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Bilingual Drug And Substance Abuse Forums To Be Held At East Hampton High School

"Multi-lingual"? Stop being so PC and just say bi-lingual because half the school population is Latino and their parents are not English-speaking citizens. " Feb 23, 16 11:57 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Opposes President Obama's Plan To Close Guantánamo Bay Prison

What the heck would Imam Obama know about our national security interests, he's done nothing but damage them from day one of his regime. You want to close Gitmo; charge the prisoners with a crime or let them go. " Feb 23, 16 12:00 PM

Truck Strikes LIRR Bridge Near East Hampton Train Station

You mean the corrupt and incompetently run LIRR/MTA? " Feb 29, 16 2:22 PM

Teen Installs New Sidewalks At Hampton Bays Church For Eagle Scout Project

Outstanding but a little advice young man, stand up straight, square those shoulders and hold your head high. Be proud of what you did and project that. Again, outstanding!" Mar 4, 16 8:46 AM

As a person who hires/fires it is not 'critical BS', its real world advice. " Mar 4, 16 9:27 AM

Yeah I use to do that until some creep came to my house so no thanks Mr. Farm Local (hypocrite). " Mar 5, 16 6:25 AM

How about no. " Mar 7, 16 9:19 AM

Tom Knobel Resigns As East Hampton GOP Chair

East Hampton Republican Committee....such a thing exists? " Mar 8, 16 2:52 PM

Gender-Neutral Restroom Provides Safe Space At East Hampton High School

If this is the future it is going to be pretty sad one. Safe space, micro-aggression, and trigger words are all now part of our lexicon all because of cultural collapse and societal decline. When are they going to have a special bathroom for the he/she/it who thinks they are a giraffe? Can they share with the one who thinks they are a car?

America: 1776 to 2016, R.I.P. " Apr 6, 16 9:16 AM

Careful I could care less what you think. " Apr 7, 16 6:55 AM

Careful, your hypocrisy is showing.

" Apr 8, 16 12:20 PM

Fred Thiele Steps Down As Sag Harbor Village Attorney

I really don't see how it was ethical and not a conflict of interest for Mr. Thiele to be an elected representative of the state and an paid agent of a local municipality, how is it not possible that there was some intersection of the two. Just another indicted crook from Albany. " Apr 12, 16 9:11 AM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

You already know the answers Frank, its Heil Hillary in the 27 East offices and we know progressives brownshirts will do anything, anything, to stir up racial, economic and cultural divisions. " Apr 15, 16 6:27 AM

Matt Lauer's Landscaping Plan For Water Mill Horse Farm Is Approved

So the rich crybaby white guy still gets what he wants. " Apr 18, 16 8:04 AM

If Blinking Light Program Is Successful, County Road 39 Could Get A New Underpass Instead Of Light

Nothing but a band aide, they need to rip up the worthless LIRR tracks and use that right of way from the choke point where 39/27 meet up and run a car/bus only parkway from Southampton to Montauk. Put in a hub at Southampton and run express buses to points east that you can adjust seasonably.

P.S.: what ever happened to useless Freddy Thiel's local commuter train? Another wasted idiotic pipe dream: build a road. " Apr 20, 16 2:19 PM

Fishermen Say State Officers Violating The Constitution With Searches And Sales Of Seized Catch

Goosestepping government goons don't care about the Constitution. Good luck though. " Apr 22, 16 2:46 PM

Jury Selection To Begin In May In Sandpebble Builders' Suit Against East Hampton School District

Soooo after the school loses and has to pay out $.3.8 million and will probably drive the bill northward of $3 million the taxpayers will be on the hoof for almost $7 million and nothing to show for it? Well why should the school care, its not their money they are throwing away; they'll just raise the taxes to keep the money flowing into their pockets.

" Apr 25, 16 12:50 PM

Traffic Stop Nets Suspect In Drug Trafficking Case In Brazil; Driver Turned Over To ICE Agents

Handed over to ICE...catch and release, rinse and repeat. Might as well gave him a pat on the head and a hundred bucks for bothering him. " May 4, 16 9:57 AM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

Ah isn't open borders and "diversity" great! " May 23, 16 6:55 AM

UPDATE: Southampton BOE Appoints Interim Director Of Pupil Personnel Services; Won't Comment On Status Of Administrator Who Held Position

What the heck is going on with the Southampton Schools...if I were a parent of a child in that system I would start worrying. " May 25, 16 10:39 AM

OLA Announces Springs School Vote On Latino Parents Committee

You know you folks at 27 east really are really intolerant of people asking questions. " Jul 6, 16 8:00 AM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

And Hillary has embraced Black Lives Matter which is turning into a terrorist organization, she celebrates their chants about killing cops. " Jul 25, 16 12:47 PM

Deleted posts..just like Hitlery's deleted e-mails. You didn't care about them but when it is YOU who gets censored...well it is a different story isn't it. Get use to it, keep going left and that will be the norm. " Jul 26, 16 11:55 AM

KKK fliers? You mean the militant wing of the Democrat Party? That is who founded the KKK after all. " Jul 26, 16 3:27 PM

Well what you do, they'll tell you it is privately owned, they can do waht they want. Protest, protest who, a bunch of worthless illiberal DNC Hitlery clowns? 27 east doesn't care about honesty or openness, it is all about agenda. They have been deleting stuff for years...nothing will change so eff them. " Jul 27, 16 12:23 PM

'Prince Of Egypt' Concert, Which Stirred Controversy Online, Is Canceled

Soooo black liberal actor is outraged by people...acting? Well, thank you very much political correctness. " Jul 28, 16 3:37 PM

Group Will Press Town To Close East Hampton Airport

That has been the goal of this group from the get go, shut down the air port for their benefit. They will never be satisfied until the airport is closed." Aug 24, 16 8:15 AM

All I know is this, the airport is an asset to the community. If the people opposed to it don't like they should raise the money and offer to BUY the property from the Town. If they don't want to put up the money then shut up and sit down or better yet MOVE. " Aug 26, 16 6:55 AM

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