did is unexcusable ." Sep 23, 09 9:13 PM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

I believe members of the Bridge golf course are funding his defense. They should be ashamed of themselves and should have given that money to the victims widow" Sep 24, 09 12:26 PM

Oddone's actions directly lead to the tragedy not the rules at the bar. Oddone should be held accountable for what he did. Hopefully he will stand up like a man, apoligize for his actions, stop blaming everyone but himself, ask for forgiveness from the victims family, and accept his fate. " Sep 29, 09 11:19 AM

East Hampton GOP announces financial action plan

if these guys dont all win I will be shocked. The current administration needs to be shown the door" Sep 29, 09 9:59 PM

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

Ins let me get this straight. You are saying Oddone killed the bouncer because he couldnt dance on the table and the girls could. " Sep 30, 09 10:18 AM

East Hampton Town's union will wait on endorsements

They will probably endorse Zwirn. Why not they endorsed McGintee. They are a glutton for punishment." Sep 30, 09 10:19 AM

Governor supports Shinnecock Indian Nation in federal appeal

Paterson is a clown. Its all about the money. I hope they build the casino next door to his house. Nothing against the ShInnecock Indians but Indian Casinos are the biggest scam and are loopholes to feed off of peoples vices. I guess the indians figure they have been screwed for so long why not screw the blue hairs out of their social security checks as they pump money down the slots. " Sep 30, 09 10:30 AM

Club members offer $1 million for Oddone bail; trial nears start

The guy sounds like a real winner. Nice to see the members at the Bridge helping this guy out instead of helping out the family who had their father taken away from them. " Sep 30, 09 3:08 PM

East Hampton GOP announces financial action plan

Mo you are out of touch with the town. Zwirn will lose and lose badly. " Oct 1, 09 1:36 PM

Club members offer $1 million for Oddone bail; trial nears start

Ok everyone Frank said to cut it out and stop the posturing. Ha ha! The blogging on this site was created to give peoples OPINIONS. Just because most people don't agree with you doesnt mean they are wrong. Don't worry Frank even though most people want his head on a platter he will get his defense. Hopefully he will get what he deserves." Oct 2, 09 10:04 AM

ins I find your comments amusing. The bottom line is he DID kill someone and he must answer for that" Oct 3, 09 9:25 PM

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