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Two Weeks Post-Primary, No East Hampton GOP Supervisor Results Yet

Larry Cantwell 35 Bill Wilkinson 10, Both good leaders" Sep 25, 13 7:35 PM

In East Hampton, Comments Largely Split On Proposed Truck Law; Workmen Argue Hardship

I was told that at one time he may of been an attorney. Possibly New Jersey if you care to look into it further. Love his wife's cartoons" Jul 22, 14 10:10 PM

East Hampton School Board Pleads With Town For Fair Distribution Of Affordable Housing

We can blog all we want to deaf ears. You want the politicians to listen,, unite and go out and vote election day. I live in Springs and intend to do that." Sep 28, 15 7:27 AM

Bowling Alley, Mini Golf, Sports Bar Proposed At Wainscott Tennis Facility

Good Luck Scott. If approved it would create jobs for locals and a place to hang during the off season" Oct 20, 15 7:13 PM

Southampton And East Hampton Democratic Officials Endorse Calone For Congress

The campaign manager for A.T.H. does not understand the district very well. Endorsements from people outside the district are meaningless to those independent minded voters who vote here.
It may be seductive to rub shoulders with these outsiders but to those who work two or more jobs to live here it does not help make ends meet.
The primary should be won by the person who can best represent us. Issues not Endorsements" Jan 13, 16 1:32 PM