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CVS Eyes Hampton Bays Movie Theater Location

How about another Latin Center?
" May 23, 19 7:28 AM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

Then the sovereign NATION shouldn't take one dime from the state or town if it is not part of NY State. Why should NY citizens pay you? Our state police should never come on your property. Police yourselves. Put up your own hospital, get your own fire department. Educate yourselves. " May 23, 19 6:41 PM

Bel-Aire Cove Motel Closing Depends On When Monthly Tenants Move Out

Where are all the bleeding heart lefties now? Why don't they step up and offer to take these people into their homes? They are the first ones to point at others, calling them bigoted or racist. So, where are you now self-righteous liberals?" Jun 4, 19 4:31 PM

Southampton Village Places Surf Camps On Hold

If the surf camp was for "underserved surfers" who lived in a "surf desert," , it would be approved; no problem.
" Jun 5, 19 6:45 PM

Southampton School Board Considers Food-Related Program Proposals For Next School Year

While that's all well and good, notice that the program is funded by "subsidies" from federal and state government. Once again, the tax money from hard working citizens pays for everyone, taxpayers or not. Personally, I don't think my tax money should fund the failure of parents to provide meals to their children because they are working! I raised two children while working full-time and my kids never went without breakfast or lunch. I just got up early. Why do liberals insist on foisting off parental responsibility onto the state? Where is the personal responsibility that made this country great? Socialism will destroy America.
" Jun 7, 19 7:44 AM

Hampton Bays Downtown Overlay District Comes Under Fire At Public Hearing On Tuesday

Hampton Bays is an illegal immigrant gold rush town. It has been sacrificed on the alter of the rich who live to the east. Saw the writing on the wall in 2013 and left HB behind. It's over folks. Live with it or move out." Jul 2, 19 6:53 PM

Southampton Town Looks To Prevent The Dumping Of Household Garbage At Beach Trash Cans

This was a problem for years before we left HB in 2013. I find it hard to believe that the Town is only addressing it now. However, considering that I use to see garbage dumped on the side of Dune Road when the cans were full, I don't think the new law would stop this. It would only lead to more dumping in other places. I wonder why garbage dumping was never an issue when HB was a place of summer rentals for families and young singles? Poor HB. It's not what it used to be." Jul 11, 19 8:46 AM

Southampton Village Mayor Proposes Plan To Turn Vacant Storefronts Into An Art Exhibit

The real question is why does one of the priciest villages in the country need "revitalization"? Maybe the village landlords need to take a look at its changing demographics and start renting to businesses like those in Hampton Bays. SH Village could use a few mutiservice stores and some nighttime hair salons." Jul 18, 19 7:19 AM

Hampton Bays Nun Arrested In Washington, D.C. While Protesting Treatment Of Children At The Border

But this "nun" wouldn't do the same for the poor children abused by gay priests?
" Jul 23, 19 6:59 PM

Your lack of comprehension and incoherent ranting is the source of the stench you are sniffing. Re-read my post and and your misfired response. I am embarrassed for you. However, I've seen many of your posts on this site and most of them are incoherent. Although your extremely high opinion of yourself is always on display. " Jul 24, 19 7:06 AM

President Trump To Attend Reelection Fundraiser At Bridgehampton Mansion On August 9

Love our President. He makes liberals heads explode.
" Jul 30, 19 7:07 PM

Are Affordable Apartments Within The Majority Of Housing Seekers' Budgets?

Market forces should be left to work their magic. If it's not affordable, the worker bees will leave for other parts of the country. Then in order to attract workers, employers will have to pay more and thus, people with those jobs will be willing to move back to the area because they will earn a living wage and be able to live here. Oh wait: the democrats want to keep importing cheap labor which depress wages. Landlords have oodles of illegals who are willing to be squeezed in to overcrowded and substandard rentals for crazy prices. That's what happens when you throw open the borders. Asking the government (a.k.a.taxpayers) to buckup for subsidized housing is crazy with this nonsense going on.
" Aug 7, 19 12:43 PM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton To Attend Private Fundraisers On East End Friday

It's pathetic to see the wealthy old white hippies trying to re-live their Woodstock days, considering they made their money off of Republican policies.
" Aug 10, 19 6:30 PM

Taxpayers Approve Hampton Bays Library Budget For 2020

Always begging for more dollars. If people vote down the library budget, they bring it for a vote again. The whole place should be shut down. " Aug 10, 19 6:33 PM

Hampton Bays High School Partners With CPI Developers, St. Joseph's College For Hospitality Course

It's sexist to make women cover their heads. Where are #metoo lunatics? Oh, that's right, they don't care if muslims put down women.I guess the course will be halalh.
" Aug 11, 19 7:15 PM

President Trump Attends Private Fundraisers On East End Friday

More outrage from angry old white women.
" Aug 15, 19 2:23 PM

Hampton Bays Teens Sad To Say Goodbye To Movie Theater

Why not ask the angry old white ladies who protest for illegal immigrant children to protest for your children HB? They won't because the angry old white lady leftists don't care about YOUR kids, only future democrat voters. " Aug 15, 19 4:06 PM

Application For 120-Unit Development In North Sea Met With Stark Opposition

A lot of the comments sound just like what the people of Hampton Bays said about all the illegal rentals in their hamlet. Just because those rentals happen to be filled with illegal immigrants, the HB residents are called racist. What shall we call these nimby whiners in North Sea?
" Aug 16, 19 7:32 PM

East Hampton Rejects One-Day Weekend Hunting Ban

You can just tell by the picture that she wants to BAN just about everything.
" Aug 21, 19 1:14 PM

East Hampton Town Board Approves $188,000 Payout For Former Planning Director

Insanity when you have unions in government.
" Aug 21, 19 1:38 PM

Alec Baldwin And Kevin McAllister Talk About Climate Change On The East End

So sick of loud-mouthed "celebrities" who think they are climate experts because they have made a career out of role playing.
" Aug 23, 19 9:10 PM

So... these guys are playing their parts perfectly then?
" Aug 24, 19 5:42 AM

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