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Hampton Bays Auxiliary Unit Launches New 'Americanism' Campaign In November

Outstanding job Liz! Proud of the work done. " Nov 14, 18 1:01 PM

Fugitive Pleads Guilty 20 Years After Fatal Car Crash In Springs, According To DA's Office

But they wont be out to commit more criminal acts if they're locked up. They cant flee either. " Dec 20, 18 8:53 AM

And the fact he ran for 20 years is a perfect example why bail is a privilege not a right. Not everyone should qualify for bail. If he was in jail without bail he would have been forced to see the courts justice done." Dec 20, 18 3:09 PM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

So where would the surface parking lots be for this pedestrian mall? Property is too valuable to use it for free surface parking in the summer. A paid parking garage maybe but a multistory garage would be hailed as the next coming of the apocalypse by many." Jan 21, 19 7:50 AM

How can it be a great place to live when generations cannot find work and are forced to leave? We dont leave our family farms which have been owned in some cases a hundred years or more because we wanted to. We grew up, went to college and were forced to find work taking us and our new families out of NY. Keep your head in the sand, its too late to save LI it was a forgone conclusion 30 yrs ago. The middle class has been squeezed out.

Its a great place to live if you don't have to start a career other than attorney or real estate agent Im glad I took my family South just like the rest of my extended family too. " Jan 21, 19 8:01 AM

Study Predicts Southampton School District Student Population To Shrink 22 Percent Over Next Ten Years

The Carolinas are still growing but move to Vermont or Florida instead!" Mar 7, 19 11:25 AM

Southampton High School Presents Modified Curriculum For Ninth And Tenth Grade

The best way to learn something as a student is to be expected to teach it to others after you have learned it. There is a benefit in students teaching their peers, but the higher level student should not be ignored but be encouraged to advance at their skill level." Mar 27, 19 9:32 AM

UPDATE: Westbound Lanes Re-Opened After Five-Car Accident Forces County Road 39 Road Closure In Shinnecock Hills

The Sunrise was intended to terminate at Montauk highway. The original plan dates to the 1960s.

NIMBYs killed this and did nothing to substitute a solution for the problem. You allowed businesses to build too close to the road and made it astronomically expensive to build a future road there.

NIMBYs now deal with what you created. The trade parade is your baby." Mar 28, 19 9:09 AM

Orsted Wins Bid From New York State For Large New Wind Farm Off Montauk

A nuclear plant at Shoreham looks really good at this point in my opinion. Much cleaner power for less money but that ship has sailed and LIPA made everyone pay for it anyway." Jul 29, 19 9:01 AM

Hampton Bays High School Partners With CPI Developers, St. Joseph's College For Hospitality Course

Clemensen says these jobs will keep workers in the community? How so?

Last time I checked caterers dont haul in large incomes for the workers. How do you afford to live there with million dollar housing?

What is needed are STEM related and manufacturing jobs. These jobs seem targeted to take care of the well heeled elites who need their parties catered and lawns mowed. Its hard paying a mortgage on that income.

Those of us who have left and never returned now have STEM related professions which you cant find on the East End because that's still in a NIMBY mode and refuses let business grow there.

This also seems as a mechanism to grow St. Joe's college enrollment." Aug 12, 19 9:17 AM

Second Attempt By East Hampton Town To Head Off Car Wash With CPF Falls Short

And using imminent domain here would be an abuse of the process. There is no compelling public interest in preventing a car wash, an allowed use, on this property. You may not like it but its perfectly legal in this case." Aug 28, 19 10:17 AM

A legitimate municipal use like a road or sewer line extension is necessary to required for eminent domain to be applied. You're asking for something you personally don't approve of to be prevented. There is a higher standard for this.

The heavy handed "Not in my Backyard" approach is why the east end will never grow to its economic potential and remain a bedroom community for entitled elites and those elite wannabes.

" Aug 29, 19 8:52 AM

Southampton Village Opens Lake Agawam Drain Pipe To Lower Water Levels

Have you considered the size of the ocean bigfresh? The bacteria likely cannot stand the salt in the ocean as well.

The incredibly small volume of water discharged in the the ocean will be diluted in a matter of hours. Do the math.

Don't wring your hands at everything." Sep 20, 19 8:57 AM

Hampton Bays Dune Washes Away Again; Town Supervisor Says Relief Is On The Way

How many times can we repair this in the future? The beaches are moving all of the time due to erosion and wave action from the ocean. I think we ought to buy all of the properties on this section of Dune Road including the inlet and return it to a park. We should not be paying for repetitive damage.

I guess the town doesn't care about using Federal money but they have programs to buy repetitive flood damaged properties. Regularly losing the road to a property should qualify it to be bought out if the public interest is considered." Oct 30, 19 9:29 AM

Why dont those businesses who chose to build there pay to relocate their premises? Grants for this would save money on repairs and save jobs at the same time and we all win.

Doing the same thing over and over is a fools errand. If the community paid for these repairs people would be outraged and see common sense. Free Federal money makes people selfish and stupid." Nov 7, 19 9:30 AM

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