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Dozens Rally In Southampton Village For Immigration Reform

Tell me when all the people who broke the law and entered this country illegally, work here illegally and live here illegally go home and then we'll talk immigration reform.

If you are not going to punish people who break the law why should anyone follow any law? " Dec 9, 13 12:16 PM

So Phil are you saying you do not support the idea of people showing proof of their voting status? Is it really so much to ask that people prove they are who they say they are; we do it for so many other things why not something as important as voting. Seems rather simple to me, you have to be a complete moron in this day and age not to have some kind of recognized ID. " Dec 11, 13 6:46 AM

Well one reason is that the Democrats need the working poor, they need a full-time under class of serfs to buy off with government subsidies and handouts; how else do you expect them to vote Democrat. From the just released CBO report;

"A statistic deep inside a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report may further inflame the debate over income inequality.

The report says that the top 40 percent of U.S. wage earners paid 106 percent of U.S. individual income taxes in 2010, while the bottom 40 percent paid negative 9 percent, CNBC reports."

Democrats are anti-business, anti-growth, anti-capitalist. You have President Moron babbling on about income inequality and what he would do; never mind that rate of inequality jumped 400% under his watch. No, the Democrats need more slaves and serfs for their plantation; expect a lot of talk and no action. " Dec 12, 13 1:59 PM

Exactly Z; the Fed keeps printing billions and giving it to Wall Street, they are doing great but Main Street is still struggling. $85 billion a month for months on end has created a new bubble just as dangerous as the one that popped in 2008; eventually all of that money is going to have to come out of the market; POP!

It is funny that when Wall Street is doing well under a Republican President Democrats/liberals/leftists tell you how horrible the dirty rich are. When the market is going gangbusters under a struggling Democrat President what a resounding success his policies have been; crisis over.

Just wait: the Big Pop is coming. If you have made back what you lost in the crash of 08 you would be foolish to not now consider moving your wealth/investments into more secure holdings.

Bit coins? How about real coins: pre-64 silver; real money. Prices are low right now and good time to buy if you can spare it." Dec 12, 13 3:23 PM

Wayne LaPierre was right after all. " Dec 17, 13 6:44 AM

Nelson Mandela was a supporter of voter ID Phil. I don't think he was a moron, supported poll taxes or wanted to make people jump through hoops. I think he believed in honesty and integrity in exercising the most important civic right free people have.

It is not only about proving who you are when you register it is also proving who you are when you vote. I really don't understand the left's fear of voter ID...unless you are afraid of something. " Dec 17, 13 3:24 PM

Deer-Culling Opponents File Suit Against East Hampton Town, Village Over Planned Cull

If you check that petition you'll find that a great deal of the people who signed are from outside the area. If you ask the people who actually live here I think you'll find the overwhelming majority support the program. No one really cares what some one from Germany, Canada or even Staten Island thinks about an east End issue.

And it is not just culling, the local municipalities will also be looking at other means to control the population once it is reduced to a sustainable level. this includes the use of contraception and expanded hunting seasons and areas. This involves working closely with State officials to create an effective plan for long term management of the herd.

The fact of the matter is that the local deer population is out of control. Is it the perfect solution: no, but then again we don't live in a perfect world. Time to move on to your next phony crisis." Dec 23, 13 7:12 AM

Southampton Town Swears In Officials

Oh my a Tim Bishop sighting...did he see his shadow, will we have 10 more weeks of winter? Say where had old Timmy been hiding, huddled with his lawyers or counting his bribe money? I mean really, Tim was such a big supporter of Obamacare, where has he been since its disastrous role out, what does he think about the millions who lost their insurance or the fact that costs are going up and not down. Didn't Tim parrot President Liar's claim that the average cost would go down 2400 bucks, that if you liked you plan you could keep it and if you like your doctor you can keep him too?

I am sure the outstanding people at 27East, paragons of journalist integrity, will right on it and ask Timmy right away. " Jan 7, 14 7:36 AM

I wouldn't be so sure, it is pretty apparent that quite a few people in this district are not too bright. Little Timmy has fooled them this long, what makes you think they'll get any smarter between now and November? " Jan 7, 14 12:26 PM

Deer Kill Faces Permitting And Funding Obstacles

How about no. How about we get the population under control first and then expand the hunting and open up additional areas. This is not being undertaken lightly but something needs to be done now. Not tomorrow, not next week or next month or next year. " Jan 8, 14 12:48 PM

Wait, you area deer and sign expert? Are those signs engineer grade or reflective prism? Are they going to be text, maybe bilingual or a pictograph format for international deer. Heck it is just the government spending money, you love it when the government spends money; it is just like Obama's stimulus plan but local.

Think of all the people the cull will feed, you want to help the needy don't you? And jobs, think of the jobs it will create; hunters, butchers, truck drivers. Hey maybe they can make coats out of the deer hide for the needy,every one needs a coat. Stop being a racist (it always works for democrats) and do it for the children (hey that works too).

Besides, venison is delicious, why should a bunch of hunters be the only ones to eat the food of king's. What are you some kind of Romney One Percenter? What about food equity you elitist snob. " Jan 8, 14 3:52 PM

I dunno, he is a flaming liberal, how can you be sure he is joking about the signs.

Just kidding, I am sure HHS would hire a translator for the deer, maybe give them EBT cards and sign them up for Obamacare...or would Medicade be better, hmm. " Jan 9, 14 1:12 PM

Cuomo Seeks Hunting Regulation Changes; Deer Hunting Areas May Open Up

Why don't you worry about your craptastic city of Chicago and let us worry about New York. " Jan 28, 14 2:21 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer Suspended Without Pay After Stalking Arrest

Some one needs to be paid 130k a year to loose guns and stalk people...." Jan 30, 14 8:59 AM

State Senators Call For Delay Of Common Core

That would be an excellent idea! " Feb 4, 14 8:46 AM

Guardsman Honored As State Of The Union Guest

It is nice to see our servicemen and women recognized for the outstanding service they provide to our country. If only our elected officials had the same grasp of honor, duty and integrity that those in uniform have. " Feb 4, 14 12:50 PM

East End Schools Shortchanged In Governor's Budget

Maybe schools should stop planning on the State to come to their rescue and start planning accordingly. Really what sense does it make to pay the State taxes and then the State redistributes it? Cut out the middle man, lower State costs and taxes and let the people in school districts approve budgets they think are appropriate. Our school districts waste far too much money and add the Common Core garbage our kids are getting shafted by politicians, special interest groups and bureaucrats. " Feb 8, 14 7:58 AM

Police: Two Hampton Bays Diner Employees Arrested For Assaulting Patron

Make sure you leave a big enough tip!" Feb 10, 14 2:19 PM

East Hampton Beach Cleanup Postponed Again Due to Weather

Gosh darn that nasty old Global Warming!" Feb 14, 14 10:01 AM

UPDATE: FAA's New Helicopter Rule Clarified

"But what do I know? I'm just a Liberal who thinks that my opinion has greater value regardless of what anyone else says."
FIFY. " Mar 11, 14 3:13 PM

You know that pesky train goes by my house all the time, some times late at night. They really need to close the train tracks because it just ruins my sleep and makes me crank all day. " Mar 12, 14 6:36 AM

Bishop Bill Pushes For Medal Of Honor For Haerter

I do not like or Tim Bishop but I'll support anything he does to the benefit and honor of those who have fallen in service to their country. " Mar 18, 14 6:49 AM

Don't count on it; the desperate often wrap themselves in the courage and honor of others to cloak their personal and ethical failings. " Mar 18, 14 10:13 AM

What is going on in the Ukraine has nothing to do with the National Interest of the United States. All be see now is a theatrical play designed to help Obama save some face. You want to say there are similarities between Putin/Hitler, well we can say the same thing about Obama/Hitler, do you want to go there?

The people of Crimea took a vote, they want to be part of Russia so who are we to tell them no. Who is the government of Ukraine to tell them no; the legitimate and legally elected government had to flee for safety.

We know some of the groups that now rule Ukraine are anti-Semitic neo-Nazi types, who would want to be associated with them? No, this is none of our business, let these people be responsible for their own choices.

And I repeat; I don't like Bishop but I support anything he can do for these fine young men who gave their lives for this country." Mar 19, 14 6:58 AM

Appeals Court Denies PSEG's Restraining Order, Expedites Hearing For Preliminary Injunction

"Many of the town and village’s residents strongly oppose the project"
Um, I don't know where the "journalists" at 27 east hot that idea but you might want to check on that. Most of the people I have spoken too only care about one thing; the power staying on and not seeing their taxes/rates going any more. Only a tiny minority, mostly in the Village, are crying like spoiled brats. " Apr 23, 14 9:19 AM

New York State Joins Popular Vote Compact

Can some "journalist" at 27 East ask Mr. Thiele why this was not put to a public vote? I don't recall this being brought up to the public for our input? They are supposed to represent us after all and not just themselves." Apr 25, 14 2:42 PM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

Long Island is sinking and it is not due to global warming. We know Nassau County is in trouble, Suffolk just borrowed 100+ million to just pay the bills, NYS budget is a lie, they just move money around to make things look good and all our local towns are on the hook for millions in debt and liabilities.

Cuomo likes to say NY is rising...yeah; rising taxes, rising cost of living, rising bills, rising crime. Te only thing not rising is jobs and and income. What exactly is there on this wretched island to lure young people? *00k plus for a home? Out of site taxes on income and property? Incompetent state, county and local government?

No, tell your kids to leave, get out of here, run for the hills. There are so many better places than NY; the entire north east is dying region. Get out now, leave behind all the liberal stupidity which drove this state into the ground and make a new life and better decisions some place else. " Apr 29, 14 12:22 PM

County Legislator Jay Schneiderman Considers Run For County Comptroller

Time to go get a real job Jay and stop sponging off the public. " May 1, 14 12:36 PM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

A poll just out by Gallup indicates that 41% of New Yorkers, not just the young, would leave today if they could. That is approximately8 million people or roughly the entire population of NYC. " May 1, 14 12:42 PM

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