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A tragic and shocking end to an immigrant family's American dream

I would like to come from a different angle...I knew David as a neighbor. In the 9 yrs I knew him, if I was out working in my little yard or whatever I might look like I could use an extra hand with, he offered. He would drive by & stop when he saw me & ask if I needed help. I knew him as a hard working man who was trying to make a life here. I am as shocked as anyone. He was always smiling, always pleasant. Who could know that something like this would happen? His wife kept to herself but would wave when she went by, if I did. I am not trying to justify the horror of what happened, but alcohol seems to be the main ingredient. My question is...if there was such a history of problems, known by the police...why was he allowed to remain in the trailer park at all? I saw him in front of the house just about every day of those 9 yrs, his trucks were always parked there. I don't believe he lived with his mother at all. I understand that Blanca would have to call the police to report a violation of the order, but I once held an order against my alcoholic ex while we were getting divorced. That piece of paper is no protection at all, it's a simple piece of paper that gets mentioned in the police report when everyone suddenly says they knew this was "going to happen". I was told by the police, that until I had established a "paper trail", meaning that I would have to report every single instance where my ex harrassed me, there was "nothing they could do". Yeah I told them "until he hurts or kills me?" I don't want to believe that he intentionally killed her. I think that things just escalated past the point of no return. I still think David is a good man who did a very bad thing. And I pray for him & his family and Blanca's family also. He will pay for it, the rest of his life. He may an alcoholic with a temper, but I'm sure he has a conscience & knowing that he took his son's mother from them forever, will be the greatest punishment he will relive on a daily basis.
And ironically...my ex was allowed to move into this same park a bunch of years ago, against my wishes, but at least he's not close by. But don't think I don't look over my shoulder all of the time." Aug 14, 09 6:53 PM

East Hampton couple returns woman's missing wallet ... and $2,400

I know Rickochet personally & I am not surprised in the least, he's a sweetheart of a guy! Yes, there are good people in the world M O'Connor and alot of them live here year-round." Sep 30, 09 9:47 AM

Despite tough times, Springs family rises to a holiday challenge

True givers work behind the scenes and don't seek the spotlight. I don't find this woman to be so incredibly amazing. There are many unsung heroes that exist in our everyday lives here that don't feel the need to have a news story dedicated to their acts of kindness. I actually find the article condescending really. We're all supposed to laud this family for their newly found appreciation for what is routine life for many who live here year round. Sorry to be a debbie downer, but why not highlight a REAL family down on it's luck and how they cope? It won't be so glamorous." Dec 28, 09 11:53 PM

East Hampton Building Inspector suspended after Sag Harbor altercation

I dunno, but Sag Harbor is a sleepy little town in the winter time and I'm sure the adrenaline was flowing. I think this whole story is so blown out of proportion. I know Mr. Preiato from having worked with him on many many occasions. I find it hard to believe he would "flash a badge" as a way to get professional "favor". I think the police overreacted (as usual around here). I called police to report a neighbor playing loud music in the wee hours of the a.m. & 4 police cars showed up. Anything else to do guys? Apparently not. Overkill..overreaction. Old town rivalries. Plus, it looks good in the paper, or so they think. Tom, I support you & I'm sure this whole thing will play out with your reputation in tact my friend. Shame on you Sag Harbor. Where were you when the DePetris clan was kicking ass a few weeks ago? Not till after the fact and then, this is "news"? Sad." Jan 27, 10 2:35 PM

Allegations of physical, verbal abuse target East Hampton Town highway superintendent

Barry, drop your "good guy" face & heart, for a minute. I know you like to rise above, but this is just b.s., plain & simple. A bully will continue to bully until he is called out on it. I know you both personally & Mr King did not get my vote. You ARE a stand up guy. I think that now that this out in the open, he cannot possibly retaliate. He's gonna have to get his temper under control and watch where he's stepping...because "we" are watching. I would nail his ass to the wall. My anger 1st rose at where he failed to give you the respect that you deserve. You and Artie have been on the Hwy Dept for a long time. If you weren't doing your jobs, he'd have fired you, no? I am on your side Barry, if you can't tell. If it were me, I would push the bully back, legally. Show him it's NOT acceptable to treat another human being that way. And I agree, reporting to the local police, does nuthin...n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Put a little scare into him. This could have been worse. Suppose he hit you just the right way & caused a severe injury. Anything could have happened AND grown-ups are not supposed to put their hands on other people. He has children, he should know this golden rule. One can always downplay what happened, but there's no justification. A title does not give you license to mistreat people! " May 24, 10 10:20 PM

Two students hospitalized after Route 114 crash

All I can say is God Bless those 2 young women...that their families are not having to plan funerals. Looking at the car, it is a miracle neither was killed. I am so happy that they are okay. Guardian Angels indeed...I think the Big Man himself was there on the scene. Please be careful out there everyone. Fatalities on Memorial Day weekend are becoming the norm unfortunately. Thankfully not in this case. All I can think of is my daughter & I will most certainly hug the hell out of her when she gets home tonight." May 26, 10 10:02 PM

I see, but apparently you don't see thru the same glasses and thankfully I don't look thru yours. We are all entitled to our belief systems & opinions. That's what makes us so interesting to each other or we'd all be boring vanilla. I happen to believe that God did save those girls. He didn't cause the accident, human error did. To each his own. Since when can not rejoice that lives were spared, but be condemned for our replies, in the positive, in a public forum? Peace to you, whoever you may be. Enjoy this weekend, with whoever you believe in...yourself, whomever." May 27, 10 11:53 PM

And...also, alot of the local companies use the Nextel/Sprint direct connect radios to keep in contact. You can dispute it being a "cell" phone, but walkie talkie or whatever, it is also a distraction. Sure, you can just click the button to talk, but the real issue is locating it in the vehicle when someone beeps you on it. Just an idea of what else may have contributed. And usually, doesn't the truck get impounded for inspection when something like this happens? " May 28, 10 12:01 AM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

sounds like your beef is in your hometown, so maybe your comments should be limited as such because you have no appreciation for what the FD & PD in our area have to deal with on a daily basis here, year round. Maybe give that chip on your shoulder a day off...you might see things in a different light. Tolerance is an admirable quality." Jun 5, 10 8:00 PM

Sag Harbor house busted for group rental second week in a row

Just wait till this weekend folks. The homeowners are raking in the $$..what's a little fine or "violation" or two or three or eight? There is no real punishment here & by the time something might happen, they will have collected their money, the "tenants" will be gone & there will be some flimsy excuse about not being able to prosecute them for one reason or another. Another weekend in the Summer Hamptons. This is nothing new & because nothing is ever done, it gets more & more out of hand each season. Code enforcement? What code enforcement? I don't see no stinkin' code enforcement. Little pieces of paper violations are just confetti in the parade. " Jun 30, 10 6:03 PM

Unexploded mortar shell and spine both discovered on Ponquogue Beach

ah ha ha ha...very funny...thanks for the levity " Jun 30, 10 6:04 PM

7-Eleven quietly moving into Montauk

And you would know this...why? Perhaps you, yourself have been an "odd" one once or twice. Grow up.
And really, Montauk the Cocaine Capital of the East End. Now at least the cops can get a cup of coffee to keep them from dozing off in this sleepy little town that's not!" Jul 18, 10 2:33 PM

And you would know this...why? Perhaps you, yourself have been an "odd" one once or twice. Grow up.
And really, Montauk the Cocaine Capital of the East End. Now at least the cops can get a cup of coffee to keep them from dozing off in this sleepy little town that's not!
Like reply report as inappropriate" Jul 18, 10 2:34 PM

Starbucks, Calvin Klein occupying half of Main St, EH, Juicy Coutoure, c'mon...a "chain" store is a chain store, no matter how fancy the name.
Montauk's just pissed because now Gaviola's has competition. It's called free enterprise. Last time I looked, this was still America, where we have the freedom to not have monopolies dictate what stays & goes. Nobody snuck anything under the radar. Just because select people don't want it to interfere with their livelihood, too bad. There is a need there & watch all the hypocrites who will enter their doors & then say what Sag Harbor did...how do we manage all this time without one. The fantasy of small town charm is an illusion repeated as a empty mantra. Nothing charming about the east end and hasn't been for years. I am EH born & bred, I've watched the decline of our Town (and yes Mtk is part of EH Town) with tears in my eyes all while growing up. Told that this is progress. Rude, nasty, self-serving summer visitors...that's progress? But we fight over a 7-11 that's going to be an alternative to the delis that rape people on a daily basis year round. It won't attract any more of a different population than the people that are already there...many hiding out away from the world. Not bashing Mtk, but supporting it's emergence into 2010. " Jul 18, 10 2:48 PM

Hey CaptainSig wannabe..this is a public forum where we're invited to comment...not to attack each other. I have an opinion, you have yours. No need to be nasty, unless of course, in keeping with your wannabe t.v. personna, you feel the need. I prefer the Hillestrands anyway. Have a nice day." Jul 19, 10 6:09 PM

Jerome Jefferson of East Hampton succumbs to lung cancer at 50

I would just like to thank the EH Press for publishing this thoughtful & lovingly written piece. It is so refreshing to see that a medium such as yours finds the everyday people just as important to their community, as the more well known. From the bottom of my heart...thanks. Hope to see this more in the future. Jerome touched many people just by being Jerome. He was a special kind of person & will be missed by many. " Jul 22, 10 10:46 PM

Sagaponack and town still wrestling to rein in crowds at popular beach gathering

Some people are just jealous cuz they got no rhythm...can't play an instrument...but sure can toot their own horns. Let the music stay, they're not the ones making the mess. Their hands, after all, look pretty busy to me. It's the usual summer suspects. Ones who stop off at all the public trash cans on Sunday nite before heading back home, if they even bother to do that. Too lazy/too cheap to buy a dump permit OR pay someone to remove it for them. It's been that way for decades. Hey everyone, come to the East Hampton area...it's a free-for-all. $100 for a parking ticket? Pshaw...that's peanuts. Their kids carry that kind of small change in their diapers. As usual, the "haves" don't want the "have-nots" intruding on "their" beach. We all pay taxes & for beach stickers...it's a privilege we pay for. God forbid someone should have some fun. The musicians are doing their thing. It just happens that people apparently love the vibe. Me too. I'll have to come see it for myself. Maybe I could use my former Jitney training & collect the trash as I walk around. " Jul 23, 10 5:25 PM

East Quogue woman files $70 million lawsuit against Suffolk County and Southampton Town

Interesting...Nancy Genovese/Glen Beck connection? I found this trying to find her myspace page...Miss Innocent certainly doesn't seem so innocous:
http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=492531657&blogId=505351981" Jul 30, 10 10:06 PM

And...Ms Genovese...your 15 minutes is up. Good luck in court." Jul 30, 10 10:07 PM

Ya know, the saddest thing here is that, this paper provides a public forum for people to air their opinions and thoughts...it's a privilege.
Some are seizing the opportunity to personally attack others that they don't even know...what the hell?
We are all entitled to our opinions, it doesn't make us right or wrong. It's healthy to speak out. Personal attacks by cowards hiding behind an online name or silhouette is not. It's immature and diverts people from the topic. Please stop it. " Aug 3, 10 5:27 PM

Hampton Bays woman drowns in pool during party

it's always easy to be an armchair quarterback VOS - anonymity, sarcasm galore & apparently suffering a wedgie. Hey Clark Kent, if you can do a better job, why don't you start your own paper? They reported the news as they rec'd it. If you want instantaneous local news, listen to WLNG, they report all the good gossip (that they don't filter first). Have a nice day & sounds like you could use a little vacay yourself." Aug 14, 10 10:15 AM

East Hampton Library sues Zoning Board of Appeals

what?! "adding" to the traffic? what a ridiculous concept. Summer, in and of itself, adds to the traffic congestion, as does all the fundraisers, concerts, art shows, blah blah blah. East End traffic is a given, whether or not the library gets it's wish, which I WHOLEHEARTEDLY support. I am a lifelong resident and the library is a place of fondest memories of my childhood. Joe $chmo can get his pet project rolled right thru without controversy, but the Library is pushed away like an petulant child as if it will eventually go away. It's all in the politics folks, always has been, always will be. Welcome to EH. " Aug 28, 10 11:05 AM

and nothing beats the feel of curling up with an honest to goodness "book", the way the author intended it to be read. You can have your kindle, I prefer the smell and feel of a good old paper dispensed tale. " Aug 28, 10 11:06 AM

Controversial Montauk 7-Eleven to open on Wednesday

Welcome 7-11...I've been waiting to catch up with the rest of civilization. Now I don't have to pay $2 or more for a crappy cup of coffee at a crappy bagel shop on my way to work...a nice change.
Just like the threats of Hurricane Earl...let's get all worked up BEFORE we see how they do...c'mon already. " Sep 1, 10 10:23 PM

Montauk train service cut takes effect; shuttle service could be on horizon

Well..take part of our paychecks & then take our service away too...what a joke!! This is why I take the Jitney, screw the MTA, they'll not get any MORE of my $$ willingly. Locals be damned, we don't need to go anywhere that's not within walking distance...c'mon man, this is "progress"? For who?? The fat cats @ the MTA...always has been, always will be. I feel sorry for those who really need the service, this is a total slap in the face to eastern Long Island. Boo MTA - boycott whatever's left in the schedule, whatever that might be even be. Sign me, Disgusted." Sep 14, 10 5:29 PM

Hampton Bays man makes 300th blood donation

BRAVO Mr. Nimons...you are an inspiration and as a fellow donor...I thank you for getting the word out. And just to let people know, I believe you can donate both blood & platelets in RH as well: http://www.nybloodcenter.org/donation-locations.do?sid0=2&sid1=45#suffolk
We need more people to be as dedicated as you Sir. Congratulations!" Sep 22, 10 5:05 PM

East Hampton Town considers eliminating leaf pick-up

And as usual, with no leaf pick up in place...where do you think the leaves are gonna end up? In YOUR yard....MY yard...your neighbor's yard...where the guy across the street would much rather blow or rake their leaves back across the street, so as not to blow back into his yard. Regardless of a "free" drop off at the dump...not everyone has access to a pick up which is the best way to handle them. So, I will pack my station wagon chock full of bags of leaves & drive to the dump, like a "responsible" Town resident, with all my windows blocked. Good God, I hope I don't have an accident on the way to the dump because I can't see out my rear view. And as I drive by, my buddy across the street will wait till I'm out of sight & send HIS leaves back into my yard. I'm so glad McGintee can still walk around with his head held high. Hope a good ole Nor'Easter visits YOUR neighborhood Bill...but then again, you can easily afford someone to deal with your crap...as usual.
Love the Fall, but not being the Fall Guy/Gal on this one. " Oct 12, 10 5:35 PM

The Newest Hamptons Hot Spot

A whole lotta article without a whole lotta definitive info...all I really gained from it was a free classified ad for the brokers named.
And I agree...LOVE the 7-11 (NON-sacrcastically)." Oct 24, 10 3:40 PM

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