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Locals On Mission To Restore The Residential Nature Of The Neighborhood Surrounding Stony Brook Southampton Hospital

I can spell border and much more. I am a Trump supporter. Ignorant snobs like you are the reason so many people support our President.
" Aug 8, 18 6:15 PM

How We Got Here: Pain, Suffering And The Roots Of The Opioid Epidemic In The Medical Community

Another great legacy from the Clinton administration. Gotta love those Democrats.
" Aug 9, 18 7:13 PM

Southampton Town Might Preserve Shinnecock Hills Property Where Skeletal Remains Were Found

If I was the landowner, I'd inflate the price." Aug 17, 18 7:19 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

I wish that woman could be deported.
" Sep 26, 18 7:10 PM

We need to vote out all of these crazy leftists.

" Sep 26, 18 7:11 PM

Southampton School District To Officially Honor Indigenous Peoples' Day This Year

American Indians are not "Indigenous." Many studies show that the so-called "indigenous people" came here and either wiped out or absorbed people who were here before them. Is there a time limit on who we call indigenous?" Oct 3, 18 6:59 PM

Southampton Town Looks At Banning Plastic Straws And Foam Food Containers

Sure, ban plastic containers, but let's keep the huge mansions that suck up all the energy, have huge carbon footprints, and use tons of pesticides for the manicured grounds. And how many drive huge SUVs? Hypocrites everywhere." Dec 4, 18 6:48 PM

Commuter Connection Services Start In March

Buses for the proletariat so that the roads are less congested for party members. Way to go comrades." Jan 17, 19 4:29 PM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

Why all the "greedy landlord" talk. I guess people want landlords to lose money. If they have vacant buildings then they will lower the rent and businesses will come back. That's how the market works. But so many people want government control of everything. Communism is coming." Jan 17, 19 4:41 PM

OLA Opens New Office In East Hampton Village

The rich donors want to be assured of a steady supply of cheap labor.
" Jan 25, 19 3:59 PM

Wonder if they will supply free counsel to low income citizens? Sounds like that organization could use some affirmative action.
" Jan 25, 19 4:01 PM

The Dunes Sues East Hampton Town Again

So are these the same celebrities that are alway scolding the conservatives? Why would anyone listen to a bunch of drugged out losers, no matter how rich they are?
" Jan 30, 19 6:53 PM

South Fork Commuter Connection To Kick Off In March

Another dumb idea that will quietly go away before the end of this year.
" Feb 1, 19 6:52 PM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

In 2016, the most current 990 shows Mr. Fasano received over 350,500 in salary and over 58,000 in "other =" compensation. NYS pays him well to destroy neighborhoods." Feb 10, 19 6:57 PM

GoFundMe Page Raises Money For Montauk School Teacher Injured In Puerto Rico

So, while I am sorry for this woman's pain and suffering, I think this "Go Fund Me" thing has gone too far. Why would a woman who has a great job making $150,000 a year (Seethroughny.net) with excellent health insurance that will pay at least something for emergency and out of network bills, with a great pension that will pay nearly 3/4 of her salary, disability insurance, dental etc, all paid by the tax payer, which far exceeds what most private sector employees receive, and who lives in a house valued over 2 million dollars (Zillow) need to go begging for dollars? Shameful, when there are so many truly needy people in the world. " Feb 10, 19 7:24 PM

Oh and i forgot to mention they have a second home in Rincon." Feb 12, 19 6:17 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Dispute Test Results Showing High Manganese Levels In Drinking Water

Why is Warren Booth allowed to be in any position of trust? Why would anyone believe a thief?" Feb 19, 19 7:13 PM

Protest Held In Bridgehampton On Monday

A handful of loony lefties does not a protest make." Feb 25, 19 6:38 PM

A History Of Slavery That's Hidden In Plain Sight

Between the loony left's pushing policies like reparations and socialized medicine, we can all expect to experience life a la Venezuela." Mar 3, 19 7:42 AM

South Fork Commuter Connection Launches Monday Despite Morning Storm Delays

No, I don't think so.
" Mar 4, 19 7:18 PM

Explain how autos are wealth-destroying.
" Mar 4, 19 7:20 PM

Southampton School Board Agrees To Add 'Italian Heritage Day' To 'Indigenous Peoples’ Day' On Calendar

Just because the Southampton BOE says so, doesn't make it so. The nerve!
" Mar 7, 19 6:51 AM

Shinnecock Nation Considering Other School Districts For Students

The reservation system has created a group of people who have been marginalized by being separated from the rest of the country and made dependent upon the US government for nearly everything they have. That is a recipe for creating a population who can't make it on their own merits. The best thing the Nation could do would be to get the hell of the Rez and refuse the government handouts. " Mar 15, 19 6:07 PM

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