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Town Board, Supervisor Candidates Debate Code Enforcement In Hampton Bays

Code enforcement is a complete joke and the person who is running for highway superintendent ( Mr. Betts) is in charge of it. That should tell us something as residents of the town of southampton. Mr. Betts has done nothing but a terrible job in code enforcement and it would hurt me to see this man in charge of the highway department. Also everyone out there go see why Mr. Betts lost his job at the Southampton Village Police Department and that should tell you all something about this man. This man can't even control code enforcement and in my personal opinion he will do a terrible job at highway. Also while I was at the meeting my personal opinion the head people in this town could really care less about hampton bays which is a complete shame. " Oct 18, 13 6:00 AM

From what I have heard on the streets it is the truth and it makes me sick!!!" Oct 18, 13 8:07 PM

Cant believe a party would endorse such a guy with such terrible behavior. These people need to be checked out before a party just tries to throw them into office. The republican party should of done there homework before putting him up Someone just doesn't lose there police job for nothing that isn't serious. I heard everything was swept right under the carpet and to me the public needs to know the truth about this guy before he is in charge of some of the tax payers money. To me he sounds sketchy!" Oct 18, 13 8:14 PM

You saying its not true. I'm actually looking to see if it is the truth or not. Sorry Frank Betts didn't mean to upset you. " Oct 26, 13 1:07 PM

The incident in question was extensively covered by the Southampton Press, Western Edition: 9/11/1997, 10/2/1997
Eastern Edition: 9/11/1997 (front page), 9/18/1997, 10/2/1997, 10/30/1997
Dave Bett's then wife lodged a criminal complaint against him after what is described in the paper as "a serious domestic dispute." Lieutenant Betts was made to relinquish his weapons and then took what is described as a "vacation." The criminal case was subsequently and mysteriously sealed. Any woman should have have serious misgivings about voting for Mr. Betts.

Guess the streets were right Frank Betts!!!" Oct 26, 13 1:08 PM

UPDATE: BOE Now Says Numbers Are Final: Glinka And Bender To Join Board; Throne-Holst, Gregor Both Reelected

And vote for a man that beat his wife with his gun as a police officer. Think i would rather have Mr. Gregor in there. Yes and Mr. Betts also can't even run code enforcement and you think he can the highway department? " Nov 5, 13 6:11 PM

Well have to totally disagree with you. As someone that is out there plowing the roads I saw Mr. Gregor out there plowing the roads and helping his workers out. So just don't sit here and run your mouth about someone unless you know what you are talking about." Nov 5, 13 6:13 PM

yes I agree with you observant this was for SHTownHB comment. " Nov 5, 13 6:13 PM

The highway barn also gets no equipment money in there budget either. SHTOWNHB is a joke and his comments are dumb" Nov 5, 13 6:14 PM

Father Says Son Injured During Hampton Bays Football Locker Room Incident

Actually Jeff explain why its Mr. Clemensens fault? You want him to run the school district and the sport teams? I think Mr. Clemensen has done a great job in hampton bays school district and just because this happens you think he should be axed? What about the superintendent in Westhampton? Should he get fired cause his gym teacher was filming girls in the locker room. Its now Lars fault its the coaching staff. And if the coaching staff was in there you would have a parent complaining about that. Today parents baby there kids. It is terrible this happened but every time you let your kid go out on the football field you are letting your child risk there life. " Nov 9, 13 8:51 PM

Why don't you do something for the community and run instead of just sitting here complaining and not taking action. Talk is cheap!!! " Nov 9, 13 8:53 PM

Anyone can run for BOE. Why don't you if you are so intelligent on things in the school district? " Nov 9, 13 8:54 PM

Why don't you run if you can do such a better job?" Nov 9, 13 8:55 PM

UPDATE: BOE Now Says Numbers Are Final: Glinka And Bender To Join Board; Throne-Holst, Gregor Both Reelected

what a pick up truck? i dunno why don't u call DMV and ask them if Mr. Gregor has a pick up truck license. LOL you know nothing about anything!!! " Nov 13, 13 6:53 PM

She couldn't even find the towns money. She had money all over the place in different spots. Maybe she should of ran for trustee. " Nov 13, 13 6:56 PM

Dombkowski Elected To Bridgehampton Board Of Fire Commissioners

Also in Hampton Bays there is a new Fire Commissioner in town. Chris Langsdorf defeated Jerry Buckley in a great turn out in Hampton Bays!!! Congrats to Chris Langsdorf!!!" Dec 11, 13 6:11 AM

Langsdorf Elected To Hampton Bays Fire Commissioner Board

Congrats to Mr. Langsdorf!!! " Dec 12, 13 5:43 AM

UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

When this guy goes out and kills another innocent man just doing there job i hope the judge and the two lawyers get charged for murder. Way to release someone that is a total burden on society. Way to go dirtbags!!!" Dec 26, 13 10:41 AM

Snowstorm Dumps Up To 10 Inches Of Snow On East End

A limited state of emergency. Maybe a limited state of emergency in Tortola but I will tell you one thing we needed a full state of emergency out here in the town of Southampton. It was a blizzard out here. Poor decisions in the Supervisors office on this storm. " Jan 4, 14 9:58 AM

You ever think which roads have more traffic? County our Town? How many plows does the town have? How many sanders? Whose budget gets cut every year? Maybe the roads would be cleaner if the town stopped cutting the highways budget first. Take it away from town hall and i bet you would have better roads and a lot better equipment. These guys are working with complete junk!!! Trucks from the 60's with 4 mechanics. Lets get real people." Jan 4, 14 5:23 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Treasurer's Salary Has Doubled Since Taking Office

Sounds like a bitter EX Fire Commissioner that is stirring the pot. Just like he did right around the vote. Must be nice to have an inside person at 27 east to write whatever you ask them to. " Jan 31, 14 3:36 PM

@chief1 Make sure you know the difference between fire departments and fire districts? " Jan 31, 14 3:41 PM

75shovel do you volunteer your services or you just a normal complainer that sits back and does nothing? Must be pro Obama " Jan 31, 14 3:43 PM

Also all municipalities and government workers salaries are posted on the internet. Just do some research before you complain. I don't volunteer my services but I'll tell you one thing I sure appreciate every person that does. And if you have enough time to write and complain on here than you have time to volunteer. Get out and do something for people instead of sitting here complaining. 95% of things fire districts and departments and ambulance have are also mandated by the insurance companies. So give the insurance companies a call and complain to them. " Jan 31, 14 3:48 PM

The ambulance, fire district, water district and school districts also put a lot money into local merchants. " Jan 31, 14 3:54 PM

@nature Southampton town police is funded by the whole town of Southampton. Meanwhile fire districts and ambulances are funded by the individual hamlets. " Jan 31, 14 3:59 PM

I'm not volunteering but I don't sit on here bashing them. Plain and simple why don't you do something if your not happy? Just like they say talk is cheap. It's all public knowledge. " Jan 31, 14 4:35 PM

Police protect us and so do volunteers. Saving lives. You also got to understand that insurance companies mandate what these departments need to have." Jan 31, 14 4:41 PM

Ten hours a week you know absolutely nothing. Do your homework before making ignorant comments. " Feb 4, 14 5:56 PM

Why don't you do something instead of just rambling on. Talk is cheap. " Feb 10, 14 9:10 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Commissioner Defends Treasurer's Salary

It's like that everywhere there pal. Look at all the districts. Just because 27 east choose HB it's everywhere due to the fact of a bitter ex fire commissioner that got crushed and runs to his puppets at the paper. Part time job? Have you seen Mrs. Kenny's time card? Calling a punch of fireman arrogant just shows your stupidity. Why don't you do your homework before typing. Also I'm a resident of Hampton Bays and I'm pleased with the water district , schools and the firehouse. I think they do good by the whole town. Taxes are up everywhere it's not just Hampton Bays. And also why don't you try and run for something instead of just little talk. Talk is cheap. Actions speak bigger than words. " Feb 10, 14 9:20 AM

So chief you are saying Southamptons taxes are nice and low? " Feb 10, 14 12:21 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

I hope they are happy cause I am a baymen and now can't work on the bay because of the shut down. This is crazy. I can't renew my license because no one is in office. How about that? Cant feed my kids and family now? But its cool right because it is democracy. " Feb 16, 14 8:17 AM

I hope they are happy cause I am a baymen and now can't work on the bay because of the shut down. This is crazy. I can't renew my license because no one is in office. How about that? Cant feed my kids and family now? But its cool right because it is democracy." Feb 16, 14 8:19 AM

Who is going to protect the waterfront? You must not care or work on it. Another selfish person on here. " Feb 22, 14 6:28 AM

Do you blame the highway to not talk to her. I haven't seen any new equipment in this town and these guys work with complete junk. I wouldn't talk to her either if she keeps cutting my budget. God forbid she gives the highway department a couple of new trucks with new equipment. These guys are driving around in trucks that don't even have parts made for them anymore. All she does is cut cut cut in the highway department meanwhile this is the department which is taking care of the roads for the everyday people. Kids going to school and parents driving to work. I just feel bad for the highway department workers. These guys really need new equipment. And i don't even want to go into the trustee thing. Thanks there goes our water ways!!" Feb 22, 14 6:35 AM

Owner Of Illegal Apartments In Hampton Bays Cited With 50 Violations, Faces $100,000 In Fines

I give all the credit to the CCHB for these busts going on. Without then none of these things would be going on. " Jun 22, 14 1:32 PM

Southampton's Capri Hotel Back On Market For $5.2 Million

That place is a dump, needs a total renovation or knocked down.
" Aug 15, 14 6:34 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Won't Say Why It Is Buying Land

Politicallyincorrect what have you done for your community lately besides complaining? " Jul 18, 15 8:32 PM

You probably have done nothing and your parents left you a hedge fund. Typical east ender. I pay taxes and to all the volunteer departments out there thank you. You guys rock. Screw this incompetent civilian " Jul 18, 15 8:34 PM

Would rather see these piece of crap properties have something done to them instead of sitting there going to waste for homeless people to
Love on. what abou the neptunes beach club? How much taxe money does that bring into the town for us? What about a story on he CPI that is crumpling. The fire department buying land in HB is a minor problem to what is going on in that town. Wake up press. How about the 100 kids a day getting on HB buses to use our school district that don't even live in the town That's more of a tax problem to me. " Jul 20, 15 11:20 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Breaks Silence, Explains Plan To Buy Ponquogue Avenue Property

Have you read the article? It says it was sold for 230 thousand. Where in HB are you getting a house for 230k that is in good condition. Somebody call the wambulance. " Aug 7, 15 7:30 PM

Have you seen the property? @chief1. The inside got burned up a little. Structure still standing fine and everything. Go find something else to complain about. Dangerous burnt out house what do you think the firemen run into when a house is actually on fire? Would you like them to train on a new house? And you saying they can go up island to train but then you will be right on here saying they are wasting tax payers money by traveling to a training facility. Just a complete complainer. " Aug 8, 15 1:36 PM

And if you think that would of sold for 150k you need to get with times" Aug 8, 15 1:37 PM

Local Sag Harbor Surfers Bring Flyboarding To The East End

That looks awesome and fun!!!" Aug 9, 15 7:02 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Breaks Silence, Explains Plan To Buy Ponquogue Avenue Property

Chief1 never heard of someone from Southampton so concerned about HB. Huh sounds suspicious to me ." Aug 9, 15 7:05 PM

Doulos Takes Over Football Program; Garofola To Head Up Boys Soccer

Going to be a great addition for the football program " Aug 9, 15 7:12 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Breaks Silence, Explains Plan To Buy Ponquogue Avenue Property

I love the new station in town. I live south side of town and if there was a train I would be screwed. Now we need 27 east to do an article on how much of a dump red creek park is. Now that was a waste of tax payers money. Can't even play on half the stuff down there. Town just builds and forgets.
" Aug 10, 15 8:56 AM

Westhampton Free Library Employees Vote To Unionize

Wonder if someone on these comments has ever been in a union. Hence when you are in a union you pay union dues and pay into your retirement. So once again someone complaining without doing the digging again. " Aug 25, 15 9:27 AM

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