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Builders Appeal For Basement Bedrooms In East Hampton

Please let us bedrooms in basements...we need more space for the illegals. " Aug 26, 15 6:35 AM

Sagg Pond Closed To Swimming After Dangerous Algae Is Detected

Oh you are ruining his hysteria. " Aug 26, 15 1:22 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

They were set up on public property and that was more than a 'lemonade stand' seeing as they had tables, chairs and props. But hey, rich NYC liberal wants to do what he wants to do, why should the law apply to hjim." Aug 27, 15 11:30 AM

I have never seen a child's lemonade stand that has a seating for customers. Or a van. Or a Porsche for a prop. Or six foot tall wooden signs. All on public property with out a permit. But no, go ahead and keep making excuses for self-entitled rich white guys...oh wait, he's a celebrity. " Aug 28, 15 2:45 PM

Yes, LEOs are held in such low esteem because they do their jobs. So if Jerry and his brats are breaking the law LEOs are just to ignore it? How about when some one breaks into your house and assaults you, you want them to ignore that too. Or how about we apply the law equally to all people regardless of creed, color or celebrity status. " Aug 28, 15 2:49 PM

No they shouldn't have "let it go". The law is the law, you don't just get to pick and choose when to enforce it. Oh what, rich white guy gets a pass I suppose. " Aug 31, 15 6:47 AM

They can do it like everyone else, in front of their house. " Aug 31, 15 6:48 AM

Lee Zeldin Announces Raffle For Constituents To See Pope

I wonder how much Bishop would have sold his for. " Sep 3, 15 3:23 PM

Preservationist Pitches Immunocontraceptive To Control Deer

Oh just stop screwing around and shoot the damn things already. Stop wasting time, stop wasting money and do what you need to do. Leave it to dumb people to make the simple things hard." Sep 7, 15 7:36 AM

Sag Harbor Native Moves To Israel To Serve In Army

Good for her. " Sep 10, 15 6:44 AM

Southampton Town Will Explore Small-Scale Power Grid

Capture the hot air from every town hall, every county seat, every state legislature and all of DC and we could be energy independent overnight. " Sep 15, 15 1:05 PM

East Hampton Town To Spend $1 Million On Airport Legal Fight In 2015 Alone

Why not, it is just the taxpayer's money, why not two million or maybe three. " Sep 16, 15 6:22 AM

No. " Sep 19, 15 8:04 AM

East Hampton School Board Pleads With Town For Fair Distribution Of Affordable Housing

And who is going to get this housing? Oh we know who. " Sep 22, 15 2:54 PM

BookHampton To Close In East Hampton and Southampton

Oh darn, where will I go to buy the book they don't have anyways?
"We can order that for you"
I can order it for myself for less.
" Oct 20, 15 3:25 PM

It is called business and if what you are doing isn't working you either change, adopt a business model that will work or you get out. Our economy is changing; get use to that fact. Is it unfortunate, sure, but artificially supporting a failing business is idiotic. No one went out and bought a one buggy whip a year to keep the buggy whip manufactures going, why should anyone feel obligated to keep a failing business going. " Oct 20, 15 3:29 PM

...are grown ups who will have to find new jobs or just go on the dole. " Oct 23, 15 3:16 PM

Oh, some one sounds a little miffed, no reason to denigrate the reporter. " Oct 23, 15 3:18 PM

UPDATE: Army Corps Montauk Beach Project To Go Forward

That is exactly what some would want, they want their own little private slice of heaven and to hell with anyone else and their property. " Nov 17, 15 10:53 AM

Offshore Wind Farm and Energy Storage Systems Proposed For South Fork

Doesn't putting the wind farms over the horizon increase the cost dramatically? And why? So people don't have to see them; that seems rather stupid but then again this is liberal New York. Stupid is a requirement for anything now. " Dec 9, 15 6:54 AM

East Hampton YMCA Pool Making Kids Sick, Parents Say

If something is making your kids sick you have to as yourself what kind of parent are you if you keep taking them there or letting them go there? " Dec 21, 15 1:27 PM

Montauk Man Recalls Refugee Rescues On The Shores Of Lesvos

So how does it feel knowing you aided terrorists in entering Europe's soft under belly? I see one picture of women and children, the rest look to be young men of military service age, you know, the kind who committing mass sexual attacks in Germany recently. " Jan 8, 16 6:59 AM

East Hampton Village Board Appoves Village Jail Renovations

I guess the ones complaining are the ones worried about seeing it from the wrong side of the bars. " Jan 11, 16 6:54 AM

Living In The Shadows: Deportation Rumors Spark Fear Around Town

I guess then if it is okay for illegal immigrants to break laws and not be punished it is okay for me or anyone else to break any law we like and not get punished. Oh wait, I am tax paying voting citizen who does pay his taxes, who does follow the law so a no-tolerance standard is applied to me. " Jan 21, 16 1:25 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Shooting Not 'Just A Random Event,' Police Chief Says

No names, no descriptions,no real information. Description of the suspects? How about the vehicle? Nope and we know why but don't worry, everything is fine, just keep watching the Kartrshians and stuffing your faces. " Jan 26, 16 1:59 PM

East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee In Favor Of Plans For Offshore Wind Farm

Why are they proposing to build the wind farm so far away....O I forgot this is Nimby Island, we don't want to actually see them, we just want the lights to come on magically. Who cares if it doubles the cost as long as the elite have their views. " Feb 9, 16 3:09 PM

I am advocating common sense which seems to be so god damn rare now as to be considered a super power. " Feb 10, 16 6:38 AM

Opponents Drop Lawsuit Against Montauk Beach Project

Yeah they had their moment in the sun and now they can go pat them selves on the back over their Starshmucks and how they are just such active activists. Now on to the next faux outrage!" Feb 12, 16 12:01 PM

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