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UPDATE: Neighbor Slaps Southampton Justice With Defamation Suit Over Remarks, Wilson Withdraws Application

And this obnoxious judge blocked her neighbor from erecting a fence on HIS property! The guy buys a property, improves it and a judge is pullling up survey markers becasue she feels like it? " Jun 8, 15 10:59 AM

This judge is way out of line and out of control. Were she not a political figure, Mr. Gugliotta would have long since had his fence up. This appears to be a case of intimidation by a political figure who should not only know better, but should be held to the highest standard. Pulling up survey markers and now insinutating her neighbor is some kind of pervert is way above and beyond. Is this the standard of behavior we want or expect from town officials?" Jun 8, 15 11:00 AM

Pretty cavalier comment i.e. irresponsible for an elected official and a judge no less to be throwing that accusation around. She should know better and behave better both inside and outside a courtroom." Jun 9, 15 12:30 PM

Just curious why you were "poring over the surveys of the properties?" In any case, pulling up survey markers and chaining her car in the driveway is not the mark of a good neighbor or town official. You seem to be putting a biased cart before your adoration for the honorable horse's behind." Jun 9, 15 12:38 PM

That's an interesting "if" but the crux of this particular matter concerns the judge's present behavior, not survey results. The latter matter can and should be worked out in court if both parties cannot settle the matter amicably, which, sadly, they apparently cannot. My survey indicates having a town official insinuate a resident is a pervert "when grown men want to look at little girls” crosses far outside all boundary lines.
" Jun 10, 15 11:57 AM

Yes, I did inquire, but did not deflect. The underlying matter, while important, and the reason they were in court, is important. You answered my survey inquiry. But, again, that is not the crux of the matter now, is it? Ah well..." Jun 11, 15 10:05 AM