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Hampton Bays library budget calls for nearly 6 percent increase in taxes

I too am going to vote YES ! There are VERY FEW other public services that deliver the "Value for the tax dollar" that our Library does. Keep up the GREAT work." Aug 10, 10 6:10 PM

With deadline looming, radio station still short of funds

As many-generations "locals" of modest means Ihave supported this station to the best of my ability in order to help keep a sane voice on the radio. I agree with Mr Lowenstein that IN ORDER TO SURVIVE the station MUST BECOME MORE RELEVANT to the COMMUNITY. The downhill "slide" seemed to all begin when they stopped PROVIDING LOCAL NEWS in the MORNING and dropped "The humor of Joann Sherman" who did her best to start your day with a smile. Fortunately WE DO HAVE OTHER CHOICES for NPR NEWS, the "sane" choice for national & world news. " Aug 13, 10 6:48 AM

Taxpayers approve Hampton Bays Library's $1.89 million budget

Mrs Squires was a TRULY great teacher. She was a woman who held to very high standards and demanded the same from her students. I was fortunate to be one of her students 1961-1965 at HBHS. Things I learned have been of use throughout my life." Aug 13, 10 6:55 AM

THe REAL dissappointment here is that ONLY 322 people BOTHERED TO SHOW UP and VOTE AT ALL !!" Aug 13, 10 6:57 AM

Camp Developer Files $65 Million Lawsuit Against Project Critics

I have NO knowledge of the personalities involved in this, HOWEVER, shouldn't this use as a Day Camp be "grandfathered" by the fact that it is a pre-existing use. The camp is NOT a NEW THING, I went there 2 summers in the 1950s and found it an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. MAY LOGIC & COMMON SENSE PREVAIL ! (Not likely though)" Oct 24, 11 6:07 PM

Sagaponack Village Offers $500,000 For Bridge Repair

OK, Lets declare the bridge a "Historic Structure" since it is one of the features and Landmarks of the old Bridgehampton Road Races course when the races were held on the street circuit through Sagaponack during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Much of this race circuit is very much as it was in the 1950s, with neither the corners or road lane widths having been "modernized." The bridge itself was, in fact, a critical feature of the course, contributing directly to a fatal crash which brought about the end of racing on the public roads. If the bridge NEEDS stabilizing, do that, but PLEASE DON'T CHANGE ITS ESSENTIAL APPEARANCE and CHARACTER." Mar 10, 14 1:03 AM