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East Hampton School Board Pleads With Town For Fair Distribution Of Affordable Housing

Meanwhile, Mr. Burns made $190,842 in 2014. And don't forget the high teacher salaries and the paid for healthcare. The educators are only worried about their ability to keep raking in the tax money to pay for the insane salaries and bennies their union has gotten for them." Sep 23, 15 7:34 AM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's Employees Are Seeking Help To Save Their Jobs

So? That's the seller not the buyer. What are we, a socialist country? This is supposed to be free market capitalism.The unions priced themselves out of work. By the way, where is their union? Why aren't they doing this? Why were they abandoned by their union. They are the ones who are driving away with all the union dues. Don't blame the owners, blame the unions. That's where the real greed lay.
" Oct 11, 15 7:36 AM

UPDATE: Rapper's Manager Disputes Claim That Assistant Principal Heard Song For Music Video

Unreal! Farina made over $238,000 last year, Adler-Okeefe and Wright made about $145,000, now Adler-Okeefe gets a "new" position, Wright moves up (more money I am sure) and they create a third position which will cost how much??? Then there will be pensions and free healthcare for the new position so it will cost forever. Only the Teachers Union could be behind this. Just keep bending over you stupid taxpaying sucker. Check out the indecent salaries and teacher contracts on seethroughny.net. Read it and weep while your retirement goes up in smoke. But remember, "it's all for the children, lol."
" Oct 13, 15 6:39 PM

Spoken like a member of the party.
" Oct 14, 15 6:59 AM

It's all out of control. Just look at the Southampton teacher and superintendent contracts on Seethroughny.net. you wouldn't believe all the extra pay over and above salaries." Oct 14, 15 7:01 AM

Driver In Connection With Anna Pump's Death Says He Did Not See Her In Crosswalk

Nothing like deflecting the fact that this never would have happened if this "little very unassuming and quiet man" had obeyed the law and not been driving.
" Oct 15, 15 6:34 AM

So I guess if it was your wife or mother, you would feel the same way? And it's ok for criminals to just say,well I can't afford the fine and walk off free, right?" Oct 15, 15 6:52 PM

Police Say Riverside Man Caught Stealing Food Is Also Responsible For Car Break-Ins

It's either the Koch brothers or white privilege that created this terrible situation.

" Nov 22, 15 6:06 PM

Questions Raised About Driving Privileges In Connection With Anna Pump's Death

And no, don't worry. There is no voter fraud going on with illegals in this country either." Nov 25, 15 7:08 AM

Not everyone.
" Nov 25, 15 6:49 PM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

I disagree. Unfortunately, this mentality permeates civil service and government and seems to encourage this kind of thieving. His whole life revolves around taking from the public till. For some reason the line between what government and civil service workers feel they are due and thieving is blurred, from faking time sheets to pilfering equipment, to loitering on the clock, which are forms of stealing. I hope the police are checking fire department and HB Water records for signs of thievery such as water authority equipment in his garage, etc. I doubt this is the only incident. More likely, its just the only time he was caught. Could be tip of the iceberg, so yes, mentioning those other organizations IS relevant here." Dec 12, 15 7:44 AM

That's a great post!
" Dec 12, 15 7:45 AM

With step raises, the ability to bank and cash out on vacation and sick time, longevity pay, generous healthcare, property tax breaks, generous pensions with COLAs, and more, no public employee could do better in the private sector, nor do they work without compensation at any time. I have seen many public employee contracts. They get paid for everything. I also stand by my statement that this kind of largesse, along with the fact that taxpayers are the employer, and there is no one to watch out for the tax payers interests who is uncoupled from the unions and government, leads to a free for all behavior. I live in Florida now where the number one way for the retired public employees to pass the afternoon by the pool is to try and outdo each other with stories of how they got over while on the job. They are nearly the only one's today who can afford to "retire with dignity" and they are the real one percenters. With all of his good fortune, the fact that Mr. Booth couldn't keep his hands out of the cookie jar illustrates my point." Dec 13, 15 6:41 AM

Booth To Keep His Town Job During Court Proceedings In Grand Larceny Case

The HB Water Authority should check their inventory and Mr. Booth's property.
" Dec 22, 15 7:02 PM

East Hampton And Union Holding Informal Contract Talks

They should be glad they have a job. Get rid of the union in government. It's ridiculous to have unions in the public sector. " Dec 22, 15 7:05 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Plan To Revitalize Hamlet Of Riverside

That place has been downtrodden since I was a kid in the 60s. Good luck. If you start driving out the poor and the criminal element, you will have the liberals up in arms. They have to go somewhere." Dec 23, 15 6:50 AM

Living In The Shadows: Deportation Rumors Spark Fear Around Town

Vote for Trump if you are sick of the government doing NOTHING about illegal immigration.
" Jan 21, 16 6:12 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Arrested And Charged With Leaving The Scene Of An Accident At North End Cemetery

This would be national news if the driver were white and the grave sites that were desecrated were American Indian." Feb 3, 16 7:54 AM

Pierson Students To Visit Cuba This Month

So they can all learn to be good socialists when they come of voting age." Feb 3, 16 7:56 AM

UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

So sick of these highly paid bandits robbing the taxpayers blind and they can't even stay out of the news.
" Mar 17, 16 7:16 PM

He made $234,057in 2015 and god knows what other benefits, like car and phone allowances he gets. Superintendents for teeny school districts on LI? Robbery.
" Mar 17, 16 7:18 PM

You can read his contract at seethroughny.net. Go to contracts/schools and look him up by district. He gets a car and a cell phone allowance too. You can also see the generous raises each year. It's horrible how BOE's across LI treat these guys like kings. It certainly is not "All for the Children!"" Mar 18, 16 6:48 AM

UPDATE: School Board Accepts Eastport South Manor Superintendent's Resignation; Continues To Deflect Questions About Decision

You can see this guy's contract (and all superintendent contracts) at seethroughny.net. This guy gets all sorts of perks,and in 2015 he had his contract amended to "extend healthcare into retirement " and if he doesn't take the healthcare, he gets 45% of the premium in cash. Retirement means for life! Does that blow your mind or what??" Mar 18, 16 6:52 AM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe Appoints Interim Superintendent; Will Pay Former Superintendent $92,500 To End Contract Over 'Irreconcilable Differences'

If you really want to get mad, go to seethroughny.net and you can search the contracts of this clown, and all the superintendents in NY State. You will be outraged, I promise you." Mar 20, 16 7:18 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Shares Vision For New Ponquogue Beach Restaurant

The town can hire Harendra Singh. (google him or do a search on Newsday) We know how well "privately" run concession contracts worked out for Nassau County. Perhaps Mr. Schneiderman needs to make good on some behind the scenes promises he made to those who pull the strings to get him elected. It's all pay to play on Long Island.
" Mar 23, 16 7:21 AM

Community Unites To Raise Money For Springs School Employee On Unpaid Medical Leave

Since the public sector is always telling us that they make less than the private sector, she should just be able to find another job making more money and with better benefits. By the way, the idea of the "co-pay" has long since vanished from many private sector health plans and many now live with the dreaded "high deductible." Of course, Ms. Silipo can always fall back on her settlement since she is suing the school district. This means the taxpayers will have to pay to defend the district. " Mar 23, 16 7:06 PM

Gender-Neutral Restroom Provides Safe Space At East Hampton High School

Schools are full speed ahead with the leftist agenda. " Apr 7, 16 7:14 AM

Southampton Town Makes Moves To Keep Good Ground Park Work On Track

Don't complain. You will have soccer fields, another "Latin Store", taquerias, etc. Embrace the diversity of Hampton Bays. We left when we saw the writing on the wall. Hasta la vista baby!" Apr 7, 16 7:21 AM

So you should stop complaining then and just enjoy it." Apr 8, 16 7:02 AM

Wow, that sounds like someone who is trapped and unhappy. Sorry you are so bitter." Apr 8, 16 7:03 AM

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