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Springs or The Springs? What's In A Name?

The guy is a clown but I know of no one who calls Springs "The Springs". " Aug 31, 16 9:50 AM

$75.1 Million East Hampton Town Budget Would Mean 1-Percent Tax Hike Despite Climbing Health Insurance Costs

I may be incorrect but I seem to recall watching one town or village board where it was stated that NYS law actually prevents agencies from fully funding their pensions. I don't know who the gentleman was, he may have some kind of auditor but the reason he gave was simply the fact that NYS could not fully fund the pensions and the state did not want to look bad if others did. Maybe one of the whiz bang reporters at 27 east can look into it. " Sep 28, 16 6:41 AM

East Hampton's Monogram Shop Tallies Presidential Election

Let's face it, the East End isn't exactly grounded in reality. " Oct 6, 16 9:06 AM

Hunters For Deer, Sag Harbor Village Police Clash Over Village Law

Why, is your precious little grandson so sheltered he doesn't know what hunting is or where his food comes from? You know ever one keeps beating the drum that the east end is a rural place but when you do rural things you get a bunch of ninnies whining and crying. Don't like hunting, go move to the city, you can live with a whole bunch of animals. " Oct 13, 16 6:59 AM

EDITORIAL: The Press Endorses Anna Throne-Holst For The U.S. House

So the Press basically said: Lee Zeldin has done a good job and has done everything one would expect from a freshman congressman but we think he is too partisan so we are going to be partisan and endorse and inferior candidate.

Brilliant!" Oct 28, 16 9:18 AM

Pollster: Every Indicator Points To Zeldin Victory In Congressional Race

Oh nothing is better than the taste of sweet sweet liberal tears, nectar of the gods. " Nov 4, 16 9:13 AM

Southampton Village Board Considers Requiring Permits To Cut Down Trees On Residential Lots

Looks like some one needs more revenue. Lets just find another way to squeeze money from the people. Don't forget as far as the government cares it is not your property, you pay for the privilege to live there at their leisure. " Nov 14, 16 6:52 AM

East Hampton Residents Form Committee To Oppose Bus Depot For East Hampton School District

NIMBYies....they are every where. I guess they can build in that magical floating space in the sky next to all the other infrastructure needed but people don't want next to them....put it next to some other guy. " Nov 17, 16 6:44 AM

Bistrians Say Amagansett Farm Preservation Is In Jeopardy, Will Press For Development

Oh just develop it and get it over with, we could use additional tax revenues. " Dec 20, 16 3:32 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Lifts Parking Restriction After Snow Storm

And people...stay home. " Jan 7, 17 12:39 PM

East End Residents Take Part In Women's Marches Saturday

Have any of these people ever protested how women are treated under Islam, how they are treated in Saudi Arabia, Iran? No, just butt hurt sore losers trying to find some way to disrupt life. " Jan 23, 17 9:44 AM

Fake news, alive and well on 27east." Jan 23, 17 3:35 PM

Thiele: Governor's Proposed State Aid Package Could Shortchange Three East End Schools

Send a strongly worded memo, that will get his attention! He might even use words like "darn" and "heck" before he waddles out of his office for latte. " Jan 25, 17 6:37 AM

Progress Made On Plan To Link Buses, Shuttles

Didn't Freddy Thiele get funding for shuttle trains a couple years back...what ever happened to those? Just more empty talk from a professional political hack. " Jan 31, 17 11:45 AM

East Hampton School Board Formally Opposes Betsy DeVos For U.S. Secretary of Education

The only thing the EH Board is worried about is their monopoly; the education of the districts children is far behind enriching the bloated overpaid staff. " Feb 2, 17 11:51 AM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

Not surprising given the current climate in the country and the countless acts of aggression and violence committed by those on the Left; it is so unfortunate that they are against people's right to free speech and have to resort to ISIS like tactics to silence free people. " Feb 3, 17 9:20 AM

Well when you have those on the Left acting more like members of ISIS than American citizens you have to err on the side of public safety. " Feb 3, 17 9:22 AM

Southampton School Board Approves 'Culturally Sensitive' Calendar For 2017-18 School Year

Absurd is the nicest way to describe the sheer and utter stupidity of Southampton's politically correct action. What's next, burning books they don't like? Maybe a couple of sieg hiels while they try to re-write history, culture and religion? " Feb 9, 17 12:24 PM

Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

Cantwell is just trying to protect East Hampton's shadow economy, why do you think they are so lax in enforcing the codes. Over half of East Hampton's schools are populated by the children of illegal aliens; thank you tax payers. " Feb 17, 17 2:24 PM

Wouldn't be a problem if the illegal aliens weren't here in the first place; that's why they are "illegal". " Feb 17, 17 2:33 PM

Immigrants Share Fears Of National Policies, ICE Raids

The Organization of Caucasian Americans will be hosting a forum to discuss the impacts of illegal immigration on the East End. The executive director of OCA, said the meeting will address the fears members of the local Caucasian community are currently experiencing with federal immigration laws and enforcement. " Feb 21, 17 6:42 AM

East Hampton Village Mayor Makes Statement On Immigration Enforcement

Now now, he's just being a good pet for business and keeping the East End's shadow economy up and running. The only people he cares about are the rich white folks who need their yards cleaned up by cheap illegal immigrants so they can toast their drinks and tell each other how wonderful they are. " Feb 27, 17 6:58 AM

East End Employers Say Immigrant Workers Pay Taxes, Provide Foundation For Local Economy

If you are here illegally then you are breaking the law, you need to go. If that affects these businesses so be it. I don't get rewarded for breaking the law, neither should these criminals or the crooked people who hire them. In fact they should quadruple any fine any employer faces for hiring criminal aliens. " Mar 3, 17 9:20 AM

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