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Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

That could be just a land swap with the developers and the county or something as simple as an agreement to shift the road away in exchange for paying to improve the road way. Its very common in the business. Its probably documented in the agreements with the county.
Its done all the time and doesn't mean these something illegal going on. " Jan 22, 15 4:14 PM

Community Preservation Fund Broke Major Records In 2014

No one considers a tax break for the people who wish to afford a home? How about the property owners strong armed into basically selling the property rights away to keep the property they own and avoid the exorbitant tax rates?
The problem is solving itself. Just keep ignoring the problem of not having a major arterial road out east. That will continue to strangle the east end slowing reasonable and needed development and adding daily grid lock. This mistake actually dates back to the planned and unconstructed sunrise hwy. extension. Now no one has the money for the land or the lawyers who would tie it up in court. This was planned in the 60s but put off for generations." Feb 4, 15 8:18 AM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

Can we just celebrate PC Day. We can all revive an Indian tradition of taking Coup. Lets beat anyone who says anything anti PC with a wooden club to teach them a lesson.

Cant we teach children the facts and leave the interpretations to their college classes where they have time to give events a detailed factual analysis including a modern political spin if need be?

History class shouldnt be a place to inculcate young minds with political speak and justice theory." Feb 6, 15 11:45 AM

More KKK Flyers Passed Out In Hampton Bays

Chief there is no problem with free speech. Just people like you who don't believe in it. If you did you wouldn't have made your statement above." Feb 10, 15 8:27 AM

Governor Cuomo Announces Legislation Designed To Protect Immigrants From Fraud

“These new laws will protect individuals and families from immigration assistance fraud and allow the state to aggressively crack down on those who would rob others of the opportunity to pursue the American dream,” Mr. Cuomo added.

How about you protect the citizens looking for an opportunity to pursue the American dream instead of funding immigration assistance? How much is spent on illegals while you gouge the legal taxpayers?" Feb 10, 15 8:31 AM

More KKK Flyers Passed Out In Hampton Bays

High Hat Interesting cut and paste post. I guess thats what you do if you cant form a thought and reason on your own. Since you bring up the intelligence of the "Right-Wing" you really should stop displaying your own ignorance in your posts. I guess all you need to post is BIG Government has always worked so lets have more all the time and everywhere. You get a cookie and a Big Govt Drone pin for your time." Feb 12, 15 8:44 AM

ARF Volunteer Patsy Topping Finds Passion In Rescuing Dogs From High-Kill Shelters Down South

We have adopted dogs twice from a shelter here in SC just a 20 minute drive from Sumter. Both times we were asked to pay an adoption fee which paid for the spaying of our dogs. This is not law because it is not needed here in SC. The author of this article needs to do a better job of researching their topic. I also love the NYer moves to SC to fix whats wrong angle of the article too." Feb 12, 15 11:08 PM

Valerie Brook Scott Of Hampton Bays Dies February 15

A great Lady who touched many lives. She will be missed." Feb 18, 15 8:14 AM

Zeldin Returns To East End During First Extended Trip Home

Lets compare that with the Presidents work schedule." Feb 19, 15 8:21 AM

East End Asks For $100 Million To Help Homeowners Upgrade Septics

Better yet position yourselves to move into the 21st century and build a treatment plant to eliminate the countless pollution sources dotting the east end of the island and fix the problem. The nitrogen and brown tide issues will not be resolved with the ever increasing population and density on the island by maintaining the septic fields. " Feb 19, 15 3:18 PM

Zeldin Returns To East End During First Extended Trip Home

More importantly what did the legislature plan to spend in the same time? That is the most important bit of information to know. As Hillary says what difference does it make?" Feb 19, 15 3:22 PM

If we inflamed them Phil how did we do that at the beginning of our nation when we were routinely attacked by Muslim Pirates in the Mediterranean who killed kidnapped and enslaved Christians in Southern Europe also?

How did the school children in Beslan inflame them?

How did the African girls kidnapped by Boko Harum inflame them?

There is a very long history of conflict but the constant is Muslim involvement over a 800 yr+ timespan." Feb 20, 15 8:33 AM

If there are effective schools that are producing good students I think you should fund them, however to trot out the tired statement that we need more money in the schools is intellectually and morally bankrupt. To continue to throw more taxpayers money at school performance has not worked. The money argument has been around for decades. Where are the improved performance of the schools and better students. The more money argument has caused a bubble like college funding causing intelligent people to question what we really get in return on the investment of public taxes. Education bureaucrats dont have the common sense and bravery to demand that the system be overhauled for the better education of their students." Feb 20, 15 8:46 AM

Southampton Press Launches Contest Asking Residents To Redesign Town Seal

How about a Middle Aged protester holding a plackard that says "Not in MY Back Yard" with a pair of youth leaving in a moving van in the background?" Mar 10, 15 8:35 AM

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer Chimes In Against Use Of Penta On Utility Poles

“PSEG Long Island is relying on the current EPA registration determination, which permits the use of penta in utility poles.
“We are comforted by the fact that when, two weeks ago, in response to concerns about the use of penta in East Hampton … [the State] Department of Health concluded that its use there does not ‘result in a significant risk for adverse health effects,’”

The EPA is the gold standard when it comes to assessing health and environmental risk of such chemicals, and has yet to review penta—and I am urging them to end the debate regarding the use of this chemical by PSEG.”

I am petitioning the federal EPA to step in and investigate the long-term impact of using this toxic chemical specifically on utility poles in Long Island neighborhoods and parks,”

Apparently the EPA study didnt produce a result Schumer liked in their previous evaluation or he didn't get enough environmental activist donations.

Environmentalists rely on science when it suites them:
The EPA, she said, recently launched a five-year study into the toxicity of penta, and she said the action should be taken before that study is completed." Mar 11, 15 7:58 AM

Homes Are Selling In Southampton's Art Village

At some point the emphasis needs to be on modernization and preservation of old structures. They were not made to stand for 100 plus years in many cases. Also the modern sensibilities have changed to require modern features like air conditioning and heating. There is a balancing act needed to preserve these structures and keep them useful. Swinging to either extreme is not helpful." Mar 11, 15 8:10 AM

Contractor Makes Lowest Bid of $8.4 Million For Montauk Shoreline Project

Money would be better spent buying problem properties with erosion problems. This fix is temporary and will be needed again with the next series of large storms. Then the erosion can be filled back in with taxpayers money." Mar 11, 15 8:15 AM

DEC Rolls Out New Plan For Dealing With Mute Swans

Swans are non-native species and should be removed from LI.

HighHat do you kill Gypsy moths? They are also a non-native species introduced by man also. If you do why?

Why are the swans different than the moths? Is it because the softheaded emotional responses of some that call them beautiful and demand they remain at the expense of the other native species?

If we have an opportunity to undo the mistakes people have made with regard to the animal populations on LI why not correct the unintended consequences of human meddling?" Mar 12, 15 8:34 AM

Tim Bishop Named Distinguished Professor At St. Joseph's College

Mr. Z, this country was founded made of religious states which cooperate with a Federal govt which is not irreligious but provides religious freedom. For example Maryland was a Catholic state. There is a huge difference in practical terms but a very fine difference in how you state it. Many states had religious tests for their office holders in their constitutions. They in effect were state religions. The US Constitution recognized this and didn't establish a specific religion of the Federal government." Mar 18, 15 8:26 AM

Southampton Press Launches Contest Asking Residents To Redesign Town Seal

Alec Baldwin as the Pilgrim." Mar 19, 15 8:01 AM

UPDATE: NOAA Says No Action Expected Against Beachgoer Bitten By Seal In Sagaponack

You no longer have wild animals on LI just pets.

Remember to spay and neuter your pets." Apr 2, 15 9:07 AM

UPDATE: One Transported To Stony Brook After Cave-In At Water Mill Construction Site

Bird getting buried at anytime and amount is dangerous and poses a potential lethal threat to any workers nearby. They were lucky that the trench didnt collapse and cover them. The depth of the trench is not specified. The trench can not only cause a risk to the worker but to the rescuers as well. In the case of a construction site they may encounter bad soils, flooding, electricity gas etc in the space of a trench which would pose obvious dangers seen and unseen." Apr 8, 15 8:15 AM

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