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Ambulance officials tell Health Department of concerns about Hamptons Rehab Center

I am one of the local Southampton EMTs that is regulary disptached to this hell hole.

If anyone reading this has a family member or friend considering this nursing home for care, I urge you to please not let them go there.

If anyone reading this has a family member or friend ALREADY in residence there, I urge you to get them out of there. Tonight.

Additionally, we (the local ambulance crews) are being run ragged from having to answer so many calls there.

Imagine that your family member is in cardiac arrest at your home and there is a delay in the ambulance getting to your home because we are tied up at the Hamptons Center. It is going to happen and I dread that day.

This is a HUGE money making facility that has the means to hire a full time ambulance and not rely on us (free transport).

The owners know that they are using the Village's resources. Think they gave us a donation for our yearly fundraiser? Nope. Nothing.

The place is a disgrace.

" Feb 3, 09 8:20 PM

Reports to the NYSDOH have indeed been made. They are well aware of the situation there.
" Feb 4, 09 3:53 PM

Intheknow911 is a disgruntled former member who is known for mouthing off at ambulance volunteers regarding issues that he is grossly mis-informed of.

As someone who knows Keith Phillips personally and has run hundreds of calls with him, I can say with 100 percent conviction that is there is nobody else I would rather have at my side in case of an emergency.
I trust him with my life. " Feb 7, 09 5:24 PM

Woman dies in crash; driver flees on foot

The driver that fled the scene was in fact Spanish. His description was all over the scanners yesterday." Mar 29, 09 2:56 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

Instead of "ARF," the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, we now have" IRF" The Illegal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons.
Do they get spayed and neutered for free too?" Apr 1, 09 12:06 PM

Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

Hats off to the members of the SVVA, the SVA, HB and BH ambulance squads who responded, and the SHFD and SVPD. Our crews were phenomenal.
Prayers extended to the family and friends of those injured." May 26, 09 12:57 AM

Southampton native, Rick Fowler-- father, fireman and farmer dead at 50

My thoughts and prayers extended to the Fowler family.
A true Southampton family that is the epitome of class, grace and generosity." Jun 10, 09 12:50 PM

Madame Tong's open for holiday weekend

Anyone remember the fig leaf over the male statue in the ladies room at the old Hansom House?
Those were the days...." Jul 2, 09 12:19 AM

Local women bare all for sake of Southampton Historical Museum

All the ladies are gorgeous! What a wonderful idea.
" Aug 20, 09 4:22 PM

Quogue women say they were mistakenly doused by Suffolk County Vector Control truck

It's one way to eradicate the pests---both the city ones and the mosquito variety." Aug 30, 09 5:26 PM

Southampton man has been fighting fires since 1949

Eggie rocks!" Sep 3, 09 3:29 PM

Southampton Village sets date for vote on new firehouse

Well said SH Local. I'm a volunteer (SVVA), and it sounds like you are a volunteer too.

The general public has NO idea what is required to run both a fire and ambulance house. There are federal, state and county regulations that must be adhered to, and unfortunately those regulations cost a lot.

Granted, perhaps some of the fire department plans for their new house may have to be scaled down a little, but that does not negate the fact that this new house is needed.

It is true that we had to have an ambulance donated to us last year and for that we are incredibly grateful.

We volunteer because we want to. I personally don't mind getting out of bed at 2 a.m., to tend to an elderly woman who has fallen. That's what being a part of a community is all about.

The firemen who get out of bed at 2 a.m. for a house fire or a heavy rescue do it because they believe in helping out their neighbors.

I am a village resident and would much rather see my tax dollars go to a safe and OSHA approved fire house, instead of going to the repainting of yellow lines on a road, or installing uselesss bike racks that few people use.
" Sep 14, 09 1:59 PM

Public meeting on new Southampton Village firehouse is Wednesday

Yup. What SH Local said." Sep 21, 09 12:20 PM

Thiele leaves Republicans, joins Independence Party

The Muppet has landed." Oct 2, 09 5:08 PM

Body found on Sagaponack beach a suicide, police say

May this gentleman rest in peace. Prayers to his friends and family." Oct 9, 09 5:38 PM

Southampton doctor recognized for work in mammography and sonography

An awesome woman by all accounts. I think the East End is luck to have Dr. Edelstein. " Nov 2, 09 3:57 PM

East End haunts are scarce but still there

John Ducks was haunted. I met the ghost of "George" when I worked there as a teenager. Legend had it he would make appearances from time to time. It was not uncommon for the waitresses to spot him at the end of the bar when they were closing up for the night. " Nov 2, 09 8:24 PM

Southampton Hospital receives $5 million for Emergency Department

Amazing! Thank you to the Paulsons. " Nov 20, 09 4:27 PM

Blood drive scheduled for James MacWhinnie, injured in accident

Sending prayers to James and the MacWhinnie family." Dec 14, 09 12:58 PM

Hooters hoax in Bridgehampton

Crap. I was just getting ready to apply to be a Hooters waitress." Feb 8, 10 5:52 PM

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