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Hampton Bays Residents Sue To Stop Shinnecock Canal Projects

TIm Zoning cant possibly foresee the future development in all areas. Plans can be changed and projects and or owners revise their plans when the economy changes. Without having the PDD and other similar processes the zoning ordinance would become too rigid and unmanageable. Zoning typically is planning for 20-30 yrs in to the future. Its not possible to get everything right." May 19, 15 1:33 PM

Spurned Sagaponack Developers Plant Trees Blocking View

They approved the subdivision and construction of 4 homes and are upset when the owner later asks to build one home?" May 26, 15 8:18 AM

Surf Lodge Mural Gains All Types of Attention

Just clam it represents GBLT rights and they will never be able to remove it." Jun 2, 15 8:04 AM

Moriches Bay Project Will Monitor Water, Install Two More Oyster Farms

Nothing will change until the use of fertilizers are curtailed and the types used changed. Also Long Island has to build Waste Water Treatment Plants on Long Island and stop using septic fields. The population density is too high to continue to use them in sensitive areas." Jun 3, 15 8:40 AM

Brown Tide On The Rise In Moriches, Shinnecock Bays

Dr. Gobler and other scientists have linked the rise in brown tide in the South Shore bays to nitrogen loading caused by household septic systems and stormwater runoff carrying fertilizers into the groundwater.

Long Island needs to build wastewater treatment plants and regulate fertilizer use. Phosphorous is controlled and use regulated in the Chespeake Bay watershed. Time has come for Long Island to do the same." Jun 9, 15 9:31 PM

Town Examines Stormwater Runoff Alternatives In Hampton Bays

This and items similar to them have been used in the mid-Atlantic and parts south for about 30 years. Time to catch up with the rest of the country. Does the Town employ any engineers who keep up with current design?" Jun 14, 15 4:52 PM

Inserts for existing catch basins cost around $15000 each and are limited to no more than an acre of drainage area. They require semi annual maintenance. This is either vacuuming of the media needs to be replaced depending on the type used.

Bioswales are less maintenance intensive and only need to be replaced when the sand is full or compacted. The plants have to be maintained and landscaped. The soils on LI fit well with bioswales and allow drainage.

Like most things these are maintenance issues. If they are not kept working flooding will occur and pollutants lost. The cost of this has to be included in consideration." Jun 15, 15 8:10 AM

Southampton Town Considers Wall To Collect Nitrogen In Flanders

Why does the town try to reinvent the wheel? The communities near the Chesapeake Bay have worked on this for decades and have developed methods and policies that are far beyond the crude efforts imagined here. Experimental methods are far from actual solutions. Removing Nitrogen after its in the groundwater is not treating the problem at the source.

How do you build a 200'-40' long 4- wide 40' deep trench? This is supposed to be below the level of the ground water? If you built this with shoring it would likely be almost 100' wide and underwater. Good Luck with that. " Jul 11, 15 12:26 PM

County Road 39 Traffic Changes Will Not Be Implemented In Southampton This Summer

The Sunrise was originally planned to continue to Montauk in the 60's.

It should have been built then and to Montauk. Since then NIMBYs have ruled and not provided any forethought about how the Island would develop. So deal with the consequences now and stop bitching.

The only solution is a widening and extension of the Sunrise. You need to foot the bill buy the property and build the road. Underground roads and mass transit fantasies will never work and will only push the problem a few years further in the future. Four lane divided highway with limited access is your only solution now.

Its your bed now lie in it. " Jul 11, 15 12:40 PM

Southampton Town Considers Wall To Collect Nitrogen In Flanders

North Sea and Lion you both are missing the point. The runoff which contains the nitrogenated fertilizers placed on the lawns of thousands of homes essentially washes away into the waterways that volume far exceeds any flows from the treatment plants. Fertilizer spread over land absorbs at a rate sonething near 40% the rest washes off. It is the source of the pollutants not the treatment plants.

Treatment plant water is safe to drink if the plant is run correctly but not used as a precaution only. Effluent from plants is routinely used for irrigation, Its common in FL.

It is highly unlikely sludge is dumped into the Sound or nearby. There are thousands of pages of state and Federal regs on how this is to be done. Even the domestic septic fields do not release sludge. The raw sewage is filtered in the sands under the Island before reaching the water table. At plants sludge is burned or dried to be used as fertilizer." Jul 13, 15 8:42 AM

Hampton Bays Diner Closes After 30 Years

In the long run High Property Taxes are always a bad idea. Who moves in to the community with high taxes? Those who are starting families cannot likely afford to live there. You eventually squeeze the population into the upper end and leave the younger population to cling to inherited properties only. With fewer tax payers with higher tax bills fewer people move in and tax rates increase to compensate." Jul 27, 15 9:26 AM

Zeldin Leads Charge Against Iranian Nuclear Deal

What Legal experts like PhilMotyka forget is the real consequences here. West's actions although against Army Regs saved lives. Phils point is that the Terrorists right to avoid interrogation was more important than saving our soldiers lives. I would have likely done the same thing had I been forced to make that choice. While you can disagree with his decision the outcome was the correct and preferred one. Thats likely why the court martial couldnt heavily punish West and shouldnt have. We also have a right under the UCMJ to disobey what we consider to be a unlawful order. Phil is a black and white type of person ignorant of the facts in this case but knowledgeable of the preferred spin." Jul 30, 15 8:16 AM

UPDATE: Police Say Drunk Driving Was Cause Of Wednesday Night Accident On County Road 39

And letting them burn in a fire wouldn't have been a good outcome either. Instead of editorializing in the report why not just report the facts or has that become passe?" Aug 24, 15 7:49 AM

NTSB: Milo Was Directed To Defunct Runway Before Crash

Is the controller ignorant or is the writing this bad? The controller sent this plane to an airport that was turned into a commercial development or the writer didn't check this fact. Either way this is poor research/writing at best and gross incompetence by an ATC at the worst." Aug 25, 15 8:17 AM

UPDATE: Police Say Drunk Driving Was Cause Of Wednesday Night Accident On County Road 39

Would you let people sit in a car until the fire started? The judgement of the people at the scene are what matters not arm chair quarterbacks days later. Gas vapor can start with a simple spark. Glad everyone is safe and that they dont have to rely on know it alls in a forum for their safety." Aug 25, 15 8:27 AM

Youths Participate In Makeshift Police Academy

Why was there no mention of the Boy Scouting program that Exporing exists under? There are quite a few Explorer programs supported by Scouting. This was not a Town supported group. Was the author just not doing research? There are young men and women in the Boy Scouting movement. There are thousands of young women in the Venturing and Exploring programs under the BSA. Please join us!

www.Scouting.org" Aug 31, 15 8:42 AM

G its a way for teens to learn about several career paths to decide if they may like to pursue them as a career hardly a replacement for actual training. I would think any opportunity to give young adults an opportunity to learn about a potential career we all benefit." Sep 1, 15 8:19 AM

Two Workers At Day Care Center Charged Friday With Child Endangerment

Sorry force feeding and slamming children to the floor were never the norm." Sep 1, 15 6:04 PM

Updated Septic Systems Are Key To Stopping Shinnecock Bay Pollution, Experts Say

The Chesapeake Bay area has dealt with this for 40 yrs now and should be used as a resource for improving the water quality. The only way to really fix septic systems is to eliminate them and get on a public Waste Water treatment system. In the long run its the only solution that will keep the septic fields from being a problem. Surface runoff which doesnt reach the septic fields must be treated too. Minimizing the use of fertilizers etc. Again look to the Chesapeake Bay regional regs. They have worked well and are not an imposition on the public." Sep 9, 15 9:51 AM

Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center Rescues Friendly Deer

There are no wild animals left on LI. When people feed the animals they are no longer wild and dont fend for themselves properly. Feeders of animals do much more harm than good to animals.

I doubt wild deer are supposed to be living on potato chips and corn in the wild. " Oct 26, 15 4:12 PM

UPDATE: One-Way Window At Poxabogue Identified; Manager Terminated Following Arrest

If convicted I hope he ends up on the Sex Offender lists." Oct 28, 15 8:58 AM

Montauk Beach Work Protesters Issued Maximum Fines

We will obey the government only if it does what we want....Stomping feet." Dec 3, 15 9:02 AM

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