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Proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant Angers Hampton Bays Residents

Thank you for your support!" Aug 28, 13 10:10 AM

The group of residents only just found out about the sewage plant proposal when the town posted signs for a public hearing on the parcel on August 2. The Rechlers did not reach out to the members of the residential community until after they showed up and spoke at the town board meeting.

I wonder how many other residents were not informed of the sewage plant but were dazzled by the presentation for the rehabilitation of the Canoe Place Inn.

There are now upwards of 60 people who have banded together to voice their concerns....and the number keeps growing! " Aug 28, 13 11:03 PM

There is a petition you can sign- how can you be reached? I will forward." Aug 29, 13 4:25 PM

The original plan? Are you sure? Is that the same plan which was rejected by the TB in 2012?

Numerous meetings? Which one included the residents of the Rechler radius study in 2011? Were you at the diner meetings? Even Morgo admitted that they never reached out to the residents-refer to the above article.

Do people have to live close to the proposed sewage plant (Nitrex) to speak up against it? Perhaps they see, from where they live, that the plan stinks!

The density of this project is rediculous! Perhaps I was not there in the beginning but I am here now and lots of people are educating themselves and becoming educated and some are even taking off their rose colored glasses and seeing this project for what it is.

BTW- the Suffolk County Health Department cannot comment on the scope and density of this proposal as it has not been submitted to them and won't be unless the zone change is approved.

Anyone who wants to voice their opposition is urged to write letters to the TB. This will then be entered into the public record and must be addressed by the Rechlers in the final DEIS.

" Aug 29, 13 10:12 PM

Fact: the density of the 40 town houses is immense for the acreage which is why the developers are seeking a zone change

Opinion: the number of townhouses should be reduced and the Nitrex system should be put on the same parcel; not in another residential neighborhood

Fact: the 40 town houses proposed will be built near the railroad, alongside a busy canal, in a high traffic area, in Hampton Bays

Opinion: the Tuckahoe project is not comparable-not built near the railroad, not alongside the busy canal, not in a high traffic area and not in Hampton Bays

Fact: the TB rejected the first draft of proposal last year which drew in lots of support and opposition. A year later the public is given another opportunity to comment to allow the TB to make a sound decision, based on facts and opinions of the community.

Opinion: let the TB make their decision after they have heard from all constituents, facts are presented whether they are favorable or not. Allowing all voices to be heard is part of the democratic practices of our country.

Hearing from both sides is educational and allows for one to see things from a different perspective. Separate the facts from the emotions and see things clearly.

" Aug 30, 13 11:02 AM

Are you assuming that I didn't know about the zone change? I believe I said the residents of the area where the signs were posted.

Do you assume that I didn't know about the MPDD since I am a new "op"? Being new or not, it is clear that if I agreed with your standpoint you would embrace my comments, perhaps even "like" me.

Assumptions can be dangerous.

The word "immense" may not be used in the DEIS- it does however state that the "density" requires using the three non-contiguous properties. I have read the entire document-I have attended meetings-I have spoken to Morgo-I am informed.

Fact is I disagree with the scope and density of this project, I do not feel it is good for our Hamlet- our environment, our water, and our neighbors!

" Aug 31, 13 6:05 PM

Rechler Reps Push For Rezoning Of Canal Property As Hampton Bays Residents Raise Opposition

Trying to instill fear to the opposition by discussing as-of-right possibilities is not a respectful method of communication. Intimidation is for bullies. I would not think this method would persuade opposition to change their minds or be silenced. Good for all the opposition who spoke up at the meeting- I believe 20 plus people spoke and more letters and petitions were submitted to the SH Board members.....only 4 people spoke in favor.

Did anyone find it interesting that there was another "diner" meeting with the community groups? I wonder if the Rechlers invited the neighbors of the 3 parcels to attend? They say that have reached out to the neighbors to no avail. I do not believe this to be true.....but doesn't it sound better for the Rechlers if they stated that in a public hearing?

The HBBA didn't even vote and there was an ad in the paper voicing their endorsement...misleading to say the least. Could this be true for the other community organizations?

" Sep 12, 13 8:11 PM

Let me clarify-at the recent TB meeting the Rechler representatives focused part/most of their presentation on the Nitrex system and if they didn't put the Nitrex system on the "Eastern Property" they would go with "as of right". They presented renderings which were inconsistent and admitted that the renderings were a quick attempt to satisfy questions about "as of right " possibilities. The representatives were trying to use intimidation-to scare the public, specially the majority of the audience (members of the "Eastern Property" neighborhood who spoke in opposition) .

It was the method of the presentation to which I was commenting on not their points or information. Watch the video of the meeting-it was full of attacking remarks towards members of OUR community, specific to the recent vocalization of OUR neighbors of the proposed Nitrex system.

Yes-go with "as of right"

Do not over populate the canal with the density of this proposal.

Follow the footsteps of the "johnny-come-latelies" and insist on "as of right"

Thank you ADAMSG, progressnow, and Nature!

BTW-HBBA repealed their endorsement of this proposal-perhaps they have removed the wool" Sep 14, 13 7:37 AM

I understand your point of view.

Please provide the source which you are referring to that the people who are in opposition of the Nitrex system, and in large, the density of the proposal, are afraid?

I believe, based on their vocalization, that they are not ones to succumb to "threats" and "fears" of "as of right". " Sep 14, 13 10:40 AM